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Give Chaplains an Aspergillum


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I want nothing more than to improve Chaplains. Since being able to bless weapons/armors/objects isn't plausible for the foreseeable future, I will do the next best thing: give them a vector to spread holy water with. They *used* to have a spray bottle for this, but that is unholy and honestly disrespectful, so I suggest a proper instrument: An Aspergillum.

The sprites are below, and the .dmi is coming soon



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47 minutes ago, Zundy said:

Sounds good but don't have it be an aspergillum. Give it a different name, tweek the look and make the bit that holds the water obsidian. The rest like the handle can be whatever.

It won't be a null object, it will just let you flick holy water over a tile/person. Think of it like a spray bottle that's locked to 5u sprays.

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