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SatinsPrist666 Player Complaint

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  BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666
Game ID: bYH-dHjY  This is the id of the round AFTER.
Player Byond Key: Not a clue
Staff involved: Wasn't ahelped. Round crashed!
Reason for complaint: Basically, it was a merc round and I went up to the surface to fix the shields (I didn't know it was merc. We were at code green. yada yada yada). I meet two merc's right where the shields are at and the following.... situation occurs.

This is the only bit of RP I get from this merc. Period. I comply with everything they say. Now, I don't mind hostage situations/RP. It happens to me quite a bit based on the character jobs I play. What I do mind is a merc dislocating my leg, taking my headset and ordering someone to take me to the ship. This puts me in a tiny cell with basically no one to RP with. This merc does not know the other team member will stick around to RP with some sappy hostage engineer. This merc didn't care about my round, or care about RPing with me. I was an objective and RPing with an objective didn't land on their radar.

Thankfully, the player of Tim DID stick by me. I'm not sure if the player felt bad, or if that was his character. I'm rather lucky, and Tim is the only reason that whole situation didn't suck.

My complaint is about the merc that just... randomly decided to chokehold me, dislocate my knee and say maybe a total of thirty words to me. If you're going to hold someone hostage, keep in mind you need to ensure something resembling RP comes from you. It's fine to get rough with your hostages. Break a leg. Beat them. But RP is expected to come from YOU. Hostage situations are one of the heaviest RP you can do as an antag. You're not murdering someone and letting them ghost around, or respawn and continue to enjoy the round. You have pulled a player into your domain and you hold the reins. They can only get something of value from you. Kidnapping someone, giving little to no interaction and then dumping them off into a small cell with someone you don't know will even begin to RP with them doesn't say you actually care about the fact that I'm a player. I was more along the lines of an NPC to this merc.

I'm not overly salty about this. As stated, the player of Tim managed to turn a lemon into lemon-aid, and that player deserves some recognition for that. I'm concerned that the other merc will continue to do this sort of... poor antag RP if it isn't called out.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? (Yes or no, then an explanation for why not, if applicable.) No, server crashed.
Approximate Date/Time: (The date and time of the incident. Date is more important but both are helpful) Approx... 5pm cst on 2/7/2019

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To clarify, I was the merc. I attempted to come back to the ship after grabbing what we needed but the rest of the team wouldn't listen and didnt move the ship somewhere safely and security surrounded it. In short I couldnt return to the ship which is what I wanted due to this and the ensuing event of security starting a gunfight. We grabbed you as leverage and due to the fact you spotted us as we boarded armed. The intention wasnt to remove you from rp and not interact with you as I was going to return but due to how the situation changed icly I couldnt. I apologize for how that ended up in short, the round itself was a general clusterfuck

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That doesn't really excuse anything. Anyone can claim they were going to do something. I could hear your radio through Tim. You didn't even communicate with your own team. I get why you took me hostage. I don't get why you did what you did in the FIRST place.

Edited note: Please do not contact me on Discord unless I agree to it. We do not have a good past. I wasn't sure this merc was you, but having that confirmed means I doubly do not want contact with you outside a public situation.

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Hello, sorry for the delay! 

First things first. Queen has been told to not rush limb dislocation. Other than that, nothing else will be done. The round itself was a clusterf*ck and majority of what happened is blamed on a major lack of communication by all parties.

Oh and.. I took over for Shadow.

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