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[Accepted] IPC application by veradox

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BYOND Key: Veradox
Character Names: Seth Ramos, Benji Marsh
Species you are applying to play: IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): ?
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I've been reviewing it and some relevant resources daily in preparation.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

A number of reasons. Most importantly, I require a fallback character to utilize, preferentially inorganic, so that I can do the engineering work I so crave without having the human obligation to interact with someone without being a seemingly dismissive jackass. Someone I can play for the fifteen minutes it takes for an understaffed dead hour round on the many nights I spend doing homework or simply preoccupying myself with something else that can fit that bill would be personally enjoyable to me. Also, my internet sucks pretty bad at night so long rounds are often harmful as I constantly faceplant for fifteen seconds at a time.

Mostest importantesterly, however, I intend to slowly design my first iteration of a consistent antag, or a character who will consistently roll antagonist. This character, if human or organic, would not fit the same arbitrary appeal/sentiment that I am hoping a synthetic would be able to provide. That being said, a stationbound in its limited capacity would also not be able to fulfill this role, and I believe that the most impressing form would be an IPC. Simple, unassuming backgrounds, their capacity for intelligence, their usual robotic mannerisms and their flexibility in presentation from the unnerving nature of being confronted by cold steel or a personable television on sticks give me the best motivation to pursue this dream. This character will be what I lead this application with.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

A synthetic, dependent of its origin and classification, may possess human or largely inhuman qualities and quirks. These human-like traits are able to be so lifelike and surrealistic that merely leading a programmed life with faux-emotion is able to produce outcry for rights and recognition for their hardships as tools alongside some degree of introspection for the units. Ultimately, however, they are not human or organic. Consequently, they may only possess simulated emotion and no matter the simulation, it may never truly be the dynamic and complex neural processes that determine the feelings of organics. Synthetic emotion and emotive synthetics are, as such, designed to possess those particular feelings and logical routines short of an incident of corruption or tampering which may damage these solutions. Their quirks, flaws, and nature are determined by their design or by way of accident. Synthetics are designed for a purpose, and their chassis frame and identifying callsign is liable to be indicative of their defined purpose as opposed to the limitations of organics which offers near unrestricted choices for most appearances of ethnicity and culture. Realistically, the wrong IPC would not be chosen for a job as opposed to someone organic who can slip through the cracks and merely scrapes by. A synthetic is liable to be well knowledged in their assigned field of expertise, as their information is digitized and algorithmically executed. The illusion of disinformation is foolish to roleplay, in my opinion, or futile to approach as a "learning" synthetic but not unfeasible. In addition, the 'life' of a synthetic is up to the choice of their manufacturer, their purchaser, their employer, their saboteur, or what would be most infrequent: themselves by way of a taxing purchase or release. Besides this, and some other details which I feel are more commonly known, such as the stripping of cyborg memories and emotional impulses, won't spend overly much time on in confidence of my portrayal of theory, is their mechanical differences that come with switching to a bloodless, breathless synthetic with qualities that may be modified through the medium of their chassis or stationbound role.
Character Name: Julian
Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs.

Introduction: Originating from the affluent Che-Ming family whose roots lie in cautious investments. manipulative real estate practices within District 15 and an accrued generational inheritence. Following the separation of organized Biesel and the Solarian Alliance, the family found itself tried and hassled by fluctuating stock prices spurred by a fearful, fleeing market and had, only recently, began to return to the somewhat autonomous state of comfort they once enjoyed. However, due to the precarious nature of intersystem relations, their long-sought stability has once more been upended by misfortune and politics.


A traditionally unassuming and unimportant IPC would usually be the role of this synthetic, yet J-4 found itself thrust into the world of corporate handshaking. Once a family in-house physician, J-4, nicknamed 'Julian' by the children it oft supervised, pursued its own lifestyle of reading, analytical study, and deep social conversation with its proprieters and tutored peers. Julian possesses an archaic personality, molded and refined by its assigned directives, guidelines and many discussions; the routine maintenance and upgrades ranging from their boastful intelligence and personalized design; and despite J-4's caution, their buffered and sometimes replaced and retrofitted chassis (having once originated as simply a stationary auto-doctoring system).  Well taken care of, and decidedly beloved as a useful and personable utility by the family, Julian would find itself as a consequence of their enhanced cognizence: proud, and supposedly slightly cocky for their role and esteemed status within the estate and its affairs. Despite its circumstances, it may be seen that it still possesses those qualities to this day.

As a result of the decaying trust in Alliance and foreign systems, steep market declines beginning with an enduring embargo by the Alliance of it's goods, a rogue occupation, and recent corporate upheavals caused by rowdy hard-lining unionization: the Che-Ming estate was once more deterioriating. Income steadily falls short as key investments paying homage to their lineage fail, persistent unease in relations with vaurcae and their apologist supporters juxtaposed with average low-income Mendell residents, and the substituting inter-system trade alliance creating no end in difficulties for the family's integration and adaptation to the new marketplace, they have found little solace to provide a cushy retreat as most if not all angles were slowly being snuffed by an increasingly uncertain future. As a result, J-4 and the rest of the synthetic roster of the Che-Ming family come into play. Despite sitting on a sizeable wealth, the flow of income must be maintained, and a small roster of their synthetic labor force is therefore being assigned for external duties: a rarity, as most dealings are often done through the compassion of humans.

Julian and its accompanying staff, a couple above a dozen, aim to defy the oncoming decline of their ownership's heritage and are swiftly being dispatched and deployed to positions offering high-paying and network-building opportunities suitable to their original task once performed about the household. In the process, Julian would find itself contracted handsomely for its medical expertise and assigned aboard the NSS Aurora as a full-time Chief Medical Officer, all funds diverted exclusively towards its proprieters with a small exempt emergency fund for continuity of on-station operations of self and job security. Adapting to many new, and many less than desirable coworkers to this upper class echelon may prove challenging to Julian, yet their resume does not come unladen with perks. Nearly a decade of existence as a personality and having accrued a sizeable amount of resources, philosophical learnings, social conventions and, simply put, ways to parse words, has put Julian a step ahead of most of its peers. While saddening to see enlisted to a foreign faction, there are great ambitions for the success of the J-4 unit.

What do you like about this character?

I really want to chip away at that working stereotype of IPCs intentionally aiming to be self-inquisitive of their nature and being, and provide an antithesis to that notion that still offers flexibility in interactions with crew through the form of a refined, wealthy family's physician. I can anticipate some pretty fun dealings clashing with the usual medical scenario where people are expectant of friendly dealings or a soft-hearted haradass, only to provide them a boot in the face through a medium of actually purposeful work-oriented thought processes while trying to find the middle ground between abrasive and respectable. I think it's a niche that isn't exactly filled by any consistent characters that I want to poke and prod and by opening up the avenues of identifying confusion or superiority above what may be a decidedly 'lesser' social status of crew, the realization of the selfishness of redistributing their supposedly 'beloved' servants to continue turning a profit despite the existing safety net of accrued wealth, or simply McGuffin malfunction due to interference or consequences of an aged and frequently modified intelligence. As I said before, this would probably end up being my primary antagonist character, and exploring that with a verbose and self-entitled yet simultaneously cold machine sounds awesome in my head. Plus, I kind of want to help interpret a long list of lore situations which may need some rounding out for accuracy if it isn't fine as is. There's a few liberties taken for vague side-plots of major events.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?
I think I'm okay. I think that based on how I play out my actions (usually) to the mold I've cast, and pursued overarching personality traits and controlled bursts instability well in the past. I would say I'm still at my standard 7/10 at least for SS13, as I don't explore concepts I'm not interested in which provides limitations based on discernible appearance for the community to help judge, so why test my luck?

I'm recently unbanned. With the nature of the offending character being only one used character, an otherwise intended element, and being two years ago, I don't view it as significant to the present. I'll totally discuss though about anything.

This application was also made over the course of a week in perfecting a rough vision and waiting out a formal unban, so the choppiness and potential for inaccuracy, syntactical errors, or vagueness is ever-present. I am also the sole reviewer, and often did this work late at night. Let the application fun begin.


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I like that his name is J-4, and your picture is Jhin. ?


Vera's RP is some of the better stuff on server, so I don't an issue with them properly RPing an IPC.


I kinda wish your first IPC wasn't an almost strictly antagonist character.


Medbay has it's share of IPCs, and most of us are rather blunt, cold and nonchalant. You'll have several medical IPCs to start your own master race robo team ???



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It'll have an introductory period where I can feel out the range of the character before starting a transition towards switching antagonist on, no worries. Somedays I'm also just not feeling it, so there's that too. That sounds exciting to see the robo-squad, though. Usually I only see the human roster since I log on in evenings CT.

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The backstory is wonderfully written. It excellently places emphasis on the upbringing of the synthetic, it being the majority of the writing involved. Applying as an antagonist character is especially strange, seeing as they're crew and will routinely not roll antagonist. To stress the factor of them being an antagonist in this case seems pointless, even more so when you realize the backstory seems to have no bearing on this fact. Regardless, I do appreciate the effort, and your behavior in-game has made a huge turnaround for the better in recent time.

Application accepted.

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