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Bauser Forum Ban Appeal

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Posting on behalf of Bauser.

BYOND Key: Bauser
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Reason of Ban: Told Goret to fuck off
Reason for Appeal: Sometimes you just know it's time. And today, it's time. So I can read the forum again without having to use my phone. So I can stay in touch with the development pipeline. So I can catch up with some friends.

In early December, Goret deleted a few of my posts, claiming they were off-topic. This was a problem for me, because the topic was a controversial one and the insight I had was not going to be given if I didn't give it. So I disagreed, but I knew he'd already made up his mind (since the action had already been taken). I had no recourse.

Instead of wasting his time by arguing with him, I just told him to fuck off in a PM so he would know where I stand. I did this with the full knowledge that it would not cause him any harm (because people don't get upset by being told to fuck off on the internet). I have served three months for this decision.

Completely discarding the fact that recent events demonstrate how those deleted posts were both true and salient, I will simply ask: If Goret wasn't hurt by what I did, who owns the debt I'm repaying with my absence?

Bauser#2332 on Discord if I need to answer any questions.

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Only posting here because I've had a multitude of negative experiences with the individual trying to appeal this. My observations:

1. Bauser has never, to my knowledge, openly taken responsibility for their toxic behavior or made any promises indicating they'd try to improve their attitude or at least stop sniping at people the worst way possible.

2. Bauser has never seemed apologetic for how they behaved negatively towards people. The fact an apology is not in the reason for an appeal is concerning.

3. There is not actually anything of substance in the reason for appeal that should indicate Bauser should have his forum ban lifted. 

Nothing seems to have changed. Getting hostile and telling a mod to fuck off in PMs is pretty terrible as well. Since there's no guarantees in the post that says this won't happen again, I don't think this appeal should even be considered. "I had no recourse" as a justification to send another community member some pretty nasty vibes, it's uniquely vitriolic, for sure.

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I have to agree with what Shev posted.
You have never taken responsibility for your actions and always tried to justify them in some way.
What usually happens is that some form of administrative action is applied, then you message the person applying the action and insult them.

I would like you (Bauser) to tell us what you know about the account ZetaGundumb.

To be clear: I am not going to handle that complaint. (This will be done by a mod/min)

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After giving this time and discussing it with the user, I cannot in good mindset approve this until remorse and understanding of there behavior is shown. Should they appeal again showing they understand what they did wrong and why it was wrong I would have no issue lifting this. Denied

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