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Add Malf'd IPCs to AntagHUD (And a way to de-law them)


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I suggest adding malf-controlled/lawed IPCs to the AntagHUD and adding a way to de-law them from the AI.
The adding to the HUD is easy, I would imagine. A blue-screened sprite on them.

De-Lawing them however, my idea is doing surgery on their head and using a debugger on them to reset them to un-lawed or default IPC setting. They won't remember anything the AI told them to do, or anything they did under the control of the AI. Kind of like De-Culting. 

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8 hours ago, Butterrobber202 said:

The counter-play in the situation is an ion Rifle.

I wholeheartedly agree with any solution that ends in more dead robots.

And also with this sudden agenda Dronz has to push as many anti-antagonist suggestions as possible.

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