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[Accepted]Somethingiguess's Skrell Application

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BYOND Key: Somethingiguess
Character Names: Moira O’Malley, Nicola Penna
Species you are applying to play: Skrell
What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): White (205, 205, 192)
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, particularly the history section and Skrell relations with the C’thur hive.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Mainly, the first thing that struck me when I had started playing on Aurora and reading the lore was how human the Skrell seemed, despite having the second most striking biological differences next to the Vaurca. Then, when I started playing an established character, I had the opportunity to meet several players that furthered my impression of how human-like the Skrell could be at a surface level; they didn’t obviously stand out like an IPC or a Tajaran player would, even though they were extraordinarily long-lived telepathic amphibian people with a research-centred culture who had survived a technological singularity.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Skrell, almost as a rule, live longer than any other species could hope for. This adds even further to their particular way of forming relationships, which puts romantic partnership, friendship and attachment to one’s colleagues very closely. Other than that, I feel the particular ‘pull’ for a Skrell character on the Aurora would be the fact that it is a research station with ample opportunities to participate in studying the most recent discoveries, and that the constant presence of synthetics would present a chance for good RP involving members of a Glorsh-scarred species coming in contact with IPCs, AIs and stationbounds.

Character Name: Zalqash Qu’ux
Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs:

Qu’ux was born in Aliose in 2389, soon after a new Federation had managed to contact the majority of the colonies. His parents, both of them researchers who had spent most of their lives attempting to replace the various AI-controlled technologies made unusable after the Third Incident, raised him together with fellow researchers and a few veterans from the genocide. Most of them found themselves tasked with assisting the efforts to reincorporate the until-now isolated colonies, and Qu’ux found himself developing an interest in space travel.

In 2410 this led him, along with other factors largely including the Federation’s propaganda efforts, to join the Federation Navy. Three years later, during his stay in the FSS Jrugl, the discovery of humanity and their quick integration into Skrell diplomatic relations and academia had come along with two important events in his life: one, news was spreading that Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals was opening positions for medical experts and researchers, an area of study that quickly found itself booming thanks to advances in cloning technology. Two, old AI code had somehow leaked into human space. The naval recruit and several of his peers found themselves shocked and angered; it had cost them so much to rebuild after the disaster that had been Glorsh and now the humans were happily rushing towards the same direction. Albeit relations seemed to improve slowly after this discovery, Qu’ux and several others felt that humanity was in no condition to decide by themselves what to do with technology they had done nothing to discover and that had almost brought their own species to extinction.

Deciding that convincing the humans of the dangers of synthetic consciousness was of utmost importance, Qu’ux went on to study at the Aliose University of Medical Sciences, considering that both any new discoveries in the field to help the Skrell were essential and that Zeng-Hu could easily get him into human space if he were to show enough aptitude.
By 2448 he found himself having published several theses on virology, infectology, human anatomy and possible applications of biochemistry for military use. Though he was by no means the most distinguished student that the AUMS had produced, he felt to have contributed his part to the Federation. He soon after left for Tau Ceti, accepting a Zeng-Hu offer to participate in the research of prosthetics; reluctantly, he requested to leave the Federation Navy so as to continue his medical studies. Feeling pride for the finished model his team had produced months after, Qu’ux requested to have both of his arms replaced with the new prosthetics; a special modification was made to imitate the webbing that characterises his species’ hands. Not long after he received an offer to work at the Aurora, officially under the position of Biochemist which he gladly accepted.

What do you like about this character? My main inspiration for Qu’ux was a pair of sentences in the entry for Aliose at the lore page for notable Skrell locations, describing how it was both a source for medical researchers and Skrell patriots and aspirant soldiers. I wondered, what does a Skrell patriot look like? What would lead them to love the Federation in particular? Could one manage to make a sympathetic character out of a researcher vastly older than most of the crew, who considers humanity like an unwary child and feels a strong distrust towards synthetics? Overall, what I expect to do with this character is to see whether he integrates with the crew and manages to see both humans and synthetics as equals deserving of respect. Of course, I also consider this an opportunity to get into the mindset required to play an alien species.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’d give it a solid 7 or a reluctant 8; while there are things I would love to improve, like the fact I interact less outside my department than other players, I consider that my characters have managed to approach others’ stories in a way that left both parties somewhat more developed. Then again, I’d appreciate any criticisms on this.

Notes: I can’t wait until someone tells Qu’ux that there is a drink called The Third Incident.


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I played a surgeon IPC for a while with a hankering for mouthing off at people. A lot of the best roleplay I'd had was with Moira, whether she was an antag or not, she always aimed to exploit the exploitable in a creative fashion, and go for grand-stand experiences that involved more than one player / department at a time. I had good experiences with Moira, and I feel like they have what it takes to join the Wrbl cult.

That being said, I'd like to see them branch out with a few more characters. While of course, we all get attached to our favorites, the biggest part about playing another species is that you are in fact not human. There's different queues, responses, body languages, and social norms that need to be taken into account when playing these races, and Skrell being one of the more.. Odd race behaviors, takes a lot of premeditation to play. Incidentally, this is also my personal favorite species aboard the Aurora, which indites a certain bias into people playing them, as I want to see them played well. I +1 this app, if only to see this player widen their horizon of play.

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Honestly? A really easy +1.

Guess is the first person I go to regarding, really, any lore on the Aurora. They're someone who I know has established characters, and the two people that they have made are more than different enough to be distinct, seperate personalities.

I have no doubt in Guess' roleplaying ability and, past that, I have every reason to believe that they will be a great addition to any of the other races on the Aurora. Every character I have seen from them, on this roleplay platform and others, is well thought out, and a pleasure to interact with. They have a solid understanding of what makes up a person, down to the small nuances, and in the end it would be great, as Clear said, to see them widen their horizons and bring even more amazing characters to interact with. 

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Oh boy, a squishie application! This brightens my day, honestly. I've not had the chance to really meet you or your characters, but I have seen them speak over comms. Hi! I'm Conspire!


I like Zalqash. A good, blue-blooded, home-grown Aloise boy. The generation following on the back of the recovery from Glorsh is my personal favorite, so great choice! Not having seen Glorsh, but having seen the effects of Glorsh makes it the best. And you get real bonus points for making special note of synthetics. I notice it's quite often that my synth-distrusting Skrell rarely get any backup and are usually hassled for it; hope Zalqash finds a way to deal with that! Now I get to ask my favorite question: Where does the name Qu'ux come from? Usually name additions come with a backstory to them, but I feel like that isn't the intent with this one. Was it an inherited family addendum or just symbolic of a word?


If you ever intend to bring any of Zalqash's old Skrell buddies to life and need someone to play them, let me know. You have great story potential with that. +1

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Deliberately replacing arms with prosthesis is... REALLY WEIRD. I'll take the impression I should get from this is that Zalqash Qu’ux is fanatically proud of their work. Feedback is all positive, and otherwise, and even including that bit of weirdness I would say it passes the bar for entry. Application accepted.

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