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  1. Can't believe I let this sit for ten days. I've honestly nothing to comment but 'genuinely amazing'; your application hits on every point required and then some more while managing to be fresh and creative. I've no doubt you'll be an amazing addition to our whitelistees, and I hope to see what stories you can tell us in the future. Approved ten times over, will be looking for someone to archive and add your perms right away.
  2. Though the effort put onto changing aspects of the character and going over the Locations/Culture pages is appreciated, sadly the application still doesn't show a good grasp on Skrell lore to the level of being represented on-station; a lack of mention of Federation culture/parental Quya/the genophage/age/psionics, a sudden shift in career uncharacteristic of Skrell specialisation, and the general story resembling the original Tup concept too closely past a change in origins. It's also important to mention that Xrim lore on abandoned laboratories is both under revision due to the history
  3. Hello! For policy reasons, Skrell lorestaff doesn't accept new Tup characters as of the Warbling arc; the only extant example is a result of grandfathering by a former maintainer. Additionally, there are several concerns that came up while reading your application: Federation culture and views around AI are mentioned as points you're interested in, but the application largely glosses over what they are or what they involve, both in general and toward the character. Age, professional/familiar/personal connections and (specially academic) accomplishments are key to the Federation wor
  4. Reposting per request. After consideration, we've decided to put out a preliminary set of blurbs as an overview of the current state of the rework; assuming no further changes, these will be displayed in the wiki page after release as part of a collapsible format. Remember that any and all current content of the rework is subject to lorestaff review, and will only be available in full after gathering staff feedback. A huge shoutout to Jade for helping write these and making them not an unreadable plaintext, and remember to ping or DM me for any comments. https://docs.google.com/docum
  5. Verdict time. Your application was fun to read and it shows a grasp for the lore and the general feel of a squid in a creative way, rather than by using a 'safe' concept. I've no idea what's up with the weird comment either, it's up to us to take a concept seriously. Consider the app accepted.
  6. Okay, so. As far as we've read here and in the lore channels, the main issues pointed out have been: Verbosity. The length is off-putting, it's difficult to read, the wording isn't reader friendly. Dryness. Matter-of-fact or not, the text is stiff and emotionless. Skrell exclusivity. The content comes across as unrelatable/irrelevant to other species, making it less usable for roleplay. Watering down. 'Sting' is missing, it's not as punchy as before. The sheer emotional impact isn't there. Synthetic discrimination. The new edition undercuts arguments used by
  7. It is just the one dice. To repeat, the dice can't be taken by humans for good reason; it's a cultural item you wouldn't reasonably be expected to get for no particular reason as a non-cat. Putting it up as a loadout request is the equivalent of asking to open up the unathi clothes or spacer gear to the general item selection, being the reason for the app.
  8. +1 cool dude good rper even tho i dont really know the species But no, really. It's always been my opinion that a maintainer must be able to be a passable editor, an interesting writer and able to keep a theme all at once, and I fully trust Ven to do this. Though I share the love for dystopian content, Zavodskoi in its current iteration isn't my pick for favourite corplore despite being miles better than >necropolis, and I'm a sucker for storytelling through histories. There's a few questions I'd like to drop off, both out of curiosity and out of custom: 1). Why Zavodskoi? Necropoli
  9. This falls under metagaming rules, iirc. All roundtypes are meant to be roleplayed the same. Rev is a pain, though. Nobody wants to go through the millionth wage cut gimmick or Racial Tensions Episode 6669 again. The few times something mildly interesting does happen it more often than not falls flat because of a lack of engagement and/or not enough coordination, even if the players themselves are good. Malf dead is one of the best things we've done, that said. No reason rev would be different.
  10. Byond key: vvipedout Discord key: Pan#9369 Character Name: Zoe Helike Item name: adhomian dice Item function(s): It roll. Item description: It's just a single, regular, wooden Suns and Moon dice, painted Moon colours; using the very same sprite, name and description as the usual item. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because gambling is fun. How did your character obtain this item: Gifted it by everyone's favourite Zhan assistant, Murrrrrrrhzmanq, after losing on the first toss with a 6-6-6. What value does this item have to your charac
  11. 'Trade Zone' is thematic for corphell, 'Federation' by itself tells us practically nothing, 'Corporate Federation' is a lazy compromise. The change adds onto the lore's image and there's no reason not to implement it beyond 'but it's good right now!' which isn't much of an argument.
  12. Snippy PR comments aside, the underlying idea is plain mistaken. Real world chemicals let us have a base to roleplay pharmacology from instead of having to play a PharmD and just shrug whenever you're discussing your profession. Made up chems can come later with lore to support them; a whole charter of chemicals being made up leaves us in the water. Sanitizing names out of "ethical concerns" is a losing exercise in a game such as SS13 where horrible harm in very much real world ways is a hourly occurrence, and our target audience isn't Timmy browsing through mom's cabinet to take the funny he
  13. While the five year increase is sensible, it feels like the fast-and-boring way out of the issue of 'how tf do you know xenoanatomy' and doesn't consider how similar species in the Spur are; conversely, 'it's the exact same' is blatantly false mechanics or not. It's not world ending and yet it feels like a waste of writing. Trauma Physician, though, is not something whose removal I can see justified. 'It's bloat' is purely gamist of a concept, and with the incredible amount of immediately life-threatening traumatic injuries on the Aurora it makes little sense to remove it from an RP persp
  14. Hello! Me and Snake have been going over your responses, and we feel you get the general vibe and lore well enough. Your answers to the IPC question are a bit lacking and we'd like to see you go over the Skrell pages some more and hang about in the lore channels, but your application is accepted.
  15. I feel like it's for the best and good for transparency that I reiterate what I've said on Jade at staffcord, here. The gist is that I can attest to Hestia being an incredibly hostile (I'd use toxic, but I hate the word) environment to develop both lore and code in to any capacity. Plagiarism is day-to-day, staff recruitment is scraping the bottom of the barrel as of recently, changes have a tendency to be devolve into 'I am adding/removing this because I want to, fuck the rest' and the turnover is so large twice-retired staff have to return to stop the boat from sinking. Needless to say, this
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