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  1. While the five year increase is sensible, it feels like the fast-and-boring way out of the issue of 'how tf do you know xenoanatomy' and doesn't consider how similar species in the Spur are; conversely, 'it's the exact same' is blatantly false mechanics or not. It's not world ending and yet it feels like a waste of writing. Trauma Physician, though, is not something whose removal I can see justified. 'It's bloat' is purely gamist of a concept, and with the incredible amount of immediately life-threatening traumatic injuries on the Aurora it makes little sense to remove it from an RP perspective. Changes can be motivated for the sake of verisimilitude ideally or for the sake of gameplay loops less so, but both at once and directly contrary to each other in the same PR doesn't just work.
  2. Hello! Me and Snake have been going over your responses, and we feel you get the general vibe and lore well enough. Your answers to the IPC question are a bit lacking and we'd like to see you go over the Skrell pages some more and hang about in the lore channels, but your application is accepted.
  3. I feel like it's for the best and good for transparency that I reiterate what I've said on Jade at staffcord, here. The gist is that I can attest to Hestia being an incredibly hostile (I'd use toxic, but I hate the word) environment to develop both lore and code in to any capacity. Plagiarism is day-to-day, staff recruitment is scraping the bottom of the barrel as of recently, changes have a tendency to be devolve into 'I am adding/removing this because I want to, fuck the rest' and the turnover is so large twice-retired staff have to return to stop the boat from sinking. Needless to say, this isn't a fun place to work on for any sane person. Despite all this, I can vouch for Jade handling all issues encountered either borne from malice or incompetence with far more patience and goodwill than the other side was willing to give. If there's any questions as to burnout and abrasiveness after this, I'd love to remark that her off-Aurora experience doesn't strike me as that of someone who would end up sitting on the slot for nothing but fights. Unless we're incredibly, laughably bad judges of character, the Skrell team can put their trust in her fully to be both a creative lore writer and a team worker; as no longer present lore staff have demonstrated, having just one of these traits doesn't work out. One doesn't even have to leave the thread to see proof on this, given their essay and the time they've taken to respond to criticisms. As an aside, there are not a lot of people I can name who would want to return after having their work stolen and mangled by a supposed team player, or who've been in the same spot at all. Cooperation is a two way street, and we can't really get to a functional team without being willing to cooperate in the first place. Onto the point of 'inactive and had no projects', the very essay is a massive overhaul project if we were to incorporate it to existent and planned Skrell lore. Not only that, but I distinctly remember her IPC lorestaff application as touching upon the nature of positronics beyond the expected robot tropes, and an alternative Vaurca history document which had been floating around. To repeat, this doesn't strike me as someone who would end up occupying a spot for nothing, even if they hadn't gone through the effort of a detailed application essay and sitting down to respond to whatever issues are brought up. Nobody else springs to mind when I think about available, innovative writers you can approach who would want to work with the Skrell team.
  4. Being perfectly honest it's stream of thought for a bunch of loose ideas I wanted to use eventually, so I appreciate the questions to polish it out. 1. Smuggled out was my first pick. It's a common enough Tajara backstory and the most thematically fitting, being that the original four nymphs were smuggled in to start with. Chipping is something I can see being (necessarily, likely) bypassed at Mars and less so at Ceti. It drops us as an undocumented gestalt in the middle of Biesel which I like, and 'how did you get a passport' is a fun question you can answer at several different angles, from a best effort to look good in a background check, to forged papers, to begrudgingly joining the TCFL for the minimum length. Integrating at Mars and paying off the debt through legal or less legal means is an option, but it also plays at integrating into general society and I want to leave that for TC in full. 2. This is a hard one, because to me soft antagonistic/crime RP is more organic than planned, but for an outline the Songless hook of 'work supply to steal high value material' is a good start. What comes after is largely dependent on what characters and situations they bump into, though the vibe I get right now is more 'anything a slow as shit treeman can reasonably get away with at work,' so very much a tone down from Alliance Of Bottom Feeders. It's also thematic that they'd move away from more obvious/violent crime after leaving Mars/digesting Cioelle and taking their new name, but again, it's very context dependent to what actually happens in game. 3. I never liked 'active bounty in X system' or 'being trailed down by Y people' for backstories, personally. It feels off to have conflict brought in by purely out-of-game factors before you even start playing, so it's gonna be a no. Outward, obvious aggression is likewise a dumb trait OOC for being unfun to play with, and IC for being a dumb move for a more or less experienced gestalt with at least two human bodies to incorporate experiences from. Maybe if they were Viscerabelt, but the tone I want to aim for is less 'aggressive' and more 'unscrupulous,' with all that implies in a nymph's worldview and, if something critical were to happen during play, psychology. Also, to note, I'm not too sure of what a chipped nymph involves. So far I assume that it's little but an electronic ID in the form of an implant and that the nymph-gestalt information isn't anymore exhaustive than what one would find on equivalent documentation for other species, but if it's intentionally vague or intended to be more detailed than that it's something I can see having fun playing with.
  5. Jesus fuck I shouldn't have stayed up for the manifest. I dig the questions, let's see: - Strictly in Biesel, the Songless Gang feels like the only real fit; I wanted to fuck around with both of the Choirs if it ever came up, but Bottom's individual nymphs none have a philosophy that's immediately compatible with either, and are directly opposed to the Culture by merit of being on the wrong side of the police the Culture assists, lacking a concept of patriotism (much less a Biesel one) and prime Songless candidates. The Song is a weird one, being an extension of the first Choir, so I'd lean towards no. Chipping in out of curiosity isn't out of the question and a Songless member would at least want to be informed, though. There's also the bit about being a set of nymphs detached from a Wild One originally, which you can hook up to splitting disorder and play at the Dionae sense of biological unity. Songless offers just that without having to give up any nymph's experience and views, so it's the natural fit. - CT/Assistant are interaction heavy positions and so is Janitor to a degree, which aren't intuitive picks for a gestalt whose lived cross-species interactions have by and large been thuggery. The dark tunnels and pump-action bit is a jab at KA mining, though I can see it work as CT if they end up being more smooth criminal as a collective/as a head nymph than just straight up thug. Mining has the unga appeal of 'go somewhere dark, shoot gun, come back with goods' and doesn't stray too far from the arcology experience, with the added bonus Bottom here doesn't care at all about EVA so long as it isn't pitch dark. Thanks for hitting me up so soon. Absolutely gonna crime with the cargo goblins if it does go through, don't worry about that.
  6. BYOND Key: vvipedout Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Dionaea Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Probably. Why do you wish to play this specific race: It's straight up the most alien species we have. You're playing a star vampire made out of not-quite-plant not-quite-animal DNA-less extremophile millipede-slugs the size of a reasonably fat cat each who eats practically anything, lives off radiation, learns off flesh and blood and is by default a multiple personality system whose base biology demands to develop a way to act in coordination. You have no homeworld to speak of, the vast majority of the galaxy has zero idea how your anatomy (whose growth is largely determined by you and all your yourselves) works, your citizenship and legal status is extremely dubious in most of civilization, and the average botanist can grow you with the right nodes and nutritious enough soil. Not to mention every single one of your component nymphs can have a different mental condition. Yes, your left foot can have major depressive syndrome and it effectively means philosophical cancer to the rest of your body, so you split it off. If you split enough times you develop another disorder and your separate bodyparts have to go and treat it via finding a new body or handholding. Despite these, as-played Diona don't have much variety to speak of. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: See last question. Diona either spend an incredible amount of time drifting around an orbit, exist on an isolated planet, or are born in a florist's backyard and transition from pets to person, or grow up hard and fast by being scraped off a colony ship's hull for being sentient barnacles and end up becoming the world's first Vaurca with bark. You've got a massive amount of origins to pick from and about zero of them could conceivably be 'Human but X', yet you could conceivably be from anywhere and span a massive amount of experiences to go with it. Want to start off in a star's orbit? You got it. Move to the Moghean wasteland, live relatively happily sucking off radiation, caring for the lizards and becoming a community figure? Why not. Skip through the systems until you finally get to Ceti and pursue your passion for underwater basket weaving? Of course you can. It's as open ended as you can get and any themes to the lore you use can be twisted, bopped, pulled and hit at your leisure, which is one of my favourite forms of storytelling. Character Name: Camarilla Among Bottom Feeders (Carmilla or Bottoms, for friends) Please provide a short backstory for this character: Olga Kravchenko was born to a small, unremarkable Vysokan host not worth mentioning. While dull, she was known to her peers as a talented gurmori rider and a decent shot with a laser, though a terrible cook and a worse tanner. A series of poor decisions and questionable contacts led her to a brief stint as a pirate, after which a better set of decisions and a newfound sense of self-preservation established her career as a poacher. While the illegal flora and fauna market can be extremely varied, particularly around Xanu Prime, Olga (now known as 'the Cossack' in business circles) saw herself thriving in the Ambergris niche; not a sustainable one as she'd later find out, but a profitable one with a clientele ranging from eccentric Xanusii to at least one Asmara frequent at Eridani. One of her middlemen, a Martian going by Frances Cioelle, receives a set of frightened, lonely and homesick nymphs of dubious origin as an anniversary gift. Cioelle herself being an odd personality, she takes to the quartet of nymphs with utmost care and a healthy diet of 'meat and a desk lamp', as per Kravchenko's advice. One redecoration saw the nymphs now combined (Covert Feeding, being Covert, Treasure, Amber, and Feeder as one) and now past their loneliness very literally incorporating a large lamp into their diet, after which the figurative lightbulb lit above Cioelle's head. Frances Cioelle had a variety of less than legal businesses, which meant a variety of evidence that needed disposals. Covert Feeding had taken happily to eating through sheaves of papers, hard drives, clothes and even weapons more than once. Now more knowledgeable on her four 'pets' and their owner for nearly twelve years, Cioelle had even taken to spicing their diet up with the occasional blood sample, giving the trash disposal Cerberus a child's grasp of Freespeak and an obvious Martian accent from an unidentifiable region. Albeit the arcology's lower levels were dimly lit, great pains were taken to maintain a constant, intense light shining around the Diona, courtesy of multiple LEDs and light tubes. It was a matter of time until the gestalt came to plant its seeds, and so it did; four healthy nymphs from whatever hydroponic solution Cioelle could arrange for the gestalt's seeds to develop in. This Cerberus, now having learned the concept of care and a vague notion of business from Cioelle, and indignation or even anger at a nebulous offence they'd later come to call 'kidnapping' from Kravchenko, had little time to share their experiences with the four young and ignorant nymphs before being shoved into their newest major one. On one day, 'evidence' had come in the form of a bloodied and pallid Elysian youth, a petty dealer's enforcer dragged in a bag straining the back of the gestalt's caretaker with effort until the bagged corpse finally lay between eight nymphs and a tightly sealed door. Alliance Of Bottom Feeders knocked on that door barely hours after, standing tall before a completely clean floor and the blinding bright lamps they'd grown so used to. The gestalt that left that room did not come out wise or learned, but armed with a poor Martian gangster's grasp of Freespeak, an innate sense of how to swing a bat, and a sharp curiosity for what their next meal would be. Business and skullduggery came to them far earlier than standing on two feet had, and their quasi-filial attachment to Cioelle had them involved in plenty of both soon enough. As a result, a lot of their early existence had skewed basic concepts in the wrong direction; 'education' meant what already warped interactions they could pick up from the arcology's underworld, or the Cyclops' caretaker-associate saw fun to read to them, or lunchtime. 'Employment' took long to associate to 'qualifications' or 'papers' rather than just 'money' and 'contacts', and 'death' had not quite settled in until Cioelle came face to face with it. In a strange move for an Elysium crook, Frances Cioelle managed to die from natural causes at the ripe age of 93, leaving the gestalt largely alone in the world, a nymph short due to a mortally threatening if understandable case of depression, and a very experienced corpse's worth of knowledge. Enough knowledge for a gestalt of seven to find their way to Biesel in search of the ever-present ideal of business, if not terribly qualified business. With a backpack of memories and a less crude grasp of language, the eco-friendly thug left the Alliance behind. Camarilla Among Bottom Feeders found themselves as a talented tunnel lurker and a decent shot with a pump-action, if a terrible academic and a worse socialite. These skills and the gestalt's best application of a few newer ones led them to their first legal job as a shaft miner in the comfortably arcology-like Aurora, at relatively less risk of losing a second nymph to an obstacle, cognitive or lead based. What do you like about this character? They let me explore avenues of Diona I feel are severely underplayed, like cultural affectations, their gene-based learning system, the (very, very new) psychology additions, a lack of pacifist or amiable tendencies, the possibility of being reticent to even temporary splits, what a role model means to a gestalt and how it can skew their growth, so on. Also the idea of a tree showing up to your house to break your legs is funny to me. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 10/10. I've always been interested in CCIA. Notes: seriously why do we still have the rating question everyone always answers 6-8
  7. Skreg did have a lot of certified Gamer moments, but even then it was a baby Skrell whitelistee's first dive into off-Fed frog concepts and I'm glad they managed to be memorable. I'm also really glad for the questions because holy fuck did I ever need someone to ask so I'd actually have to write down a concrete concept. 1) Lore that doesn't have a page or at least a section to show for it is lore that doesn't get played, from my POV. Starting off probably means a lot of cleanup of bad early lore rather than new content, like post-Pegasus humanlore or whichever poor bugdev had to handle Covert's/Chev's leftovers can attest, but after that I want to pinpoint the places where different groups of Skrell would intuitively be; ZH/Technophile Skrell at Konyang, the odd Jargon expat at Eridani courtesy of BS Gate travel, so on. A planet/settlement at a reasonable place in the map (Frontier as a safe bet, Traverse if spicier) involving alternative Skrell viewpoints and a mixed population would be an ideal basic concept to follow on from there, but that's far along the road most likely. 2) Yes, god, absolutely. Zeng-Hu currently feels like the odd one out in terms of relevance and presence, and their Skrell involvement in practical terms reduces to what feels like an earlier writer's handwaving of 'okay so how can we have a human corp offer cloning' and using the AUMS as a quick answer. Keeping in mind ZH is THE medical corp, specially after Zavodskoi becoming Zavodskoi, working with corplore to incorporate more flavour to ZH and shill Skrell in the process can only be fun. (Also, again, Konyang.) Ouerea is another of those oddly untouched points that badly need at least a paragraph or two of expanding on (iirc, there's more to be said for human-cat interaction in Crevus than can be said for skrell-lizard-human in Ouerea) and goddess willing a snazzy squid outfit to show for it. While I don't mean to push things on other teams ahead of time I'd love to see what Sleepy can think of in regards to Ouerea warblelore and what the bugteam's thoughts are on C'thur crosslore, but I can't say a lot for Bursa. The Lii'dra arc was frankly a mess and salvaging something out of it would be difficult, but if a fun to play concept came out of it then why not. 3) >he doesn't have an actual antediluvian Thanks for the questions! I had a lot of fun answering them. obligatory reminder to apply for skrell
  8. Ckey/BYOND Username: vvipedout Position Being Applied For: lore deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: actually read the lore beyond robot man bad Examples of Past Work: effectively the author of the high c'thur rework Additional Comments: Lyrii was a mistake. Additional Additional Comments:
  9. Great and thought out responses which imo show a grasp for the 'feel' of squidlore. A few other questions would be where you expect/would like the character to end up in, or how they take to not being exposed to Qerr'balak's Nlom, or how you plan to handle the post-Warbling arc image of the Federation crew might have, but those are better left to find out ICly as you go. Also admire your restraint in not going for teenage cargo shithead listener squid edition
  10. -1, actually sorts the warehouse and is a big dumbo. Really though Skrell in a position looked down upon by Fed squids are always a riot and generally a better way to explore themes than a 'proper' Skrell, so the concept feels fresher and a great primer for a new wrbl player. There's a few questions that jump out: What does Quivol's name mean? I'm a bit behind on my squidlore, but afaik Skrell surnames are first determined by their parents' Quya and then followed by an attachment of personal significance to the person in question; dashes specifically show respect/reverence for the inspiration of the suffix, which suggests a mentor or place important to them 👀 How would they likely be treated? While a cargo Skrell would likely be looked down on compared to a med or sci equivalent, 48 is a bit babby, even if the general squid measure of adulthood is 30-50. Dedication to research is a big Skrell value; is being lumped in with our delinquent human containment dept also dedication to study? Do they have any previous concepts about aliens? Generally it's a kind of freeform thing since it can range from 'my 5 moms spent years at Ouerea and published 70 papers on sinta society' to 'I watched human cartoons once', or just what they remember from soc class, but it's always a good thing to establish early on. Good luck on the app! More squids are always more fun and squidlore is genuinely one of the better bits, looking forward to how you put a spin on wrbl.
  11. Languages aren't terribly complicated codewise, as far as I can tell, so implementation can't be an issue. Eridani (West African heritage), the Scarabs (multicultural cultural isolation) and Dominia (lizard town) in particular would benefit a lot. As far as secret language club memes go, why not use mutual intelligibility? TCB is practically Esperanto, iirc, and Tradeband is about as much of a bastard child of every Romance language.
  12. Despite their awful taste in webcomics, Paradox can be trusted to come up with concepts with both innovation and substance, which is as much as we can ask for in spacegame lore. Venus and every Scarab ship but the spite-fueled anglofest are some of the most creative parts of human lore, and Skrell lore is incredibly distinctive and rich when it could just as easily be yet another generic scientist species. Plus, I can count at least one character of theirs per species that both fits the lore perfectly and manages to be creative with it. I can't think of anyone I'd sooner see as skrelldev.
  13. It's worth repeating that it makes no sense, lore or otherwise, to restrict augments to human-only; there's even more defense for Vaurca/Tajara exclusive augments than for human ones. The entire post reeks of a gamist mentality better left at LRP; why should a species amount to stats that give them more or less of a chance in combat? There's several cases when a species shouldn't be in combat at all without an excluding reason, such as non-security owned IPC, literally any Vaurca but Za, or the vast majority of Diona. Arguably, the status of Tajara in Biesel or the fact Skrell by-and-large represent the Federation also deters them from combat, leaving violence as a real option largely to Unathi and humans.
  14. Please, no. Chemical names are absurdly easy to learn and literally anyone with access to a chemmaster (i.e. the chemist, CMO, scientist, lab assistants) can hit 'Analyse' for a brief description of what a substance is and its effects. Imitating other servers is not desirable in the slightest in any form; Bay holdovers got us Vox, old med was a holdover, etc. One doesn't have to be a qualified professional to learn a few names. That, and it'd sincerely be a joke if servers with a lower RP requirement than us had a more believable chemistry framework. Imagine a HRP server having 'Viralivir' and 'Infexicilin'. Literally space drugs and spaceacilin tier.
  15. There's really very little reason to restrict offworlders from any command position. They're arguably even a better fit than a regular human as a CE, particularly with Scarabs, and the idea that the HoS should be expected to have the same physical standards as non-adapted humans goes out the window with the even more fragile M'sai and the Skrell. A 'new species' factor isn't terribly applicable either, since they've existed for a very long time in-setting and are only new mechanically. Not to mention, a command member's task is that of a manager and supervisor first and foremost. If a head of staff is regularly involved in exerting work to the point where an offworlder would be noticeably hampered, they're severely misunderstanding their role.
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