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Armrha's Un-Jobban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Armrha

Total Ban Length: Permanent job ban from the Science department.

Banning staff member's Key: I don't know.

Reason of Ban: Immediately after being unbanned for abusing telescience, I abused telescience in a different way. I didn't see in the rules where committing non-violent crimes, like access elevation, was against the rules so on a late night extended round with like 2 people  I teleported the Captain's ID into telescience, upgraded my access and teleported it back so I could go exploring. I've learned that even though this hurt no one and I stole nothing else and took no aggressive action, effectively anything that is effectively 'high treason' by action is something that even a misbehaving employee would not do in character, so this fits under the rules about 'IC action', even if the server has nobody on it.

Reason for Appeal: I gave myself an almost three month time out before this request, I'll be sure to avoid making the same mistakes again.

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Me and tish both were involved in this issue. You were just banned from science for abusing telescience, only to be unbanned and steal the captains id and give yourself all access. You argue you didnt see it in the rules, but if you were just banned for abusing something only to repeat it again, it doesnt give me much hope of change

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Well, I thought the difference was previously I used telescience to attack somebody (a station antag, but without sufficient justification IC'ly to do something like that). The captain's ID is not a player and I didn't see anything that said you couldn't steal things or break the in-character laws IC'ly - non-antags routinely end up in the brig for all sorts of reasons. My thought was, I just spent like ten hours making tools to solve telescience with, I wanted to get some good use out of it - If I can't use it offensively, might as well figure out some other way to have fun with it.


But I understand now actions like breaking into the vault, stealing the Captain's laser or the captain's ID fall under 'high treason', and they are restricted OOC'ly as employees just won't break those rules unless they are antagonists.

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Right so Tish asked me to handle this. I am willing to lift the ban on the following terms

1. There will be no more telescience fuckery, if you question it you must ahelp.

2. If you do not follow the first outline of this, I will be reapplying the science perm ban and it cannot be appealed and you will receive a month server ban.

Does this sound agreeable?

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