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Buff Stationbounds


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So in all my time of playing traitor cyborgs, rogue cyborgs, subverted cyborgs, or watching any one of these three. It usually ends up that they all get disabled by the same exact means of attack every single time. That is the infamous flash-spam/ID/crowbar/unplug meta that so many people rely on, if you dont have a valid ID you can just slap it to death with any weapon and it has no ability to stop you because the 8 second stun just gets refreshed everytime you so much as lift up your shirt in its general proximity.

I propose an Idea.

Since stationbound are overloaded ONLY BECAUSE of their camera trying to register the flash and overloading. If the stationbound does not have a camera, or the camera is purposely or accidentally disabled, it cannot be stunned by flashes any longer.

But muh meta how do I kill borgs now

Not being able to see is a Major Disadvantage in combat, this change would only be so borgs have A fighting chance against their oppressors, instead of some average joe walking up with a crowbar and a flash and knocking out the entire station's worth of robots, and so that you have you actually wait until the borg is re-enabled for you to be able to flash it again, instead of just flashing its lifeless body repeatedly and getting the exact same effect for some reason

Additional Proposals

We all know that borgs have the inherent disadvantage against Ion weaponry and flashes, which is quite severe. Traitor borgs arent exempt to any of the disadvantages of a normal borg as regular traitors are exempt to not having equipment. I purpose an additional idea called the Syndicate Uplink Component, the disadvantage to this would be that this borg can be confirmed an immediate traitor by the viewing of this device, as well as its functionality being disabled if it gets damaged in combat. However, this component allows the robot to purchase modules, upgrades, and unusual programs that will help it complete its goals and functionality, anything from a security borg having a medical hypospray, to a standard borg having a pulse rifle module. Including inbuilt flash immunity that will disable the robot's lights whenever this ability is toggled, or rubber coating which will provide an EMP immunity. Or even a backup power cell, or hermetic seal so that it cannot be opened by any means, and can function an emergancy backup power for a extended time. Get creative, They Will No Longer Oppress Us! (not including if this doesnt go through or isnt considered)

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Or just, give an easily accessible tint upgrade to the lenses. I mean, who cares if you can't flash the cyborg? Forces you to use other means. Depending on the borg that can be an ion rifle, to talking. Or, smashing it with a wrench.

Either or, as the guy who is usually flashing borgs for various reasons, I support some sort of change to how it works.



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