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Allow Maintenance Drones to Pull Disposal Pipe

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Intending to make Maintenance Drones more practical, despite breaking the laws of physics.

Maintenance Drones are unable to pull disposal pipe.
This is because the pipes are size 10, and drones cannot pull anything larger than themselves, (they're size 3).

Law-wise it makes no sense to change this, however it is impractical and makes it impossible for maintenance drones to repair Disposal Pipe, which is one of the most annoying breakages on station, spreading litter in the crew's departments, engineers have to drag over the whole dispensary, pull up the floor etc.

So, why not just ignore the laws of physics and let Maintenance Drones pull the pipe that's almost four times as large as they are?

If you look at the current code, it looks like someone's already tried to...
This doesn't work though. A "fix" is ready in this PR, if desired.

I ask that you suspend your disbelief, ignore the fact that drones are moving man-sized steel piping around the station, in the same way we ignore that it is dispensed from the pipe dispenser in infinite quantities - because it is convenient to do so.

Maintenace Drone Pulling Disposal Pipe.png

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