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[+1 dismissal]Allow telescience to access the new ruins.

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The new ruins that need to be reached with the research shuttle are all on sector 9. This cannot be reached through telescience. The Aurora I is now one of these, meaning that sector 8 is now empty, and it also seems like the abandoned shuttle that had a chance to spawn on the asteroid has also been removed. This has all but effectively castrated telescience now. You can't really teleport people anywhere except stationside, which isn't really the point of telescience. Sure, you can do neat tricks like retrieving a dead miner from the asteroid by teleporting the corpse back, but the point of telescience IMO, should be to allow for expeditions to places otherwise unreachable by other means, which this shuttle has now completely replaced it for. I think that these ruins should be moved to sector 8, or sector 9 should be made accessible to telescience. Of course, to not completely invalidate the shuttle, I think there should be no GPS' on the ruins, so that teleporting things on there requires a bit of guesswork to find it, or the shuttle already present, to work off of the coordinates of the shuttle.

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Wow, is this what it's like from the outside when I post a snarky, passive aggressive comment because I don't like what someone said. My eyes have been opened.

Moving aside from that, what do you want telescience to do to be more relevant? This new content was added with the intention of it only being able to read reached with a certain method. There doesn't need to be any connection between tele science and Away missions.

So what would make it more relevant to you?

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being able to teleport things to an area normally inaccessible that requires exploration and potentially has goodies to be found, which is what has been replaced now with the away shuttle

it's pretty much just a way to teleport shit around on the station now

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3 hours ago, Leudoberct said:

yes, but how did this cut down on z-levels if it's still there

It's not about the number of z-levels itself, per se.  It's the amount of simulated terrain in the server's limited memory.  A layer that is entirely space tiles (which are unsimulated terrain) is barely even there as far as memory usage.  Aurora is already so large that they are pretty close to the memory cap.  Adding new layers full of things without removing things from other layers is not really much of an option.

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