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Contractor General Thread

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Contractor uniforms were merged today, and they are now available to play.

This allows you to play your character as an external contractor subcontracted out to NanoTrasen, to fulfill various roles onboard the station.

As a contractor you'll be working on the station as a temporarily hired worker belonging to another corporation that isn't NanoTrasen. You still fall under the corporate regulations in the same way any other standard employee would, however there are some basic roleplay expectations you'll be expected to follow based on your employer. You'll be expected to do your job with some sneaky acts on the side. This isn't a licence to self antag however, purely to drive a story. Loading up the research information from the R&D console onto disks to smuggle off station is fine; poisoning the captain's birthday cake, not so much. Use your common sense and if in doubt, ahelp before you carry out your action. Contractors are unable to be Heads of Staff. Any job is available to a contractor so long as the concept makes sense. An Idris "Battle Chef" sounds hilarious but isn't an acceptable character concept. If you are concerned that a concept might be inappropriate please do speak with a member of server staff via ahelps in game, the forums or discord.

Contracted employees on board NanoTrasen vessels are fully subject to the established NanoTrasen chain of command, station directives, notices and regulations. They are to clearly state the fact they are contracted as well as their parent company, in their security and employment records. Contractors are to wear their company uniforms in all fields in order to be distinguishable, and are not to hold any internship positions.

Additional information can be found at https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Contractors

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