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Hate thread

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This kid Donald from 7 to 8th grade. This mother fucker, I swear. I don't usually mind bullies, I consider myself an easy going, calm headed person. But with him? Im not ashamed to say he made me cry once, taking pokes at someone who died in my family, and I got in my first fist fight, and ONLY fist fights in school, with him. Three fights, and they are the only fist fights I can recall to this day. In short.


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I fucking haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate some of my cousins. They act like they're tough as fuck, bully me and the younger family members, and act like I'M the asshole for telling them to fuck off.

How long did you have to deal with that shit, man?


Since my first memorable meeting with them, to today.

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I despise....


Republicans (the party too)

Social conservatives



France ( Savoia, Nizza é Corsica s'è Italiana)


Mouth ulcers

Rug burn




My response:

Down with the system

Freedom 'n' 'murica

Polotikz boi

Wanna play with my rainbow dash?

I sure do love me some anthro-cats!

Oui oui oui, le baguette

Mouth ulcers, I'm here to bring you pain

Rug burn, when you thought that buying this rug from the flea market was a good idea.

Spaghgetti, literally hitler

I'm inside you, no matter what you want you need me to survive.

Honestly, I can agree on you with this.

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