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The Braxton Engine

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Character names of all involved:
Linton Braxton

Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album:

Following the annihilation of the Super Matter, the ejection platform was severely damaged in the explosion.
Chief Engineer makes a bold decision to not re-instate the crystal due to the dangers it would pose.

In the face of extreme threat, Linton Braxton invents a new engine mid-shift.
By burning Phoron to create a hot gas the coolant loop can be restored, powering the turbines


Have you read the application rules??:
PFff no (yes pls no ban)

Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action?

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?:
Countless times I've seen the Super Matter destroyed, and I've seen engineering departments scramble to resolve it.

What do you do?

Wire the solars? First you find half of the satellite destroyed.
You wire the rooftop only to find it's not enough.
What next? The Tesla?
But.... how does it work? DOES it work?
So you go check... and it's destroyed too, wires everywhere, no one's quite sure how to set it up, maybe you get it running but now you're bathing in radiation something's not right here why is there a whole in the floor...
Maybe we should just call the shuttle? It's probably extended anyway who cares, better do a crew transfer vote, if that doesn't work well... just call an emergency shuttle I'm sure no one will mind.

No, instead, Linton Braxton stood in the face of chaos and put their engineering degree to work, maybe there's a new solution... what was that crystal even for anyway? All you need is to create some heat, right?
What if you just... set it on fire?

SS13 is unique in it's intricate network of simulated physics and mechanics, there's nothing more incredible than seeing this exploited to create something unintentional. This event is not particularly dramatic or funny, but I think it deserves recognition of its achievement.

Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?:
The Braxton Engine thwarted what I assume were traitorous efforts to disrupt the station, sure the effects were not unforeseen, and the engine was not perfect, but what would otherwise cause a dark unsatisfying escape from the station was turned into a heroic surprise in the midst of a stressful situation.

Final thoughts/anything you want to add?:

The super matter ejection platform does not seem overly useful...

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5 hours ago, ben10083 said:

What was the crew's reaction to this engine? Any OOC/LOOC reactions?

Well, for the other engineers we were annoyed because we brought back the station to a stable power level before that project was done and running and all the merit were given to the engine even if it would not have been able to provide enough power by itself to make the station stable.

Also the CE arrived very late in the shift and from the information I have it was not a choice not to order a new crystal but a lack of options as it was not possible to do so. The option to order a new crystal was discussed way earlier in the round. 

So in short, the project was done by Braxton own initiative despite objections of the other engineers to use heated Phoron while some unknown threat was roaming around.


Don't get me wrong though, outside the round context it's an interesting project and I will be curious of what could be used to replace a crystal in the core and the different outputs we can get from these options. It is also a nice complementary addition to what was a borderline acceptable power situation on the station.

But I do not think this deserve a Hall of Fame.

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Oh god I'm always so cheerful about this stuff. IC had to hate it, as goofing of on a new ideas while the station is dying is Spike's main problem with the people. So yeah... As written above, unnecessary toy, a danger to the crew yadayada... Team spirit!

Okay OOC. Concept is okay but not really interesting for me. I'm more into the RCon and pumping power where it's needed instead of new / unstable ways of getting it. Does this deserve a hall of fame spot? No clue really... People where celebrating it at the time since the CE didn't take a single look at the Screens and just went with a glorious love letter to the new found engine.


All I'm going to say is that (at least for me) there where far more memorable moments in my time on the Aurora. Things that people would rather not advertise for mostly. I'm however nobody to wish you bad luck or something... So if it makes you happy ( and it does really look a lot like it) than we should add it :)

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Clever, but combustion engines have been alternative forms of power dating back to before Aurora’s time. I can say matter-in-factly that’s I’ve seen it done in the spare chamber in atmospherics back in exodus days. As such, I’m not sure this incident is deserving of hall of fame status. 

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