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Sterben’s Handheld Scanner

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Byond Key: Soultheif96

Discord Key: Soultheif96

Item Name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Advanced Heath Scanner. 

Item Description: An advanced health scanner that retrieves additional info.

(Not placed in item description but explained of its function. It is a combination of a health analyzer and breath analyzer but it takes two seconds to do a scan and a ten second cooldown. This is in attempt to keep it from being abused by either me or other crewmembers. I will leave the sound effect up to who will impliment this in game once accepted and made.)

Item Appearance:


Why is your character carrying this item to work?

 Sterben is entrusted by NanoTrasen to ensure the health of the crew is at an optimal level, in order to do so, he would require advanced means of scanning.

How did your character obtain this item (1 Paragraph or more please):

Prototype technology entrusted to Sterben and to be studied for its use in the field. NanoTrasen would think no better place than one of their research facilities to carry out the study of its use. Should the prototype be proven effective in the field, it could be mass-produced in an improved manner. 

How does this impact your character or tell a story about them or express who they are? (2 Paragraphs here please):

Sterben would explain that he is one of the ten personnels entrusted with the use of the device and is expected to report back to NanoTrasen with a detailed report on its use. If the crew asks if they could see what it does, Sterben would provide instructions on how to use it, then have them utalize it on a subject or themselves to conduct the scan.

We are in 2461 and it is expected that we progress in technology as years pass, medical being given new devices to work with.

Also, this is a callback to some sci-fi genres where doctors would have this fancy tablet or handheld item that does a scan of a person and provide a lot of details. I would not see why we do not have such tablets outside what is know as health analyzers. 

How will you use this item to stimulate rp or improve interactions with crew?:

Sterben would ask the patient to remain still in order to get a scan by his prototype device. If medical crew ask what did Sterben use, he would then show it to them and tell them how it works, expecting them to ask and try out.

Additional Comments: Adding a request that utalizes penlight and stethoscope function but I will leave it up to item maker to decide how it will be used or be implimented. 

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Taking on Simon’s suggestion.
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I like the idea of it, a lot. Would make sense that a NT owned IPC would be used to trial something as well. Provided it just stays a mix of a normal scanner and a breath analyzer, and maybe added functions that are minor in nature (pen light, stethoscope, etc) ill give it a +1, sterbens a good character too, so I know they'd provide some nice along side it

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3 hours ago, VTCobaltblood said:

So why is this for Sterben? Why doesn't every CMO get this? Surely they're also "entrusted by NanoTrasen to ensure the health of the crew is at an optimal level"?

To put it simply, it is a prototype technology that is still going under trial use and Sterben has been handpicked along with nine other CMOs or highly recognized medical personnel to field test it. 

Should it prove useful, it would then be implemented into medical use but due to its advanced tech, it must be made from science if one were to implement it into the game itself. We are on a research station after all, things would be tested then released to public within payment under NanoTrasen's name. 

Should more than one players request it, I would suggest it be made into a suggestion under a loadout option at 2 points given how useful it would be.

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I'll be honest. This looks like a fairly blatant attempt to elevate Sterben over other CMOs. "Only the best CMOs got this device, so Sterben did" is incredibly Mary Sue-ish.

All the answers to the new custom item form questions are incredibly shallow and basically repeat the same thing. It really provides nothing of value to the representation of Sterben as a character. "What does this item say about him?" - "He was hand-picked to use an experimental technology". That is not good writing, and frankly pretty insulting to other CMO players.

Your replies saying how useful this item is also indicative that you want this custom item to have an advantage. This is a no-go.

Overall, this is not how custom items are supposed to be used. A strong -1. Make a character, not a superdoctor robot.

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I understand that it may seem like an advantage over other CMOs and it may appear so, however, I requested a certain drawback of the item that includes a cooldown and a use timer, so I am not getting instant scans nor am I able to abuse it.

Nor does it mean Sterben is better than everyone else. If you notice how I have played in Medbay, I am rather hands off as much as I possibly can while still making sure it is running smoothly.

Besides, all of these items are found across medical so I doubt it is giving myself an advantage when they are in hand's reach. Same goes for a zippo or a toolbox. 

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While the idea of a multi-tool scanner is a pretty creative idea, I feel this would sit better as an item science could make for medical which would see use for the whole department. I'm fairly certain items that are more than just cosmetic replacements (Khasan's bucket) or unique-but-fluff-only (Liza's Carving Tools, Fernando's knitting supplies) aren't allowed as a custom item due to powergaming issues. Since this is combining the utility of several medical tools, I don't think it's an appropriate custom item, even with the drawbacks (Which require additional code, I think?). A reskinned health scanner or something would be more appropriate, as the item appearance you're referencing is pretty cool.

Also, keep in mind you'd need to be able to secure sprites for this item!

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Alright, so, some of the points made here are pretty spot on in accordance with our own thoughts. This item isnt something that really shows what makes Sterben unique, but instead its something that makes him better, and that isnt really what we're looking for with these applications.

Even with said cooldown, the time between normal uses kind of nullifies this altogether. It would probably make a good addition to R&D or as an loadout item, but not as a custom item.

That being said, we're going to deny this application.

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