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The Power Vamps Always Needed


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Ok, so this has been known for a long time, but....Vampires are creatures of darkness and BLOOD. They are seen as blessed beings by Cultists and probably have their own Cults of Personalities and super high egos from how powerful they are. That's all nice and stuff but.....


Can Vampires please gain the ability to have Night Vision, or at least toggle it? Like, it'd be a nice QoL ability AND it'd remove you from that awkward feeling where you're a Lord of Darkness, skulking through the maints, veil stepping everywhere...but...you can't see anywhere because you're not really a lord of darkness ?

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Yeah, it's that bad...but that's for Veil stepping over walls


Addendum: Though, you could also bargain that Veil Step should be a toggleable ability that, when toggled, let's you see through walls and lets you tp to one dark tile for maximum usage, but that's not the purpose of this post.

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