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Announcement: Holidays


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As of today, holidays are not implemented in game.  A few admin run events (Krampus) and player run traditions (the Halloween ball) have been widely popular amongst the player base, but no official calendar exists.

Through the implementation of official, NanoTrasen sanctioned holidays and CCIA organized mini events, I believe we will be able to make our setting more immersive for players, creating a (slightly) richer setting with which characters can interact.


How it Will Work

At the time of Holiday implementation, one holiday per month will be arranged on a calendar.  The descriptions of these holidays will be included as an immediate reply to this post.

Each holiday will also be posted in the general events calendar, so as to give players the ability to see and plan for holiday events.  Full descriptions of each event will be publicly available to the community, and will detail what, if any, development and admin involvement is needed in each event, as well as any possible volunteers slots that could be filled.

Two weeks (or more for the more major holidays) before each holiday we will select a time to schedule the event and begin coordinating with admins and development if needed.  Not all holidays will require dev team involvement. During preparation time we will make any mapping adjustments needed, determine which roles need filled, and produce lists of what needs to be spawned at round start.

One week before the event we will make a general discord announcement to alert the playerbase the event is approaching.  If needed, we will call for volunteers at this time. We will announce it once more the round before the event. We will be posting feedback threads on each event, as these are designed to be reoccurring and will likely need to be adjusted over time.

Player involvement will be encouraged.  If players wish to hold their own private celebrations in game or wish to take on extra responsibilities they will be fully permitted.  For example, if a cook wants to provide catering at the science fair in January, it should be assumed by command and security that they have central command approval to do so.

All initial holidays on the calendar will be corporate in nature, with exception to traditional holidays (Halloween, for example), as per the general jurisdiction of CCIA.  However, a holiday submission process will be immediately accessible to the lore team so that they are able to incorporate their respective cultures into the holiday calendar.

The lore team will be able to communicate directly with CCIA over staff discord to arrange the addition of lore holidays.  The ultimate approval of the implementation of a lore based holiday will be done in agreement between the head of CCIA and the maintainer of the respective area of lore (for example, at the time of writing this, a synthetic liberation holiday would require the approval of both mofo and kyres).



Why isn’t lore in charge of this?

Lore has full jurisdiction over their species/culture holidays.  CCIA, however, is being charged through this process with determining how Central Command, not those respective cultures, would allow for company sanctioned celebrations.


How major are these events?

It ranges from moderate (an offsite company picnic, the Christmas party) to incredibly minor (Doctor Appreciation Day).  Antags are permitted in all events, though discouraged in the larger ones via a “vote extended for best event” announcement upon the start of round vote.


What’s the point?

To increase the IC involvement of CCIA in station ongoings beyond faxes and incident reports, to provide a means of incorporating lore in daily play without assigning additional burden to the lore team, and to give players the opportunity for more interaction with the world around their characters.


Why is CCIA stepping out beyond IRs?

Holidays are the first of several steps to emphasize CCIA as an IC entity, which may eventually also include commendations for positive actions and more interactive punishments following IRs.  Ultimately our goal as CCIA is to enrich the universe and provide meaningful and lasting character development through actions and regulations.


I want a holiday implemented but am not part of the lore or CCIA team, how do I proceed?

Make a suggestion thread on the forums.


I’m the chef and I don’t want to do a holiday feast.  Do I have to?

No.  All events are designed to be functional independently of the manifest.  Go enjoy the event.


I’m the chef and I don’t want my job done for me, does it have to be?

No, players are encouraged to be involved in these events.  In situations where you would like to do set up yourself in game, you are welcome to contact CCIA OOCly and request to be allowed to.  Event calendars will always be available and announcements will be made a week ahead of time to give you plenty of time to be exactly as involved as you would like to be.  Your involvement and enjoyment is our primary objective.


How do I plan for an event?

All holidays will be posted on the forum event calendars with a complete summary of everything planned for the event upon the initial implementation of holidays.


Are admins still going to run fun holiday events like Krampus?

They better.


Are these events canon?


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Initial Holidays


June 21st: Company picnic

Employees are given three hours (1 round) off to enjoy a company hosted picnic on a Biesel beach.  A CCIA announcement will be made at the beginning of the round. Either a shuttle or a gateway will transport the crew on a voluntary basis to a small beach map.  Food will be spawned in and one member of high command will attend. Crew members will be able to return to work if they wish to.

Development will be needed to tend to mapping, admins will need to assist in spawning in food and summery clothes.  At least one volunteer will be needed to play a member of high command. Antags are discouraged.


July 14th: Engineering Appreciation Day

A minor holiday most engineers don’t even care about.  An announcement will be made at the beginning of the round.  A CCIA agent will spawn to visit the station, tour engineering, and provide engineers with small bonuses from the station account.  No development or admin involvement is required. Antags are allowed.


August 7th: Pet Adoption Event

NanoTrasen works in conjunction with the Tau Ceti Friends of Animals Association (TCFAA) to host an adoption event on station.  Penny attends every year. An announcement will be made at the beginning of the round.

Volunteers and admins will coordinate to spawn in around 5 player controlled animals.  There will be one exotic animal for adoption, the rest will be cats and dogs. One or two TCFAA employees will come to the station to find forever homes for these animals.  Admin involvement is needed to spawn in the animals and assign players to them, volunteers are needed to play the animals. Antags are allowed.


September 12th: College Recruitment Event

CCIA sends an agent to NanoTrasen stations to advertise scholarship and career development programs.  An announcement is made at the start of the round, a CCIA agent boards prepared to talk about the Miranda Trasen scholarship and various training programs provided by central.  No development involvement is needed, antags are allowed.


October 31st: Halloween Ball

An annual event where crew are granted permission to attend a round long costume party.

An announcement is made at the beginning of the round.  Costumes are spawned in by admins, devs assist in having the bar area as predecorated as possible, however, engineers are allowed to make modifications to the design as they see fit.  Antags are discouraged.

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2 hours ago, Brutishcrab51 said:

I like this. What about Christmas? Hoh hoh hoh?

While NanoTrasen does not endorse regional religious holidays, it has opted to have a party for Nondenominational Sol 3 Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice Celebration Day after years of popular demand. 

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