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Starbound: Borealis 2, Attack of the Clones

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There's no romance subplot, I promise.

Have you ever played Starbound? It's Terraria-lite except you can explore other planets and just the entire universe in general. If you haven't played it, it's fifteen bucks and the vanilla game is well worth that price alone. https://store.steampowered.com/app/211820/Starbound/

The vanilla game doesn't hold a candle to Terraria's end game, but the Frackin' Universe modpack exists to remedy this problem. This adds hundreds if not thousands of features. But this still presents an issue that the game ends up being played alone if you don't have any friends with a common interest in this game and matching modpacks...

...of course, that's where we come in! Hosted by @MoondancerPony and co-adminned by me (I actually didn't ask for this but I guess I'm going with it), our goals are pretty simple: do and create whatever you want on a multiplayer Starbound server... roughly affiliated with Aurorastation's community but about as related as a third cousin twice removed. Keep in mind we will be running the Frackin' Universe mod, which is a massive mod and a ONE-WAY-TRIP DOWNLOAD. If you have characters that exist prior to this download, it is suggested you leave them behind or back them up properly. It is otherwise suggested you start progress and a new character from scratch on a Frackin' Universe save, because the framework of the megamod changes so much that uninstalling it will break any of your Frackin' Universe-made characters.

There is a very expansive list of details on what Frackin' Universe adds/changes directly on its mod page and on the Frackin' Universe wiki. It's required you run FU and all the other mods that will be in the server modpack when you join. The download may make some time when you go to the Steam Workshop page. It is suggested you subscribe there, as this mod is actively developed and updated.


The modpack will also list the smaller mods and what their function is. It is not quite prepared yet but this is just an initial broadcast to gauge interest and bring in would-be players.

There's another catch besides the fact Frackin' Universe is a huge mod to download and that if your saves aren't initially clean, things can break when making the transition over and you may be required to delete your Starbound documents in order to play with us. If this happens and you suspect you need to do a clean wipe, do it. Your progress can always be regained and any constructed stuff on the server remains.

There are also some simple ground rules but they are not needlessly complex as we haven't discussed whether it should be a roleplay-centric Starbound server. It is suggested you still make characters as characters with reasonably fathomable in-character names. Starbound is fairly goofy and open to interpretation nonetheless, so a Glitch (sentient robot character) being named "Sir Bolts" is completely valid.

- Don't be a dick. Any discriminatory -ism problem creator will be tossed out, bullying and unwanted teasing will be cracked down on. We're here to have fun in playing a game, not fight each other.
- Don't grief. Please try to ask for permission before moving renovations, buildings or existing terrain that is clearly claimed by other players, do not steal resources, workbenches, armor or weapons from other players without initially asking first.
- Exploiting the game mechanics (reasonably, of course) in order to progress is fine but please do not bring in items that you cheated in from single-player mode. We still want to maintain the spirit of Frackin' Universe's difficult and prolonged progression system so that it means more to have attained the end-game.

Those are the three ROOLS for now, there's not really much else.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. If you have further server-related questions, feel free to join our discord ( https://discord.gg/MAy8QAG ) to ask. I'll try to update this post with FAQ if this gets a lot of attention either from the forum or the discord server.

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A few changes, although this is a really late announcement.

We're presently being hosted by Ferguson and co. The server is BRETTY COOL, works smoothly and better than when I was running it.

I should also note Frackin' Universe has a degree of automation, similar to Factorio and stuff. If you enjoy screwing with machine logic, FU has added a ton of stuff for this purpose.

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