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Player Complaint - Azazy - 06-18-19

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BYOND Key: Shadow7889 

Game ID:b10-diR9

Player Byond Key: Azazy

Staff involved: Arrow768

Reason for complaint: This was during a round of traitor. The player in question was playing as a Warden. During the round, the Officer, Unity had engaged in terrorist acts against crew and Command. I'm unsure if they killed the Captain or not, but their actions led to a fight on the Bridge, Main level near or in the Captain's office. At the same time, I, Vertgo, the Robotist was a traitor as well and had a fully armored, lethally kitted and charged Durand active. My partner robotist ( Who's name has escaped me. ) had left for the bridge to speak with the Captain on signing off on the Durand, I assume. I used this as an excuse to see if I could free Unity form the ISD should he have been detained. Upon reaching the Bridge, I went inside as the AI was letting out a Doctor. Upon seeing the ISD, I made my intentions clear that the IPC was to be released from ISD custody. Unity further stated that if he was released, they'd be spared. Either during or shortly after stating our demands, the Warden left the bridge, running with Unity cuffed in his hands . Ignoring all concept of fear ( He was human ) and the safety of those on the bridge, Non-ISD personnel included. I fired a shot to make my intentions clear, but missed and hit Unity. The Warden continued to leave the Bridge. At this point, The ISD and I engaged in a firefight. I doubt I killed anyone, and once the ISD decided to flee from my location, I broke off and went for the brig. From there the Durard was ion'd as expected and I removed the Cadet using it from play with about 5-6 bullets to the chest. After this incident, I took shelter in a local tunnel and the round continued with other things . None seeming to be linked to this complaint, so i'll avoid going into more detail unless asked. 

 Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? I did not ahelp about this. However Unity's player did. I believe arrow issued a warning/note. I wanted to file a complaint as this act was beyond excusable in my opinion. ISD should not act without fear, or endanger others. As well as the player had ruined what could have been some intersting neogoiations with the two IPC's.  

Approximate Date/Time: Date: 06/18/19 Time: Around 3-4pm EST. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Hello - Player of Unity here! Allow me to add from my point of view.

I started the round not knowing who the other tators were (obviously) and so decided after seeing a contract that I would have been reprogrammed by a synthetic movement, tasked with getting the captain to make an announcement before killing them and leaving a note on their corpse (they were a skrell, which kind of aided with the narrative).

After blowing up fuel tanks in a couple of different areas around maint as a distraction for security, I went for a meeting with the captain and had a lovely scenario with them. It was calm and collected from both sides and the player of the captain expressed how they enjoyed it. Security moved in, Unity dropped a few pepperspray grenades but were otherwise detained fairly peacefully after surrendering.

This is where things get a little fucky.

The warden is fully kitted out for combat and begins to drag me around after I have been cuffed, I begin to announce to the station that I completed my objective of killing the captain, of which my radio gets ordered to be taken away. I find this fair - as they do not want crew to become panicked or whatever. However what happened next shook me to the bone. Shadow and I had not organised this - so I was happy to find a Durand arriving to save me, none the less piloted by an IPC which added into the 'synthetic movement narrative. A laser cannon is pointed at the warden, and my release is ordered.

The warden decides to completely ignore the Durand, grab me and begin to walk towards the mech. I believe another warning is issued, however the warden just sprint-drags me off to the security wing with no RP of any sort. It really spoiled the round not for me, but for shadow and the other parties involved I believe. Once I am taken to the security wing I am full stripped apart from my uniform and tossed into solitary. From then on I am essentially left there for the rest of the round.

Luckily I manged to beg the AI for release and finally got to RP a little bit...but the warden powergamed hard and removed me from the round by placing me in an area where I could not communicate or do anything. It sucked.

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Heya - I played Maki this round as a security officer. I'll go ahead and give my point of view from sec as it relates to the durand.

After we stormed the office, Maki being shot I believe once or twice by the energy pistol Unity had, we went out with Unity in tow. I had them grabbed since I was the only one who had internals and was thus unaffected by the pepper gas grenades.  She pulled his radio off after the HoS told her to, and removed anything that might be dangerous or able to carry something dangerous off them. The warden eventually took them from my grasp, which I didn't find problematic since it was his job to handle prisoners anyways and Maki was a bit hurt and looking to get that suit off. As this happened I saw the Durand pull up, fully kitted with a laser cannon. Maki immediately backs behind a wall, and calls out over the radio that the Durand has a laser cannon. Vertgo demands the release of Unity, and the Warden bolts about ten seconds later, completely ignoring the laser cannon. Vertgo gives just about every member of sec a couple shots as a taste, and them along with the doctors and roboticist who had shown up to repair Unity flee into the captain's office, the AI bolting the door shut behind them. Maki runs south, get shot twice and lays down in surrender since she is cornered, after which Vertgo runs off to chase the warden.

I find it really difficult to believe the warden didn't see the cannon, or hear Maki's warning. Security was in no way equipped to deal with an exosuit at the time. We had explicitly only been issued carbines to avoid scaring people since we were still on blue, and it was only one perpetrator that we knew of.

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Hi, after looking over this, we see a staff action was already taken against them by arrow for this incident. As such, we will not be pushing for another, as it was already handled.

This will be locked in around 24 hours.

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