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  1. I was in this round! There was this whole thing where a bunch of us were confronting Corvo, who was trapped in the bridge, and then the agent turned into a highlander. Not all of us, just the one. It was pretty dumb. There was another highlander at roundend somewhat recently, but the only I remember was the seventeenth of February.
  2. zuhzir asks about your tragic backstory and pats you on the back asmr

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      Senpai Jackboot

      Jawdat quietly reads the manifesto of the PRA to you ASMR

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      Denisov loses all his money playing cards with you but laughs it off and still has a good time ASMR

  3. zuhzir follows you around all shift with a vuvuzela asmr

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  5. *scape santa playing on repeat*

  6. happy winter solstice you fucking memes

  7. they made doc ock hot

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      Wtf she's like 40. Hobo Peter Parker is the real waifu

  8. hey everypony just checking in to remind you that krystals is better than white castle

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      First of all, how fucking dare you

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      > Everypony

      > 2018

      please get with the times, Nursie.

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      please get with the site address, Skull.



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      Interests: scarecrow, jonathan crane, master of fear, lord of despair, duke of dread, prince of palpitations, savant of screams, marquis of the macabre


  10. I like this. It's fun. This is usually enough but this is the forums so I have to actually elucidate my thoughts for once in my life. While the whole "NSS Aurora is the best research station! Simply the most advanced!" thing certainly has its charm it's always felt a little empty. A little forced, like we were making ourselves believe even though it couldn't possibly be true, because there are so many other things the station should be capable of, mechanically or otherwise, but we're just not! We're not the best, we've been lying to ourselves! Upsilon fills that empty spot just right, in addition to being a catalyst for oodles of conflict for roleplay. Also the name is great, it's perfect, do we all agree on that? Yes? Awesome, let's keep it.
  11. I admit that I've become very endeared to this character very quickly. They're a little spoiled, they've faced a little bit of defeat before, they went to the planet I wrote - and you've even written in the importance of hydroponics farming! You have a very well-written frog. Application accepted. And I'm really sorry for the late reply.
  12. That's pretty acceptable. Nanotrasen is without a doubt one of the largest employers in Tau Ceti. I think you've made some great choices in writing this character, especially one that's going to be seeing just how close humans can be with their synthetic counterparts. I look forward to seeing how fear plays a part of Sqrlesh Squish's life. Application accepted.
  13. Vyyal will be getting their hands on some "forbidden fruit" very shortly, in any case, now that they're among humans. Your replies leave me itching even more to see just how they interact with the culture shock that is Tau Ceti. I'm excited to see them in action. Application accepted.
  14. It's no stretch for a skrell to want a piece of human action authentic human culture. I'm excited to see how Vyyal's experiences develop them as a character. Couple of questions. What are Vyyal's feelings towards synthetics, as a young skrell? Secondly, how does Vyyal feel about humans themselves, not their creations? Are there feelings of disdain, or wariness, or perhaps admiration? And of course, the application will be up for about a week to collect comments and critique. [mention]Lualyrr[/mention]
  15. This application reads very well. You have a great eye for detail, I can easily tell you've read the wiki pages, and I'm also loving your ironic angle of a skrellian underdog. Just a few questions, as per the status quo. What made Sqrlesh Squish choose Nanotrasen, specifically? Being a younger skrell, how does Sqrlesh Squish see artificial intelligence? Are they more lax than an older skrell would be? Unlike the warring on Adhomai, Glorsh isn't an ongoing crisis. Even though there are still survivors who remember, it's long since passed, and all that's left of Glorsh now is the imprint it left on society, and the consequences that come with that. It is, however, absolutely necessary that you reflect these consequences in designing your character. As always, your application will be up for about a week to collect comments and critique. Don't feel sheepish about advertising it! [mention]Hocka[/mention]
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