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Ioraks' Iorakian Cloak

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Byond key: Geeves

Discord key: Geeves#8863

Character Name: Kuhserze Ioraks

Item name: Iorakian Cape

Item function(s): The item will function as a regular poncho does, being able to be equipped in the suit slot, and also attached to other items.

Item description: "A tough leather cape, with neat colours of the Ioraks clan threaded through the seams."

Item appearance: image.png.54803b07b14e2f73c76f0aeeead4e1bc.png

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Ioraks is a fashionista, and has many times referred to Dominian cloaks as being "Good looking, but not nearly Moghean enough." He would generally wear this cape around to show off his pride in his clan. Obviously, a cape isn't safe for a Chief Engineer to wear while working with heavy machinery, and as such will be doffed when preparing to work, just as you do with a departmental jacket when preparing to put on a voidsuit.

How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please):

Ioraks went to a Sinta tailor that had come to Tau and settled on Biesel, and had the cape made.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please):

While there are Moghean items in-game, none of the wearables really show off the clan pride that Unathi are expected to have. This cape would lead people to ask: "Why do you have a cape?" Which could lead into the story of why Kuhserze had this cape made, what it means to him, what his clan means to him, etcetera.

To Ioraks, his clan is the most important thing he has left in Tau. He abandoned Moghes due to the crackdown of the Sk'akh, the nukes, the violence in the wasteland and the scrutiny his type of Sinta would face. Then spent years pooling money to send back to his clan to get them out of Uueoa-Esa and into Tau. With that mission now accomplished, he decided to get this cape to celebrate.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?:

Same as above.



Additional Comments: Big thanks to CakeIs(Not)Ossim for allowing me to steal his sprite and modify it for my needs, and SmallGreenAnt for making the north view on-mob sprite.

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Going to go ahead and accept this, it is very nice to see cultures like this collaberate together to help drive off spec-ism towards it and a unathi wearing a dominian style cloak shows this off wonderfuly. However I need a DMI for the sprites sent to Alb

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