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New Record consoles.

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So this have been a on going WIP thing for a while now. This thread is for feature requests and feedback. Following things are planned (to be added):

  • Removal of consoles instead of modular computers with appropriate programs.
  • Printing of records.

Test merge is soon-ish.

In summary: it makes new fancy record consoles that are fancy and stuff. Also reworks background stuff. To be more robust.




Related PR for code literate people: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/4878

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1 hour ago, Nekonyan123 said:

sometimes I need to reconnect because all the UIs won't work.

It would be helpful if you were more specific what is broken. If you can reproduce issue on other VueUi UIs (such as voting window, faxes, photocopiers, atmospheric consoles CV and turret controls), feel free to post issue on GitHub issue page. It's very important that if issue is with VueUi, that it would be resolved. As it's forward way for any new UIs or remakes for things.



Also NOTE: records are nolonger on server, being active.

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In the old consoles, the feature I used most that I missed on here was the ability to see a person's role before entering their record. I was also able to sort them alphabetically by role instead of character name. Without these features I find the console to be a bit of a hassle to navigate when I'm looking for a person in a role and don't know their name. I know the crew manifest is a thing, but in a real work environment I'd feel dumb pulling up my phone to find information I should be able to gave on the computer I'm working at.

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