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[Accepted] Cnaym's IPC whitelist app

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BYOND Key:Cnaym
Character Names: Spike Barnes, River Frye, Liara Fei, Julia Barnes, August Barnes, Kaiser / Scrubber, Lucien Grace, Zofia Arika
Species you are applying to play: IPC
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:
I've played enough rounds as Kaiser / Scrubber to feel comfortable roleplaying a mashine with some personality. People kept asking me to write an IPC app for Kaiser which in my opinion would ruin him and i had this other concept in the back of my head for a really long time now. I'd love to try it and maybe after getting the grasp with IPCs expand my roster further. This will be my first "alien" whitelist app since i feel most comfortable with IPC lore and design. I also see this as a chance to play a mashine without the lawset given, since those that are given sometimes hinder or block further RP in certain areas. Kaiser for example has some crewmember that it values but due to the bound nature and high productivity it can't invest time into them.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:
Usually I'd have to say the complete different reaction to danger and threats, the synthetic nature of their behavior, the harassment by crewmembers and the different handling of situations like EVA and the need to recharge instead of eating. But this would be the most standard boring excuse of RP ever so... the ability to give an outside perspective to humanity. Now hear me out on this one because it's an odd one that has haunted me for a long time now. Psychologists and counselors are always in danger of getting attached to patients, failing to view their problem from an exterior perspective due to empathiy. A mashine simulating this would not have this problem and therefore be a good idea in regard to this problem while creating a lot of others due to the failure to understand certain nuances of human interaction and emotions. I know some IPC players just don't attempt to make their characters understanding or for some reason just make them "get it" (which bogles my mind even more). I'm not yet sure where this would lead ICly so i'd love to play this out on the Aurora.

Character Name:Aedis
Please provide a short backstory for this character
Dr. Emilia Strobel was one of the most valued, although excentric, creators of artificial intelligence. Her last public project sold to Nanotrassen was her overly productive and able stationbound jokingly named Kaiser after the roman emperor Caeser. It was never meant to lead anyone no matter how much it knew and could do. Always fated to aid and support without any own will or chance to rise up from it's place of servitude. Having earned enough to retire Emilia slowly disappeared from the public eye, first teaching a new generation of creators, before finally disappearing from the spotlight altogether. Only a handful of her favorite students knew about her last project which she would work on until she died of age. This project was Aedis named after the ancient aedis Cereris, guards of the ceres temple. When asked about it she would jokingly refer to it as everything Kaiser was lacking but even her best students couldn't make sense of what Aedis was supposed to become. After her funeral all of her belongings where spread among the remaining family members with one last oddity occurring. The now ownerless IPC known as Aedis was invited to the gathering and listened intently to the last will of it's creator. The last two items where two letters and a massive folder. One for Aedis and one for Nanotrassen. When Aedis opened the letter and read the single sentence it started a lengthy reboot sequence displaying only two words on it's screen: "Awaiting Codephrase."

Aedis was shipped to Mendell City along with the remaining letter. Once opened by the Chief Research Director Rook Keller a wide grin spread across his face as he began reading: "To my longtime benefactor and personal friend. If you are reading this i have departed on my last journey. As part of my last will you have received my masterpiece Aedis. Take good care of it and one day it shall take good care of us. It's however not made to serve the physical needs of your company. This one was made to serve the mind. All minds." After reviewing all the files in the folder, reviewing and extensive maintenance work on the positronic itself the codephrase was finally entered. "About time i get to work." followed by a quick "Where do i get assigned to?" After another year of reviewing it, it was finally allowed to work aboard the NSS Aurora. First as counselor, later as psychologist. As an owned IPC it was reviewed after every shift and had to give detailed logs and conclusions to all experienced situations.

What do you like about this character?
The idea to have a counselor that is an IPC opens them up to counseling, too. I mean they all have questions about organics and there are many conflicts on the station that could use another external view to get resolved peacefully. Also the idea that an IPC was made to tend to the minds and maybe even lead people through rough times. A concept i had in my mind for a long time now and am really interested to play out ICly. Apart from that an IPC helping with trauma for example is really fitting in those advanced times. It will lead to many interesting situations.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?
8/10... it has become a known joke that i get shot in the face while typing how my legs shake when aiming a gun ;)
Not sure what feedback my concept will receive. I would be happy about detailed reviews and honest opinions. A well written -1 helps me out more than nothing. Thank you in advance and as i always say: "ily all :3"

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Cnaym is an incredibly friendly and well rounded role-player. I will always appreciate their willingness to rope me into the conflict when I first started on the server (you bastard). Having RPed plenty with Kaiser as of late, I am also confident they could easily roleplay an IPC.

I enjoyed reading your character's backstory. There's something fascinating about an IPC working in a typically emotion/trauma saturated role and yet being synthetic all the same. Nonetheless I am curious to see how they will be played.


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I've always wanted to know who the player of Kaiser is! When we met a few days ago OOC it was super fun to talk about all the different situations we all got in. You were super nice to me in the game as Kaiser and in the Discord when I asked you for help after I deleted my application!

I know that if you get accepted you'd make a great addition to the IPC gang since you RP so bloody well as Kaiser. 

Big +1!

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Kaiser is a fantastic bound, in honesty. I have never seen you do anything short of uphold roleplay expectations for it at any given point, even in times of levity. Though, I'd carefully watch its attachments to crew and try to moderate that yourself. This leads me to believe you're more than capable of playing an IPC, and this application does mostly everything to solidify that fact. The backstory itself doesn't - it instead says that you understand how bonkers complicated it is for a single person to make an IPC, shipping their "life's work" equivalent to Rook Keller himself. These things are usually made on very complicated assembly lines far more capable than Human hands, and this backstory demonstrates that without mentioning it. Furthermore, you made a clear effort to divert from the norm, placing the Aurora as a "first step" deal rather than the ultimate goal - as well as the things unrelated to the backstory.

Application accepted.

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