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'Bear is a menace' Tajara Application

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BYOND Key: A_Big_Bear

Character Names: Eric Bayer, Lachlan Wallace, Sarah Nievan, Mark Hundsley, Gabe Sinclaire, John Grey(Deleted), Jetsam

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Charcoal

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

The Tajara have been a race that drew me from the moment I entered this server, with a unique approach to the typical ‘cat-person’ and a very deep lore-set to accommodate them. Their story as a people being that of war-torn people, split between ideology, time, and even by the color of their fur, is without a doubt my favourite of all the whitelisted species. With a such a vast world and three well detailed factions, the Tajara are a treasure trove for characters that can be diversified across the station which is something I very much hope to do in time.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Something that is made very clear, is that at their very core, they are not human. Uncomfortably hot in our own normal ‘room temperature’, their bodies are adapted for a completely different environment and the evolutionary path their species took is very apparent. Covered in fur, and resting on digitigrade feet, the Tajara stand very different, using their tails for balance. Nimble and lithe, with clawed fingers and sharp fangs, Tajara have strong resemblances to the predatory ancestors lingering in even their eyes which see in the dark where others cannot.

But their differences do not stop at only the physical. Their expressions, behaviors, and mannerisms are very alien to that of a human. For instance, their approaches to relationship and contact would seem prudish and almost silly to the Biesellian’s eye. Their very approach to speech maintaining a third person’s reference to themselves except around those they trust the most, and then quite obviously the rolling of their R’s. Along with the base differences with every Tajaran, there can be a plethora more confusing an outsider depending on the region they come from and the side they’ve chosen or the lack thereof as others remain neutral or ever-changing nomads on such a war-torn planet. With such a diverse mold, it can be quite easy to create very contrasting Tajaran that bewilder an outsider’s take on them.


Character Name: Yahir Na’Zirah

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Born on 11/26/2439 in a small village just west, outside of Mal’Jor to a family of Zhan-Khazan farmers, with two older brothers, Brahim and Dastgir. Yahir was exposed to the aftermath of war from the start with a family that was no stranger to the conflicts that had brewed around the area during the First Revolution. The people were tired, hungry, and lived in conditions that was almost considered squalor. Yet, despite it all, they were close knit, taking heart in each other and the bonds of family and the community around them as the ground tilled harder and harder under the ever heavier yoke of the government in the years post the First revolution and the combat that had been seen during the struggle for Mal’Jor’s defenses.

However, just as soon as the community had begun to rebuild, war broke out again once more across the lands only months before Yahir’s twelfth birthday. With the coming of war, the eldest of his brothers Brahim, set out to join what would become the Adhomai Liberation Army. They received letters from him over the course of three years with but a few short trips to home as they heard of his exploits. Grandiose and clearly exaggerated, they left an impression on Yahir as he came of age. With pride he watched his brother set off. He did not return. Remaining to tend the farm, his second brother Dastgir, departed to join the front with the ALA as his brother before him. In the years since, Dastgir had grown quiet, confusing Yahir.

However, in 2459, Dastgir returned to their village to stay and so Yahir took up his brother’s rifle leaving the village behind with his parent’s blessings to join the ALA. Filled with images of glory and great conquest left by his eldest brother, Yahir was not prepared for the horrors of war that he would face there, learning quickly war was but a gilded slaughter. Sticking to guerrilla tactics Yahir watched his handiwork firsthand, leaving images that haunt him even to this day. On third of February, the haunted screams broke Yahir, turning him to abandon his post of his troop’s watch camp, slipping away into the shadows during his watch. It was to his horror that he learned said abandonment cost them all as they were overrun silently during the night of the absent guard. ((This was not a slow change of mind that led up to this, but I’d rather not give away all the key details of the character, feel free to DM for specifics!))

Knowing he could not turn home, he cried out to Ma'ta'ke, feeling only rejection. And so Yahir turned to the smugglers in Creves port, fleeing before his cowardice could be truly unraveled, feeling it better the thought he too had perished in battle like his brother before him. Taking a great debt to secure passage, he set his sights on the corporation he had heard of, NanoTrasen in hopes for a new life, far away from the war with a chance for a better beginning from the humble origins of mining. Speaking with the contractors, Yahir arranged a contract to begin a career in mining off the promise of hard work and a stable, if extremely meager, source of income.  Signing on the dotted line, he shipped out with but the clothes on his back to begin his certification courses…

What do you like about this character?

Yahir is a character I’ve been working on for a while, piecing him to the lore as I read it, expanding on him with each turn. There’s honestly a lot more I’d like to add to the backstory but to keep it from being a text well it’s easier to go into it here. The goal for him is not to be the edgy thousand-yard stare war veteran, but rather, a man running from his past and bad decisions while clinging to hope that there is something better for him in all of this. A musician who cannot play despite trying his best to learn and an isolationist yearning to replace the void left by self-exiling from his community, the character is an emotional roller coaster.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?


I’d like to ask you judge my app on the app itself, the character proposed, and the knowledge base exhibited. Not my previous characters or OOC interactions with myself good and bad. I’m currently hoping to replace my old main, Bayer with a new long-term character and this concept is honestly one I’m very hopeful for. To be clear, yes I know there are many who not a fan of John Grey and many who are. I’m not looking for memes in this whitelist nor jokes to be played into my RP, but rather, a character I can really invest in and connect with again. Thank you.

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I guess I'll write something here so it's not so lonely.

I honestly recommend looking at Eric Bayer's history, especially his involvement with Copper. When Bear wants to make a REALLY good character, he can and will do so.


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Some questions before I decide on this application:

1 - What are Yahir's opinion on the conflict happening in Adhomai? Which side does he supports, and why?

2 - If he believes in the Ma'ta'ke pantheon, which god he worships and why?

3 - What exactly are his objectives with moving to Tau Ceti? What are his plans for the future?

Now, some small corrections;

It is Crevus instead of Creves.

If by Ma'ta'ke, you mean the deity instead of the religion, it would be Mata'ke, you can read more here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Ma'ta'ke_Gods

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What is sad is that the typo on Crevus was caught when I had someone proof read it for me too :c Thought I saved the correction. And it was supposed to read "..cried out to the Ma'ta'ke.." signifying he cried out to all of them during his soul searching. Sorry!

1) Yahir is tired of the conflict. He was an idealist as he began, however, partaking in it has shaken him to his core. That being said,  at current date his ideals now align with the National Adhomai Worker's Party and he still sides with the DPRA especially with freedom and self-determination being the center of their ideology as well as the goal of dismantling the cast system.

2) He believes in the Ma'ta'ke. His family, traditionally, claimed Mata'ke as their patreon and so growing up Yahir did the same though he was not an avid or dutiful worshipper. However, in his current time of turmoil he has found himself truly searching his beliefs and has been praying to Marryam for her wisdom.and guidance.

3) His primary goal in Tau Ceti is a fresh start and a new life. Terrified that his desertion had been or will be discovered accompanied with the guilt of what he had done, fleeing to Tau Ceti without a trace (while extremely to leave his family and village behind) seemed the best option to him. Taking a new career path, he isn't sure what the long term future has in store for him and so he focuses on the pursuit of life and happiness once more.

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Sad thing you don't do Bayer anymore, but I get why. 

Impressed that you added John Grey only to show that you got rid of him. Hope you find a character you love again and enjoy the good RP that you are able to deliver.

I like the overall concept of your app. Anything to not see another comrade cat tbh. Hiding identity and starting a new life not sure how badly one fucked up or if something bigger was watching out for them that day will be interesting.

Only issue I see is the fact that you want to start out with mining, which means EVA gear. I'd prefere to see you inside first as a cargo tech for more RP instead of chipping away in the dark, but that's your choice really. I've seen that you can mine with Lachlan so I guess you enjoy the relax time as much as I do. Good luck with your app.


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