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Show your sprites!


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What is this about?

This thread is basically a way to show off your spriting talent, and people to get ideas for custom items. You can show off anything really, links to threads with sprites, your own work, other people's work and all that fun stuff!


1. Don't discuss anything here, this is just to show sprites.

2. If you are showing other people's work, credit it.

3. Only things that can be used in game, in SS13

4. Maintain a level of quality, it doesn't have to be super duper amazing, just keep it to a respectable level of quality.

5. No erotic or excessively gory stuff.


Nienhaus' sprite thread, full of delicious yummy sprites.


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I was bored and decided to recreate the airlocks from Dead Space (sec is P-Sec's doors from Extraction) for SS13. Looking for criticism/ideas/who knows.

Medical, Command, Botany/Maintenance, Security



Idle animation.



Open animation.



Even more bored so I painstakingly made a gif of the door + the headers over them.


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