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[Accepted]Dadlantern's Diona Application

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BYOND Key: DeadLantern 

Character Names: Tyanna Tozi

Species you are applying to play: Diona

 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this race: Like all other species, I knew nothing before reading the wiki page on them. I always assumed it was quite boring. I found the opposite. The amount of opportunities one can have while playing a Diona... and the lack of exploration. Almost no one plays Diona, and that is a disservice.

 Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: It'd be easier to state what stays the same than what changes. But alas, I'll list the differences. Diona are incredibly intelligent, but don't start out that way. They first start out as a little nymph, curious creatures birthed from a Diona "egg". They want knowledge, light, and radiation. They can clump together to form a Cyclopes, which usually takes 6 nymphs. This is a conglomerate creature that works together as one entity. Diona grow in nymphs and size over time as the collect more individuals. They can even grow to the size of a planet. They can absorb the DNA of others and learn their language--they are cryptic and cool. They are truly xenos.

Character Name: The Drinking of Blue Blood

Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs)

The egg from which this nymph hatched is ancient. Seeds were dispersed in the empty vacuum in space by a random Diona. It floated in space until it latched onto a comet. It had all the neccessary materials for a proper birth--water, carbon, oxygen. After the nymph was birthed, the only emotion it felt was loneliness.

It was lonely for some time, without gaining intellect or friends. Luckily, the nymph was in the vicinity of a large star, which gave the necessary nutrition needed for survival. The nymph waited their for an age until a Vox Arkship happened upon this nymph in the void of space. It was large, about 100 pounds, bloated by radiation. The Vox took it upon the arkship. Culture shock would be an understatement--taken from the empty void, it lusted to discover the things that was shown to it. It latched onto a new being, a Vox, and drank delicious blood.

The Vox were entertained by this curious beast--they actually had collected a few before, and were well used to the expanding knowledge and curiosity of the nymphs, even when it led to blood sucking.

6 other nymphs were collected and thrown into a small cage together. But they were not separate for long. The Vox found, in about 4 hours, a Cyclopes was born. Finding that the nutrition on the ship was lacking compared to the radiation of a star, it was always found next to windows. The Vox, a little scared of the being, still saw a use from it. The Diona, now christened as "The Drinking of Blue Blood", was used as a body shield. 

The arkship was efficient, and the Cyclopes was used efficiently as well. The myth of a creature tall as a ship's roof sieging research stations spread around the sector that the Arkship operated in.

A Skrell research ship found that a certain Arkship was orbiting the solar system they were in. However, it was unmoving and seemingly out of fuel. The Skrell dispatched a craft to investigate the Arkship. Before entering, they noticed the alarmingly high radiation levels in the ship. Breaching the exterior revealed the horrifying truth--The walls of the ship were completely collapsed, and one single Cyclopes monitored a Supermatter Core in the lounging room. The Vox crew--gone.

The exact thing that happened to the Vox remained unknown. The Diona was secured and brought to Jargon. The case attracted some notoriety among researchers, but the Clyclopes never spoke in more than a sentence or two. It only cared about if they were getting enough matter and radiation. It preferred biological matter over all else, and was used to extreme levels of radiation.

Now on Jargon with nowhere to go, it acclimated quickly. It immediately sought out a job that put it next to a star. The Drinking of Blue Blood found an NT station that fit that bill well.

What do you like about this character?  

Just read it man. I've never made a character backstory like this, and I really like how vague it is and how I can expand on it.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Notes: ok

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Such a cute story, so interesting too! Did you take inspiration from the Halo franchise? I love it! 

You don't have to answer anything here it's just a cluster of ideas I'm throwing out for you:

Each nymph in the body is an individual, what keeps them all together, do they have differences? The thing keeping them together can be that they're just really great friends or something, or grown from the same singular nymph, but you stated they were all from somewhere else. Maybe what keeps them together is their desire to not be doing nothing, maybe they're happy not to be in the empty vastness of space, bored and alone...

OK i'm very tired but I hope you think about a lot of your characters things and emotions, Diona CAN be emotional like humans, and so if you want to use that you can as well. Love, loss, and Halo.

Someone will get to reviewing this tomorrow 👌 I just wanted to write some things, they're not coherent just ideas.

+1 waiting for Yonni

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"Those who built this place knew what they wrought."

Yes, I did take inspiration from the Halo Franchise, how did you know?!

Anyway, only unifying characteristic is that they still think the empty vastness of space is their true home, and they long to be close to it.

Other than that, I imagined the nymphs had various differences. The nymph focused on in the story loves the blue blood, even admires it. It was the blood that gave him knowledge after all, and it thinks that the Vox contain some noble knowledge, even if they do unnonble things.

The other nymphs have a range of opinions from admiration to loathing. Another unifying characteristic of the nymphs is that they all hunger for mass. After being in space so long with nothing to consume... the ecstasy of consumption may overtake them a little.

I could go in depth on every single Nymph's story, but I'd prefer not to do that right now, as that takes a lot of time and it would be better to find my footing in this character ICly rather than deciding all of its traits now.

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After discussing it, we've decided to accept your app! It's fairly good.

If you're interested, there's also a dionae discord under the affiliated_groups page on the main discord.

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