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Awesome Ideas that will NEVER be implemented


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Not really appropriate for the suggestions forum, since that's a place for (mostly) serious ideas. Let's hear all the zany, interesting, semi-serious-but-totally-never-going-to-happen ideas here for fun.

I'll even start!

Let's combine Medbay and the brig!


Security beating prisoners? Injured officers? A riot in the prison? NEVER AGAIN will security or medical have to deal with that LONG AS HELL run from one department to another!

Troublesome patients? Doctors ODing on mindbreaker? A mutiny/cult in medical? THROW 'EM ACROSS THE HALL AND LET THE REDSHIRTS HANDLE THEM.

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You'd only need one bomb to take out two of the most important departments with that.


Hey hey, no dissing ideas in this thread. This is about awesome things that will never happen. We don't need to explain why they never happen.


Security's so isolated from the rest of the station because it's a high-security area to make security officers feel useful, not surprisingly.

Fixed that for you. :)

Also, security is by no means as vital as engineering and medical. They are a distant third in "Most useful", and personally I rate Cargo as #3 over security. (Seriously, cargo is ridiculously important. It's probably the most underrated department. Running a few build maps has made me realize how ridiculously necessary supply is when you don't have /everything/ at your fingertips or in storage.)


I suggest that we be able to put mice and lizards into the cloner for biomass. As they aren't butchered yet, they should be worth twice as much as a slab of meat when disposed of in this manner!

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