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[Accepted] Borya's Cute Lizard Appication

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BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer
Character Names: All these bad boys and gals.

Species you are applying to play: Unathi
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Green...-ish? RGB 23/78/44 to be exact.
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yesss.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:
Just like any other race in our setting, they have a different feeling about them that makes me want to play one, as well. Somewhat reminiscent of, perhaps, Edo period Japan, the Unathi have a lot of ideas for a player to play around with, especially with all these recents additions for Unathi outside the Hegemony, i.e. Aut'akh, Grim Compact, and the Wasteland factions. I've had a lot of interesting concepts swimming in my mind for Unathi, but the recent addition to the Unathi lore by Geeves finally made me apply.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:
Aside from all the physiological and biological differences, sociologically, Unathi are far more bound by tradition than humans. The most apparent examples of this are the code of honor(or the Star Code for the pirates),the various religions tied to different Unathi groups, their feudal society consisting of various social classes, and so on.
And on the topic of religion, Unathi are also heavily religious, be it that they follow the Th'akh, the Sk'akh and the various heresies. Frankly, despite me finding it hard to make religious character as I myself am not a religious person, the well-written religions of Unathi and Tajara are worth investing in for me and I have recently overcome this difficulty of mine, so I hope to utilize these religious elements well in my characters.
Oh, and, well, I guess the unathi history also creates a unique perspective for them, you know, considering the contact war and all.

Character Name: Reshessi Dorviza
Please provide a short backstory for this character:
It's kinda lengthy, so... spoiler.


Reshessi Ezkalen's memories of her life before the Atomic Exchange are blurry. Living on the outskirts of Sahltyr, an area fortunately spared from a direct nuclear strike, she was but a three year-old hatchling, starving and left with almost nothing and noone, nowhere to go. The life here was rough; there was not a lot of food to go by, and not a lot of places to get it from. Her life, despite the conditions, went on. She might have not survived if not for Skaln Tkarska, the man who took pity on the child and have taken her into his family's care. Much later, in 2448, as the war approached its end, so did the Hegemonic army approached Sahltyr in their campaign to reach Darakath. Once the news have reached the family, they, along with Reshessi, have left for the desert, with little prior preparation for the journey.

The life in the desert, naturally, was rough: they had to use what little supplies they had taken sparingly, and there was no knowing which areas are irradiated, aside from the animal corpses that have died from the exposure to radiation. These trying months of going through the dangerous wasteland with no clear point of destination have devastated the group of Sinta. All of them were starving, thirsty, and suffering from varying degrees of radiation sickness. The hatchlings of the Tkarska clan fell first: the daughter, then the son. And so only three were left. Be it by the will of the Spirits or luck, they were saved, as they have found a settlement of Unathi from the Dorviza clan, the inhabitants of which would soon be some of the founders of the prospering community of the Oasis Clans.

It was not until the year of 2450, after the end of the war, that the first Dionae gestalt was found near the settlement. It was the key point in the lives of these people(although they have not understood that yet), all of whom were running short on supplies. Once they have realized that the plant-like creature was sentient, they approached it, and found themselves surprised as it spoke to them in Sinta'Azaziba. Reshessi, unlike others, found herself fascinated with the creature earlier than others. The presence of the creature soothed her mind, distraught by the horrors of the past. She gave the gestalt some of her blood, in secret from others. The Unathi were cautious, but ultimately decided to trust the tree-like amalgamation of little creatures called dionae, which have claimed in the conversation between the two parties to live off the radiation in the area, purifying the lands in the process. This has pushed the settlers to try and find fertile soil, and so they have set out, for the last time, to find their perfect little having in the middle of the Wasteland, with the gestalt by the name of Drifting Across the Sands leading their path.

With the settlement in its final form, all seemed to be well, and in 2451 the Interstellar aid Corps have reached out to the people of the Wasteland, setting up camps in various settlements of the Oasis Clans, with Reshessi's among their numbers. This has allowed her to finally get her radiation sickness treated, but upon being diagnosed, it was found out that she would most likely remain infertile for the rest of her life without radical measures being taken. The news of this, of course, lead to the drop of her social status, being neglected by most of the settlers except when she was asked to help with a task fit for a female. This rather unfair treatment lead Reshessi to spend a lot of her time with the Dionae gestalt and the IAC volunteers, which was one of her first steps to dedicating her life to medicine.

It did not take long, however, for the threat of the Wastelanders to show itself. Soon after the Oasis clans have established a stable community, the Gawgaryn have started raiding their settlements, leaving them devastated. Reshessi's settlement was among the first targets. There was not much left after the raid, and, among other things, the gestalt was kidnapped. This has served as the final push towards Reshessi's decision to leave for better places. A few years later after little progress has occured to recovering from the consequences of the first raid, she had struck a deal with the IAC volunteers in the settlement. She left with them one night on the ship they hired for transportation. While working as a crewmember for the captain of the ship, Reshessi was educated and learned from the volunteers. But now that she has left the ship and its crew, she has found herself on Biesel, where she must survive on her own in the alien environment.

What do you like about this character? Despite sharing some of the themes with another character of mine, a Tajara IAC paramedic, I have worked on taking Reshessi in a different direction. She has suffered extensively through her life, and the injustices against her, despite being the norm in the society she was a part of, did not sit with her and she took action. She is still young and I'd love to see where she will end up through the interactions with the crew on Aurora, especially the Unathi.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I dunno, I'm a pretty cool bean if I do say so myself, but there's always room for improvement. I've stated the various problems I see in my RP and I still believe it's my slowness in writing and minor unwillingness to be the initiator in interactions.

Notes: I have two more definite concepts, albeit probably rather generic, for unathi characters in my mind that I will probably make shortly after I get the whitelist, considering that I have heavily considered using these concepts to apply at a much earlier point. Also give me love kthx. Also i love geeves and he is great kthx

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"Man, fuck Moghes" is always an interesting character arc and I am usually interested to see where people go with it - especially female Unathi. Picking 'infertile female' puts you just like a hair above guwan pretty much, and not many people choose to play out the resulting shame and ostracism that would come with.

+1 since I'm confident you can handle these themes and I wanna see where you go with it. Lizard gang, we run this station.

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Lizards stink but I trust Borya to play one well, and he's given us a pretty interesting backstory other than STRONG LIZARD WARRIOR GET SPEAR AND KILL THE OTHER TRIBE. I like it, and it has my


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I think this character concept is cool, but what a lot of the "untouchable" alien players do is end up roleplaying the typical "I DONT NEED NO MAN" troupe, with no regard for what their social status was, or is. Do you have any kind of little quips in mind that would show this side of your character? I think that this kind of thing is best if someone can gleam it from not a lot of interactions.

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9 minutes ago, Datamatt said:

I think this character concept is cool, but what a lot of the "untouchable" alien players do is end up roleplaying the typical "I DONT NEED NO MAN" troupe, with no regard for what their social status was, or is. Do you have any kind of little quips in mind that would show this side of your character? I think that this kind of thing is best if someone can gleam it from not a lot of interactions.

Yeahhh, I am aware of that, and this is something that I wanted to tread carefully with. I do not plan to play a man-hating lizard woman--if I wanted to do that, I'd have Reshessi grow up in the Queendom. The idea here is that Reshessi, who has been treated equally in times of distress(the poor life in the outskirts of Sahltyr and the initial journey through the Wasteland), actually finds herself almost as miserable as back then, despite having a seemingly stable life and all the necessary means of survival. The decision to leave for Tau Ceti was influenced by Drifting Across the Sands and the volunteers, both of whom she has spent a lot of time with, preferring their company to that of the other Sinta, as well as her coming to a conclusion that she can not have a happy future on Moghes, seeing how everything always seems to be going in a downward spiral(whether she goes, trouble follows).

I do not exactly have quips in mind, besides, perhaps, the fact that she might feel ashamed to talk about her past-- and, considering that Unathi prefer to be addressed by their clan name rather than their first name, she might be hesitant to respond and/or frown when she is addressed as Dorviza, since she essentially abandoned her clan for selfish reasons. This is another idea that I would like to explore with her-- the place of egoism in Unathi.
Going back to the "I DON'T NEED NO MAN" trope, I hope to avoid doing that--I have intentionally made it so that Reshessi starts off as more or less traditional and would act appropriate to her social status, keeping her opinion to herself so as to avoid trouble, and probably opening up to other species, or, perhaps, sympathetic Sinta.

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18 hours ago, NewOriginalSchwann said:


Sssssurivial comesss firsst. Yeah I like the character concept, will be interesting to see with which of the gangs she'll mix in. With my whitelist came the big block of telling new players and those interested about the lore ICly, which I enjoy a ton. Now here's where my +1 will come from, because Borya's always happy to help people get their lore straight and has been a great help in the past. Think he'll be a good one to convey the concepts and ideas that make up the unathi to the other races and newcomers.

Also no waifu character, that already earned the +1. Based and redpilled, or however the kids say it these days ^^

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+1 from me

I like Borya's chars and they are nice with everyone on the community.

I'm sure they can make good lizards that will be fun to play with.

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Due to timezone differences, I don't normally have the chance to be in the same rounds as Borya. However, they're a really cool person OOCly, and I think that they'll do good with the whitelist - the character's backstory, judging from what I know of Unathi lore, seems to be pretty solid.

the lizard conspiracy grows in power +1 

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Hello! Thank you for your application.

You make a really good use of the oasis clans and the wasteland lore, and provide a good reason that she would come to tau ceti. It's very brave to choose the character type you have because it's at the center point of a lot of disparate parts of the culture that come together to make a really complicated situation. You have good feedback and I think I have seen your characters around enough that I am sure I can trust you to play it well.

Application accepted!

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