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[Accepted] Beelzewax's Vaurca Application

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BYOND Key: beelzewax
Character Names: Tomasz Cerura, Lian Hanying, Cloudy Zhang
Species you are applying to play: Vaurca
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Unbound Zkaii worker, dark greyish teal
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

When I started playing on Aurora, Vaurca caught my eye. Firstly, as cool bug people, and secondly, as completely alien to play. I decided to get some more time under my belt and adjust to the server culture before applying, but have had my eye on this whitelist since. I’m a big fan of insectoid aliens, and think roleplaying their various quirks (expressing emotion through antennae/pheromones, light sensitivity, etc) sounds fun.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

First and foremost; Humans seek individual gain, while Vaurca seek the betterment of their hive. One of the many ways this manifests is in lack of competitiveness (compared to humans). Less meta; Vaurca rely heavily on pheromones to communicate, as well as moving their antennae, mandibles, and posture. Because of the way Vaurca communities function, they may have differing morals than humans; seeing no cruelty in treating bound servants (or similar slaves, E.G. silicons) as tools. There’s so many more differences, but these are the ones that stand out the most to me.

Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Vrir K’lax

Ka'Akaix'Vrir K’lax was hatched into the Zkaii hive as an unbound worker. Given a neural implant after his six months of development, he entered the VR to train as an engineer; a tinkerer, as many of the Zkaii hive are. He completed his training, and began his work without so much as a hitch. 

For almost ten years, Vrir moved between various junkyards, the tunnels of his hive, and the VR, tinkering, building and fixing mechanical devices. Despite this, he mostly stayed within the K’laxian hives on Tret, without exposure to other races or cultures save for an occasional Unathi. It was then that disaster struck; a heavy metal beam struck him in the back of the head, dealing severe damage to his neural implant. He was left with an unstable connection to the hivenet, and an inability to re-enter the VR. Ashamed, and paralyzed by the fear that his progress towards Transubstantiation would be reset if his implant was repaired, Vrir didn’t reach out for help. Instead, he left Tret with his (metaphorical) tail between his legs. Nanotrasen’s low standards, and seeming abundance of phoron drew him to the company, and he sought out employment as an engineering apprentice. 

Now living in primarily human space, Vrir is struggling to adapt. Both to living away from the rigid structure of his hive, and speaking Tau Ceti common. He harbors frustration in only being able to work as an apprentice until being avowed. Additionally, his faith in the Mother Dream is wavering, as he struggles to accept that he will likely never take his place in the VR afterlife. Despite this, he remains loyal to his hive, and sends a portion of his paycheck home to support it. 

What do you like about this character?

Most of my characters are relatively young, so playing an older, more seasoned character will be a welcome change. Additionally, all the internal conflicts (crisis of faith, frustration in Nanotrasen, frustration in self) give a lot of material to roleplay with, as well as his inexperience with non-Vaurca races.

Despite there being no mechanical representation, I have some ideas on how to roleplay the flavor portions of Vrir's damaged implant that I'm excited for. Stuttering/static/jumbled speech in hivenet (although not excessive), motor tics, etc. Lastly, I have some experience with bee behavior (beehavior?) that I would enjoy putting to use in roleplay!

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Average, I find that I tend to take a passive role but contribute to scenes when prompted. With this character (and others), I hope to keep improving!


I'm still pretty new to Aurora, hope I got all the lore right. Feedback is greatly appreciated. : >

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I may not recognize your characters, but this app shows a decent understanding of Vaurca lore imo, and the idea of a bug not accustomed to aliens with a damaged socket sounds interesting to me. Though some more explanation on what his beliefs are would be nice, like his belief in mother dream, which as far as I remember, has a belief in rising to new simulations instead of a VR afterlife. Other than that inconsistency (if it even is a inconsistency, I'm too lazy to check the wiki right now), Ima give this a +1.

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Hello. I will make a decision on this tomorrow.

So far so good. The backstory is fine. Ideally I'd like to see more feedback but you've only been around for two weeks or so on the server.

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Ah! I just noticed I recognize Tomasz. Very good RP coming from him when I'm on Autumn. Showed proper fear rp when the situation called for it, avoided metagaming, interacts well with others, and plays a believable character. Had no idea you were a newer player. Color me impressed.

As for the character... Very interesting concept. A refreshing take and unique idea to explore. Do bear in mind how social vaurca are, and how Vrir may try to cope. It's interesting to see if they'll try to befriend xenos (Who may dislike vaurca as a whole, but won't pick up their point of shame) or other vaurca (Who are safer, more familiar, but may pass judgement on them). I agree with what you say; there's a lot to work with here. 

Based on what you show with Tomasz, I've no trouble believing you will adapt well to the passive and odd nature of vaurca workers. Good luck.

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Hello. This application is good and demonstrates a more than acceptable level of understanding required to play the species. Thus,

Application accepted.

Feel free to ask in discord about the mechanics or lore of the species at any time.

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