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[Accepted]Doxxmedearly's Dionae App

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BYOND Key: Doxxmedearly

Character Names:

  • Moth (Stationbound)
  • Rowan Fortune (CT)
  • Sybil Albatross (CE)
  • Keyanna Morgan (Atmos Tech)
  • Autumn Peachwell (Miner)
  • Moxie Maksell (Mechatronic Engineer)
  • Sikaevi Suhn’Krashzkrikh (Detective)
  • Beatrix Saint-Claire (HoP)

+ others that have only been played for like a round. Now-gone characters include Wynter Steele, Hadiyya Nejem, and Sazya Xichi. 

Species you are applying to play: Dionae
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: TREE COLOR
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yee

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

There’s actual development going on in their lore. They always felt extremely alien to me- rather than just reskinned humans- which was something I appreciated, but they were pretty stagnant and it was easy to forget they even existed. But now with recent developments (Such as their role in the Moghes wasteland) I actually have a character idea for a dionae. It feels like they’re starting to have relevance in our lore, which has sparked an interest for me. It took until now to have an actual concept for a character for the species.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Dionae are pretty damn alien. They’re made up of smaller creatures that can detach and reform, and no human I’ve met can do that. They’re basically a walking hivemind of nymphs that sing to each other. They don’t eat or drink like people (They just absorb basically whatever biomass they want). They don’t feel pain like people. They don’t need air or pressure like people. Buuuut they need light and radiation to live. And they can literally lose/gain memory based on a physical loss to their body (Losing a nymph or merging with one with new experiences).

They’re not raised like humans; they grow from a pod, and start integrating into society as soon or as late as they can sip that good good blood for the first time. By taking in genetic code, the nymph expands its ability to learn and starts developing more complex thoughts and becomes capable of more emotions. They can understand other species, but they aren’t … quite the same. One might have human values and experiences, but in the end they’re still a weird immortal gestalt who can learn through blood and so their behavior isn’t going to be exactly the same.

They’ve no connecting homeworld or culture like the other species have; they’re shaped by where they were raised. They’ve got a weird place in the universe, being both highly intelligent but also used as a source of labor. Some dionae may seek to fit in, others may choose to embrace a nomadic path. Playing a dionae is about figuring out how to put their weird alien-ness spin on the societies they grew up in. 

Character Name: Impressions of Many Tiny Claws

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

In the harsh environment of the Moghes Wastelands, Diona nymphs and gestalts commonly walked among the Unathi natives. The nymphs that would eventually form this particular gestalt were grown in the crop fields of clan Dorvisa. They learned the lessons of any other- their duties to the clan, the teachings of Th’akh, and the warrior’s code of honor. But they also spent much time around the hatchlings- they were curious, energetic, and fun. They would play with the nymphs like pets, and talk with them like friends. It was a bit of joy for both parties in an otherwise harsh environment.

When the nymphs merged into a bipedal cyclops, this emotional attachment to the young unathi remained. It became a sort of babysitter for them- with the women often having to work the fields and men doing their own duties, it wasn’t always easy to keep tabs on the energetic children; having another eye them was a relief, and the gestalt’s patience with them was a blessing for exhausted parents. The gestalt housed with an unathi couple and their two children, being accepted in short time as a family member by them.

The gestalt still worked the farms, absorbing radiation, preparing soil, and teaching the young about the finer points of how to raise crops. When Punished raiders periodically struck out at the clan’s food and medicine stores, the gestalt stood with the males in defense of the clan, often watching over the women and children to ensure no harm came to them.

It took time to decide upon a name. On a day years ago, after the celebration of a good harvest, it took notice of the many marks across its form; little claw marks and scratches dotted its body, whether from hatchlings climbing on it, holding or clinging too hard to a limb, or playing a bit too rough. To the gestalt, they were symbolic; the young unathi left their mark on its life, and this was a representation of that. It, too, left its own mark on their lives.

Impressions of Many Tiny Claws announced their chosen name the next day. 

But life in the wastelands can be unforgiving. Some years later, a harsh season mixed with more frequent Punished raids brought forth hard times and harder decisions. The clan agreed that some would have to go work among the xenos and earn credits for the village to continue trade and survive. The household that Many Tiny Claws belonged to decided it would be among those to go, and the dionae would not allow them to go without them. Alongside members of Clan Vihnmes, credits were gathered and smugglers hired to get them to Tau Ceti, as it was one of the easiest places for them to get work visas and begin wiring credits back home, in hopes of helping the clan survive.

While the situation is rather uncomfortable here for the family, being crammed in a small apartment in a foreign system, they all understand their duty to their clan. Hopefully, they could make the most of it. Visas were acquired, jobs were sought, and NT had a few new employees in its ranks.

What do you like about this character?

Many Tiny Claws has an emotional attachment to their home, clan, and the family unit they live with. Their job on the Aurora isn’t who they are; it’s what they’re doing to help those they care about. They’re a character beyond their job and I know I’ll enjoy making up anecdotes when they talk about their life back on Moghes. They have to adapt to life in Tau Ceti and IC will shape how they feel about it; will it be an enlightening expansion of their horizons, or a disappointing experience that they’ll have to learn to deal with? That’s something that draws me to my characters; a malleable groundwork for IC interactions to shape them.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

8/10. I feel like I’m improving overall, but there are many better players. I don’t have a problem staying in character and understanding my limitations. I think I’ve done well with the whitelists I do have.

Notes: This application brought to you by the Unathi wasteland lore page.

Planned job is botanist and perhaps odd shifts as assistant. 

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Guest BoxWulf

Personally, I’d rate your RP skill higher, but that’s just me. 

As I’ve said before on your character feedback page, your ability to create and portray a character creates an environment that is immersive and enjoyable for anyone that crosses your path. 

Though I do not have a dionae whitelist, from what I’ve seen in-game and through the lore, gives me the distinct feel of a xeno that excels in mimicry, but is not identical. You’re essentially playing an alien raised on an another alien’s home-world and then traveling to yet ANOTHER foreign place. I have no doubt that you would be able to play Many Tiny Claws effortlessly. 

I do enjoy the touch of adding a “family” setting to your character’s conception. Too many times I’ve seen “lone wolf” escaping from “hostile” territories and the semblance of an actual family-dynamic is refreshing. 

You’re an excellent RP’er and prior to posting this, you inspired me to actually sit down and delve into Geeves’ wasteland lore which is another compliment thread in it’s own regard. 

(I posted this at work, sorry if there are grammatical errors. I’ll fix them later.)

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12 hours ago, BoxWulf said:

Personally, I’d rate your RP skill higher, but that’s just me. 


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Application has my approval from the perspective of the lorewriter.

It also has my approval of being a great story, exactly what myself and the dionae team envisioned for a wasteland dionae to go through.

Additionally, it also has my approval as a friend, your roleplay is fantastic, Doxx, I fully believe you're capable of playing an amazing dionae gestalt.

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After some discussion, we've decided we'll be accepting your application!

Enjoy playing your cactus

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