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Stefan's Second Face

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BYOND Key: Nbielinski

Character name: Oliver Stefan

Item name: Modified Gas Mask

Why is your character carrying said item to work? This gas mask is configured to help the wearer in breathing, an Stefan, having a rather dangerous wound both internal and external, he requires help in breathing. So this mask supports his only working lung, also shielding his face from the outside.

Item function(s): Purely aesthetic, it has the ability to be modified to the users needs, Stefan requires a small motor/vacuum in his mask that forces air into his lung and allows C02 to escape through the same area. It also functions as a sturdy covering for the face, with a stronger metal composition and a thick, reflective face plate.

Item description: This odd looking gas mask is quite clearly not of Nanotransent Origin as it sports a black metal polish, as well as a reflective face plate that mirrors the view of the mask itself. This particular mask appears to "breathe" with the user, hissing when they exhale, and whining softly as they inhale.

Item appearance: *I've yet to download Dream maker so I cant sprite it yet, but in the end, a re-written gas mask would be fine for me, I mean its just about the description and the name, nothing else really needs changing*

Additional comments: If you want to know the back story for the mask, read here:


Otherwise I'm not asking for much, just a fixed up gas mask, if possible. If I get dream maker working soon on my new laptop, maybe I can sprite up something, but for now its just about the description.

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(Just a note, dream maker ain't a separate download it's part of the BYOND installation. )

Never had any issues with you ingame or out of it, character wise I can see the reason for it, not sure why they would use a full face covering but I won't argue it. :3



Well Stefan is a special case, I would think that a breath mask could be modified, but seeing as how Stefan has severe scaring to his face and other extremities, full body covering is usually preferred.

Thanks Sammac!

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Doeet like this.




I think carrying around a United States Flag from 2077 in SS13, speaking in rhythmic verse, and attempting to beat mail men to death with flag poles would constitute a time line break, I'm still looking for more of the gas mask approach to the system. It would help in keeping unsightly scars or wounds from the public eye while also keeping my character from vomiting up his lungs.

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I will attempt to sound the least bit dickish as I can here. But as stated before its full face lacerations and scars that have left a rather hefty toll on the whole, "face looking normal" thing, but if it is really the will of the spriting artists to go in the "Ulysses" direction, I can adapt the character to fit the bill.

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Well. How you imagine a full face medical mask, without using the, "Like a gasmask, but," argument. Any reference you could provide would help.


Really? I thought I discussed this with an admin in game, though that might have been someone else. In essence its a gas mask frame, created to keep the wearer from the view of the public, now that would be it if the deformity was just that, a physical deformity. But the situation warrants an extending on the style of the mask. Instead of simply a regular gas mask housing that filters contaminants and allows the user to pump fresh oxygen or plasma from a tank, it manages to (I'm doing a bit of research and think work on this part) to aid in Stefan's breathing as his respiratory system is, well, lacking.

As for a reference, well I actually have something I based the idea off of. If you recall, during the first world war, many wounded veterans came home with facial disfigurations...a horrifying amount, an Ungodly amount of men who had faces that were rather gruesome. That is where a man by the name of Francis Derwent Wood (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Derwent_Wood) came into play, he thought up the rather ingenious idea to give soldiers back their lives without requiring them to go under the scalpel for extended periods. His plan was to make masks for soldiers by molding their faces and producing them from tin to hide the rather horrific scars and battle wounds that pot marked their faces.

Skip forward a few hundred years and you have Stefan, a rather poor atmospheric tech who has very little in terms of money but requires surgery to make his face look anywhere near as handsome as it used to. Now why would anyone in corporate want to have to constantly have their crew members look at a horribly disfigured techie that is supposed to be keeping them breathing? Even with half a mask you have to look what looks like a mirror of 25 year old man thrown to the floor and put back together with scars.

So in simplicity, its difficult to explain it without the "like a gas mask but..." argument seeing as how a sprite and lore restrictions can limit the imagination. But I have done my best, any more questions I can try and answer but let it be known I work weekends and still attend classes. So be prepared for a short pause in between answers. Thanks.


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That said, i will plus +1 ya. Fortune saw you, she was amazed and yet abit scared. Saw your roeplay, and theres nothing to be ashamed of or to picky about, except..don't make to long Me's! But you are doing great!

PumpkingSlice: Colour removed. Please don't use very bright colours in future.

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