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References in SS13


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I want to compile the massive list of SS13 references that there is, I'll start with a couple obvious ones, and you guys pile on.

Xeno(Antagonist)= reference to the Alien franchise

Soylent Greens(Food item) = reference to the old Soylent Green film in which.. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!

Try to do it in the format above so it's easy to read.

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Plump Helmet (shroom), Tower Caps (wood shroom), asteroid music = Dwarf Fortress

Tajaran and Unathi = TES Khajit and Argonians

DNA disk labeled 'God Emperor of Mankind' = self-explanatory (note: that disk should contain telepathy and other genetic powers)

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HoS trenchcoat/dermal patch = Augmented Head of Security Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Eviscerater robots = Manhack from Half Life 2 and episodes.

Lawgiver Mk. II = Reference to the Judge Dredd/Dredd films.

Engineering hardsuits = Engineer's RIG suit from the Dead Space franchise.

Duke purple tea = Star Trek referencing to Captain Picard's famous requests for, 'Tea, Earl Grey.'

Lamarr, Research Director's office = Half Life 2 reference to Doctor Kleiner's debeaked headcrab, which had a similar name.

Plasma cutter = Dead Space reference to the handheld laser weapon of the same name.

Stun baton = Half Life 2 reference, modeled after the stun sticks used by the Combine's Transhuman Civil Protection force.

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Rocket Launcher=TF2, it's modeled after the direct hit and has the description of "MAGGOTS!" which is what the rocket launcher-toting soldier screams.

Gateway=Star Gate

Killer tomatos=Attack of the giant tomatos

Ling=The thing

Lawyer suits=Ace Attorney

Void Suits=2001L: A space odyssey

Energy Sword=Star Wars

Robocop Lawset=Robocop

Asimov Lawset= Asimov's laws of robotics.

Maint Drone Lawset=Mass Effect

Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster=Hichhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Slimes and Blob= References to "The Blob"

Waverthin Mint=Monty Python

Golden Plaque=DF

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Theres a poster with the Deus Ex cover with the desc: That's a poster - Augmented Legend.

A large piece of space-resistant printed paper. This particular one is of an obviously augmented individual, gazing towards the sky. The cyber-city in the backround is rather punkish.

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Space carp = also dwarf fortress, I think.

In an older version, swimming skill meant higher physical stats, and fish are expert swimmers, so carp were killing machines.



Most Xenoarchaeology things you find have a Dwarf fortress style descriptions on them.

	var/decorations = ""
	source_material = pick("cordite","quadrinium","steel","titanium","aluminium","ferritic-alloy","plasteel","duranium")
	desc = "A [material_descriptor ? "[material_descriptor] " : ""][item_type] made of [source_material], all craftsmanship is of [pick("the lowest","low","average","high","the highest")] quality."

	var/list/descriptors = list()
		descriptors.Add("is encrusted with [pick("","synthetic ","multi-faceted ","uncut ","sparkling ") + pick("rubies","emeralds","diamonds","opals","lapiz lazuli")]")
		descriptors.Add("is studded with [pick("gold","silver","aluminium","titanium")]")
		descriptors.Add("is encircled with bands of [pick("quadrinium","cordite","ferritic-alloy","plasteel","duranium")]")
		descriptors.Add("menaces with spikes of [pick("solid plasma","uranium","white pearl","black steel")]")
	if(descriptors.len > 0)
		decorations = "It "
		for(var/index=1, index <= descriptors.len, index++)
			if(index > 1)
				if(index == descriptors.len)
					decorations += " and "
					decorations += ", "
			decorations += descriptors[index]
		decorations += "."
		desc += " " + decorations

var/engravings = ""
	engravings = "[pick("Engraved","Carved","Etched")] on the item is [pick("an image of","a frieze of","a depiction of")] \
	[pick("an alien humanoid","an amorphic blob","a short, hairy being","a rodent-like creature","a robot","a primate","a reptilian alien","an unidentifiable object","a statue","a starship","unusual devices","a structure")] \
	[pick("surrounded by","being held aloft by","being struck by","being examined by","communicating with")] \
	[pick("alien humanoids","amorphic blobs","short, hairy beings","rodent-like creatures","robots","primates","reptilian aliens")]"
		engravings += ", [pick("they seem to be enjoying themselves","they seem extremely angry","they look pensive","they are making gestures of supplication","the scene is one of subtle horror","the scene conveys a sense of desperation","the scene is completely bizarre")]"
	engravings += "."

		desc += " "
	desc += engravings

Even went to check if it was still in the code.

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