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Improving weapon projectiles

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So, as it stands at the moment, projectiles fired from weapons spawn directly beside the mob and then towards (or past) the tile that was clicked. Rather than, the projectile starting from the center of the origin point from where the weapon was fired towards an area.

Given that I've no idea how to code this (much less anything, for that matter), is there a way we can go about this so that my trained-weapons head of security doesn't singe the face off of the detective regular again?

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please, on one event round, where the whole crew were to be sent to a dumb outpost because "all resources are spared so lets send civies why the fuck not" was a quiet the cluster f*ck and more of friendly fires.

This issue right here is why i never play dangerously with laser weapons or ballistics in narrow places with a team. For example a nuke op team. There will always be a problem for me to shoot straight, because of tons of reasons.

1. Target is moving and it makes me aim sometimes somewhere else to hit him untill i realised i killed my OfficerMcClown right next to me, because the of this dumb thing.

2.The covering, gosh, this will finaly make some interesting changes as to how people will react in gunfire or fire fights at all. I hate that even sometimes you can shoot at the person while having a wall infront of you, and laugh at the poor sod who is lying over his pool of blood, of course this feature doesn't work all the time, but there are some times with such situation.

Over all, i just hate risking my ammunition and then realise all of my great shots just got wasted because my enemy was one tile above me and my best guy died due to stupid situation like this, and i feel guilty over his dead body and then i cry as i hit the ground hard and go dead x_x

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right now, bullets spawn in your tile and then they kind of swim at the tile you fired them at. if you're suggesting what i think you're suggesting, then bullets would: spawn in the tile you're facing, bypassing the person right next to you. what you request would give people with guns the uncanny ability to shoot through things like walls, glass, doors, etc. which would be cool, if not ludicrously buggy. and it would also make shooting someone point blank kind of hard. i think. i don't really understand.

my suggestion is: when in a firefight, only the person in front shoots unless you know what you're doing or you hate the person in front of you. i admit i like to accidentally shoot the people i don't like when they're standing in front of me and shooting. especially if they can't aim. in the hands and feet so they can't get away from the opposition as fast.

but you're probably not doing that on purpose, and that's terrible. projectiles travel based on a slope. sometimes the projectile moves up first. sometimes it moves left first. or vice-versa. if you don't want to shoot your friends, do not shoot diagonally when standing next to someone. otherwise, you can dick cheney them and everyone will believe it is an accident. that is my suggestion.

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Don't know if this is possible just based on how projectiles work (that is - you're in the same tile as one, you get hit.)

From what I understand, unless your target is directly north, south, east, or west, your "line of fire" will start from the corner of your square closest to your target and extend towards the center of the target's square. Note that walls at the corner of your line of fire do not obstruct your line of fire, meaning you can shoot from behind walls as illustrated below.

At least, that's how I think it works, and I've been pretty safe from friendly fire incidents so far.



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In that example, Brage, look at the redshirt that is standing a few tiles above the assistant to your left. If you were to try and shoot him, the projectile doesn't actually spawn in the corner. It spawns in the tile beside you, which just so happens to contain your buddy assistant. So rather than starting in front of you or ahead of him, it begins next to you and friendly fires him.

tl;dr projectiles either spawn next to or in front of you. No corners.

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I adore your diagram, I do. There's no diagonal motion in this game, though. Like it's possible, but you're not going to see it from someone as terrible as me. Projectiles move in a slope, so either left or right. So instead of a shooting in a / it'll be kind of like a ```----___ and then something lower than an underscore which i do not have available. basically our lasers and bullets are really high tech and turn at right angles every once in a while just to keep you on your toes

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This doesn't seem like something that could be feasibly 'fixed' without either making ranged weapons completely useless in close combat (It's a favourite trick of mine to shoot beyond the person I'm trying to hit), or without upgrading to an entirely different engine than whatever BYOND uses.

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I don't think this is possible. At all.

Ever notice how everything moves like this? In a cardinal direction, and through a series of left/right/up/down movements is the only way to it appears possible to achieve diagonal movement. So, unfortunately, this is an engine limitation of BYOND.

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