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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Titan Prime Crisis Ongoing


Titan Prime

One year ago this coming Monday a massive ship was detected approaching the Romanovich Cloud in Tau Ceti. The Sol Alliance with NanoTransen's aid sent out a scout vessel and detected the ship dubbed Titan Prime, The Media and the Galaxy was bubbling with excitement as it passed the Romanovich cloud and dispatched over twenty small drones that in comparison to the main ship were minuscule. Almost all of these drones but one turned back, The one that continued on course approached the famed Research Station N.S.S Aurora. Contact was promptly made using the stations own Comms system it transmitted a unintelligible message and before long a small party made up of crew members of the station, Including a Doctor Phoebe Essel able to interact with the computer. Painstakingly searching for ways to translate the cryptic language it was attempting to speak in and after usage of a pAI, were able to teach the machine Tau Ceti Basic.

It was reported that after some conversation, the console detached itself and boarded the Aurora were First Contact was officially made, from there Radio contact was promptly made with Titan Prime and the type CA that lead it. But then Disaster struck as a Destroyed accompanied by a group of Frigates controlled by the Anti-Zeno faction called the Terran Confederacy of Truth Crusaders broke through the blockade protection Titan prime and fired off four nuclear Missiles and and close to forty mass driver shots onto the massive vessel before being apprehended. The attack killed 40'000 Vaurca and heavily damaged the ship, a Distress call was placed towards NanoTransen and The Sol Alliance. Together they dispatched re purposed Cargo ships and evacuated roughly two million Vaurca, not even half of the four million on board still, The rescued Vaurcrae were placed in kindly named Provinces were created on New Gibson and Biesel, Currently officials are worried about the cost of continued rescue of Vaurca due to the quick breeding Vaurca they could quickly out populate the population in sixteen years, Due to the issue of funds a work program has begun with negotiations with the type CA in charge of Titan Prime Bound and Unbound alike are being lent out in the thousands to governments, companies and colonies as a means of cheap efficient labor, rumors are that even NanoTransen are taking in some soon, More to come as this situation continues to develop.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Tau Ceti Assembly Votes on Controversial New Bill Tomorrow


The Tau Ceti Assembly is set to vote on a controversial new bill known as the Shell Registration Act during their session tomorrow afternoon. Other bills are on the agenda for the day, but the Registration Act has garnered the most controversy within the system and even throughout the galaxy.

The bill is also known as the Gruber Bill due to it being the brainchild of Joseph Gruber, the leader of the Traditionalist Party and president hopeful for the upcoming presidential election. He has lobbied for the bill for months, making several controversial speeches where he questioned the motives of shells disguised as humans. One of his recent speeches was to an assembly of representatives for the Biesel Agricultural Union.

"These shells - they look like you and talk like you." Gruber told the crowd in a highlight of his speech, "They can look like your mother, your father, your kids. That's - that's unsettling. Am I the only one that wants to be sure that who I'm talking to isn't a machine? Who knows what a machine's motives are."

The recent attack of Base Bulwark in the Sol Alliance by shells disguised as humans has inflamed fears about public safety in the face of unregistered and untracked synthetics. Gruber himself gave a much more hard line stance in a speech to the Assembly early this morning, where he used the attack to garner support for the bill.

"Do we want another Bulwark happening in Tau Ceti?" He told the Assembly, "Do we want people dying because we can't do what needs to be done to protect ourselves against enemies of the state that can go haywire at any second and feel no remorse in killing a human being even when they're functioning normally? These aren't people. They're machines. They need to be taken care of or we're going to have to subsidize our coffin industry."

The bill would require mandatory registration of all unbound synthetic intelligence into a centralized database. Unbound synthetics would also be required to have a collar tag installed on them that would indicate their status as a synthetic. The tag would include their model number, manufacturer, and a bar code to allow authorities easy tracking and identification. Hephaestus Industries is named in the bill as the corporation to be awarded a contract to fabricate the collars and tags if the bill passes through the assembly with the required 144 votes to pass. The bill will also require unbound Synthetics from potentially being removed from management roles in military and civilian sectors, but this point is being hotly debated and may be amended.

The law would apply to all synthetics in Tau Ceti space. All visiting or resident synthetics, including MMI's, would be tagged. This has also been hotly debated, with the Assembly arguing over how to apply this to unbound synthetics that don't live in Tau Ceti, and how this would impact Biesel's relations with other nations.

The Traditionalist Party is a minority party in the Assembly, but has entered a coalition with the Tau Ceti Democrats, the current majority party. Their opposition is a coalition of multiple minority parties, which have been unsuccessful in the last two elections in dislodging the firm power of the Tau Ceti Democrats. The Traditionalist support of the Democrats was seen as a survival tactic for the party, which found cooperating with the more liberal minority parties nearly impossible due to their ideologies clashing.

President Martinez, a Tau Ceti Democrat, has lended his support for the bill and says he would not veto if it passed.

"There are many concerns we need to address with unbound synthetics," Martinez said in a statement, "this bill would serve as an example to the galaxy that our republic is willing to address issues with resolute dedication to the ideals of democracy and public safety."

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Shell Registration Act Passed; Take Affect In 1 Week



Moments ago the Shell Registration Act, also known as the "Gruber Bill", was passed by the Tau Ceti Assembly in a vote of 198 - 84 with 4 abstentions and was moments ago signed into law by President Martinez. The Shell Registration Act has been the flagship bill of the Tau Ceti Traditionalists, with Traditionalist Representative and 2458 Presidential hopeful Joseph Gruber being the brainchild of the bill. It follows similar legislation being debated in the Sol Alliance Senate following the Bulwark Assault and such legislation already present in the Izweski Hegemony and Jargon Federation. Gruber has publically defended the bill in the face of still opposition from the Republican Coalition, a coalition of multiple minority parties. But the Coalition was unable to garner the necessary votes to defeat the bill, which had the backing of the majority Tau Ceti Democrat party.

"With the increasing complexity of synthetic shells it's harder and harder to distinguish them from humans or even other species," Gruber said in a speech this morning, "you just can't tell. You don't know who's a shell or what their agenda is. They look, act and behave exactly like organics. But they're synthetics, and ones that can suffer from dangerous glitches - am I the only one that remembers the Greater Chicago incident? What about the attacks in the Alliance? Do we want that happening here? Do we not want to know for sure that everyone we bring into our homes and around our children aren't secretly synthetics posing as human?"

The bill requires all unbound synthetics in Tau Ceti space wear an electronic collar tag that distinguishes them as a synthetic shell. The tag will be required to include their manufacturer and model number with a related barcode to allow authorities to easily register them in electronic databases. The collars required, manufactured by Hephaestus Industries, will not be able to removed without specialist equipment and can severely damage the shell if tampered with illegally.

Tagging of IPC's will begin on January 19th, and all shells in Tau ceti space are required to be tagged by January 25th. The deadline can be extended to the 30th for specific shells if the manufacturer pays a 4,000 credit fine for each specific untagged shell. Any shells that remain untagged and unable to pay the fine will be ineligible for employment in the Tau Ceti system and may face additional fines or deportation from Tau Ceti space. Shells or owners that attempt to resist the tagging process risk the positronic brain being confiscated by the authorities and put into a lawed chassis or returned to the 1st Generation Chassis in addition to the mandatory tag.

The law also applies to all unbound shells in the employment of trans-galactic corporations or agencies, and Nanotrasen has released a statement promising swift compliance with the laws of all systems it operates in.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Nanotrasen Fined 34 Million Credits For Untagged Synthetics


The Department of Justice has announced a fine of 34 million credits after an investigation revealed 8,506 of 12,692 unbound synthetics in the Tau Ceti system remain untagged and under the employment of Nanotrasen. Chief Justice Estella Martinez questioned how the megacorporation was only able to tag 67% of unbound synthetics when the law provided "ample time" to register and tag all synthetic units.

Nanotrasen Representatives were summoned before Chief Justice Estella Martinez to be notified of the fine being levied against them. Under the Shell Registration Act, Nanotrasen will continue to face heavy fines for all untagged synthetics.

Nanotrasen Duty Officers have been reached for comment. Nanotrasen CEO Miranda Trasen remains silent, and has not released a statement.

The fine is scheduled to be paid by the 31st or Nanotrasen will face criminal charges.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Diplomatic Incident Causes Backlash


Following an alledgedly illegal detention of a foreign dignitary on a Nanotrasen station by the internal security of the NSS Exodus, it has been reported that several assaults have been reported in New Mendell. The Mendell City Police Department have been dealing with over a dozen incidents of lynch mobs targeting Tajaran in the lower class neighborhood of the Yungston District after the detained ambassador made several condemning statements about his treatment in the hands of two officers of these species and the Vauraca. The suspects in the lynch mobs have all been reported as being young Unathi males, presumed to be immigrants from the Izweski Hegemony. Several Tajaran remain wounded from the lynchings, with four in critical condition. No arrests have been made at this time.

In addition, refugee camps for Vauraca have faced two incidents of violence against the housed Vauraca. Both incidents had the Unathi assailants losing a limb when the Vauraca acted in retaliation with their powerful mandibles. All involved parties in these two incidents have been detained.

New Mendell Police Chief Robert Stark has appealed for "calm".

"Mendell is a melting pot, with all species and creeds living in our fine city," he said in a statement, "we all have to live and work together here. We shouldn't be forming lynch mobs over what happens off-planet. We will be prosecuting these matters most seriously."

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Rioting Engulfs New Mendell


The avenue leading to the Yungston District and neighborhood Trinity Plaza remain closed by police blockades today, as civil disturbances during the night have exploded into a full blown riot. Hundreds of cases of arsons, lootings, and unrest have been reported throughout the Yungston and Plaza centers, with violence spreading to surrounding areas. Police have locked down the disturbed sectors of the city and Mayor Miranda Godswell has enforced a mandatory 8pm curfew for the affected areas. Police Tactical Response Teams have been mobilized to assist the police in containing the violence, being equipped with taser carbines and flashbangs along with other specialized equipment.

The rioters appear to be Tajaran and Unathi, with roaming gangs in the streets targeting people based on species. Police Chief Robert Stark has called the unfolding incident a "race war", describing his officers dealing with "roaming gangs of Tajaran or Unathi looting shops and assaulting people, harassing officers. We're already looking at a million credits in property damage."

58 arrests have been made, and hospitals are reporting several hundred wounded Tajaran and a dozen wounded Unathi flooding the emergency rooms. No deaths have been reported.

Three humans have been wounded, but for now authorities believe the incident to be an escalating series of revenge strikes and lynchings between Tajaran and Unathi immigrants in the traditionally lower class sections of the city. The incident comes after the Hegemony placed condemnation on Nanotrasen detaining one of its diplomats illegally, with the affected diplomat, Azioli Karkartus, implicating a Tajaran and Vaurca security officer as both being abusive. The diplomats strong language, which includes calling Tajaran "the worst scum of the galaxy", have been met with condemnation by the State Department.

"A diplomat shouldn't be inciting violence," Secretary of State David Mattarella said in a statement, "we are looking at his behavior very closely and have all options on the table to resolve this matter peacefully."

Nanotrasen Duty Officer Felix Walters has given an official statement.

"In light of the incident upon the NSS Exodus; we will be administering disciplinary action where necessary within the internal security division of Nanotrasen."

Hegemony ambassador Azioli Karkartus was reached for a statement on the violence.

"I am surprised at the enthusiasm shown by the Sinta" [unathi] "of the planet in defending the honor of their Lords. Of course I don't think lynching Tajaran is what we want to see. It's very unexpected."

City officials have asked that citizens outside the affected areas remain clear of emergency vehicles. The curfew does not extend outside affected areas but officials have "strongly advised" remaining indoors after dark.

The Ahdomai ambassador to Biesel has been reached for comment, but the embassy has yet to respond to e-mails.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Rioting Ends: Mayor Assesses Impact


Editors note: A previous publication erroniously named Mendell City as "New Mendell". This error was made by a newly hired intern from outside Tau Ceti and has been addressed.


The violence striking areas of Mendell City have come to an end today, with police patrolling the streets of Yungston District and neighborhood Trinity Plaza. Routes to and from these areas of the city remain closed, but authorities have said roads will be reopened by the end of the day. Mendell City Mayor Miranda Godswell has announced she has cancelled a request to the federal government for the deployment of Tau Ceti National Guard in affected areas.

The Mendell City Police Department have currently charged 98 Unathi and 83 Tajaran residents of the affected areas with various charges of Assault, vandalism, disturbing the peace, inciting riots, and other criminal charges. The city jails remain overcrowded, and Police Chief Robert Stark has lodged a request to Nanotrasen to provide spare shuttles to transport held suspects to less overcrowded jails in other areas of the city. The lone prisoner bus in possession of the police department was tipped over and set on fire during the riot while in the parking lot of the Yungston Police Station.

"Winter is coming, and our budget for the jails hasn't allowed a repair of the faulty heating system," Police Chief Robert Stark explained.

There have been no deaths, but hospitals remain crowded with at least 190 patients with minor to critical injuries. In addition, at least a dozen Tajaran are reported to have been completely shaved during lynchings by Unathi assailants.

The damage to the neighborhood remains estimated at 1.8 million credits of damage. Many businesses were looted in the violence. Mayor Godswell has pledged "full investment" in repairing the damage and providing compensation to the "working class families and small businesses" in the affected areas.

President Joseph Dorn, Tau Ceti Republican, has proposed a 2.5 million credit recovery fund for Mendell City.

The riots were originally sparked by the Hegemony ambassador Lord Diplomat Azioli Karkartus making condemning remarks about Tajaran and Vaurca security officers in the employ of Nanotrasen, after being shot at and repeatedly searched by the NSS Exodus internal security for minor infractions that were later dropped.

Nanotrasen has lodged an official request to the Biesel State Department for the deportation of the Lord Diplomat, and has announced that Aziolio is barred from Nanotrasen stations "indefinitely" until an investigation concludes, along with their brief statement.

"We are investigating reports of a security breach onboard one of our stations. We have no further formal comment to make at this time."

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



War Breaks Out: Are We Safe?


The recent outbreak of war between the unathi Hegemony and several human nations on the frontier of human space has brought terms we haven't read outside history books back to everyone's lips. The members of the defunct Coalition of Colonies, which were break-away systems and settlements from the Sol Alliance during the First Interstellar War of 2278 - 2287, have found themselves under siege by Hegemony forces as they are accused of financing a major terrorist attack in the Unathi's new flagship, a charge they deny.

Sixteen Unathi have already left Tau Ceti to join the fleet of the Hegemony, sparking concern for the loyalty of the Unathi present in Tau Ceti.

Unathi place extreme importance on loyalty to their superiors, and put clan ties above nearly all else. Many Unathi would rather enter a ritualistic suicide known as Guwandi rather than face the shame of dishonoring their clans or allegiances.

The Congress of Tau Ceti has seen a proposal by the Tau Ceti Republicans as they enter an emergency session, just a few days away from the start of election campaigning for 2458. The topic on the agenda is the response to concerns about the loyalty of Unathi in Tau Ceti.

A Loyalty Pledge has been propose and is currently being debated in Congress. The pledge, presented by Tau Ceti Republican Dorna Bakers, would be a document that all Unathi "in sensitive positions" within the government and major business' must sign. The document would have them revoke their ties to the Hegemony Izweski and pledge themselves to the constitution of Biesel. The opposition argues that it is an empty gesture, but key Tau Ceti Republicans argue that the importance Unathi place on honoring their word and keeping their loyalty means it would be a far more impactful document that it would be for similar humans.

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Voting Machines: Threat to Democracy or Utility?


Earlier today the national board of elections announced it would award a 140.6 million Cr contract to the Nanotrasen Corporation for 100,000 voting machines needed in the upcoming election. The machines are slated to be fabricated at Nanotrasen's Janus industrial complex on New Gibson the facility's administrator has been quoted as saying "Both as denizens of Tau Ceti and employees of Nanotrasen, we here at Janus are proud to do our part for democracy here in the Republic of Biesel" Engineers at the facility have stated that the machines will be based upon Nanotrasen's successful brand of request consoles already in use in dozens of systems across Human space.

The announcement has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum including Joseph Gruber of the Traditionalist Part of Tau Ceti, Jay Goode of the Tau Ceti Liberal Party, and Karl Jhoonda of the Brotherhood of Tau. The most incendiary condemnation of this has undoubtedly been the Social Democracy Party and it's presidential hopeful Senator Aamina Al-Harthi who fiercely condemned the announcement on the stairs of the Senate. An excerpt is contained below

" Republicans will demand that we see this contract as a simple result of economics. That these facilities are the closest to Biesel capable of producing these machines, and are the cheapest. I stand here, looking out upon this fair nation and this is what I see. I see millions of our citizens denied the basic necessities of life, millions of families trying to live upon an income so meager that that the shadow of disaster hangs over their life day by day, I see millions denied the opportunity promised to us by our corrupt government and their corporate masters. In this announcement I see not only evidence of the corruption that many had long suspected rots away at our foundation, but I see an attack upon the very nature of democracy in our young nation. I see a corporation fearful of the will of the people and I see tyrants bowing to that corporation, and giving them the means to subvert our republic. if we sit idly by and allow this to happen, we will be nothing but a puppet state beholden to the will of Miranda Trasen."

The Senator continued on to attack the system-wide monopoly held by Nanotrasen, the Republican policy of confidential lobbying, NT subsidies to media which she called an attempt to replace free-media with Pro-NT propaganda, The Pro-immigration stance of the Republicans and their proposed free-movement treaty with Adhomai. She ended the speech with a call to unity to the minor coalition parties to join with the social democrats in opposing the contract.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix




NMSS Odin Genetic Database "Wiped"


Earlier today we received information of a security incident onboard the NMSS Odin, which operates as Nanotrasen's Central Command for the companies' business in Tau Ceti and surrounding star systems. The station had gone to blue alert and both residents of the station's residential section and visitors were briefly prevented from leaving the Odin docks, as all shuttle service was cancelled. The alert level of Odin remains at blue alert, but shuttle service has resumed since a few hours before this broadcast. Nanotrasen remained silent on the issue, but a press conference has just been held with the first official statement from the corporation.

It appears that malicious malware has infected Central Command's internal network. Identified as a virus by Odin engineers and IT department, it infected multiple systems and was undetected for several minutes after initial infiltration. However, the on-board AI discovered the virus after it infected Odin's genetic database and became active, which stores genetic back-ups of Tau Ceti employees. The virus corrupted genetic records of several thousand employees and deleted others. The station AI was forced to wipe the entirety of the Central Command genetic database in order to fully purge the virus and any corrupted records.

Nanotrasen Representative Trinity Davidson held a press conference on the Odin to provide a statement on the incident.

"Unfortunately we have lost the ability to clone from records alone for the foreseeable future," Davidson said in her statement, "all 299,293 records in our database, including 99,500 employees, have been lost and we are still assessing the full impact of the virus. We don't yet know how the virus infected our systems or the group or individual responsible, but our internal investigation is still ongoing."

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nanotrasen keeps genetic records of important employees, which are used in the event an employee dies and the body is unable to be cloned on one of its research stations. Nanotrasen remains the only corporation with the ability to clone based on genetic records, with Mental Interface Failures 40% lower than in any other nation or corporation. In addition, cloning remains cheap for Nanotrasen employees, with the cost determined only by the amount of biomass necessary to keep cloning bays functioning.

It was previously believed that Nanotrasen kept genetic back-ups of all employees in Tau Ceti, but with 5.12 million employees in Tau Ceti alone, the number of genetic back-up seemed extremely low. When asked about this in the press conference, Davidsons said that Nanotrasen retains back-ups of "critical" personnel, such as Command staff, scientists, doctors, and ERT troopers.

"In the extremely remote chance of a fatal accident on any of our stations, all Nanotrasen research stations continue to have the ability to retain records of employees for cloning or to clone directly from the deceased' genetic data." Davidson told reporters.

"The process of keeping genetic back-ups updated has been extremely expensive, and the loss of our database has lead to the policy being suspended indefinitely. We are unable to guarantee the integrity of genetic back-ups, which require the individual to be re-scanned on a periodic basis. This suspension is limited to operations in Tau Ceti, though we will be assessing the policy of genetic back-ups on a corporate level."

Many high profile members of several governments pay Nanotrasen to provide genetic back-ups, amounting to nearly 650,000 credits a year. It is unknown how Tau Ceti operations will be affected by the loss of this revenue in the face of the suspension.

Miranda Trasen has not responded to requests for comments.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Alliance Whistleblower Reveals Alliance Navy Planned Coup


Documents provided by former Admiral David Gray of the Sol Alliance, currently residing in the Biesel Embassy in Unity Station, Earth, Sol, have revealed that members of the Alliance Navy have been planning a coup of the civilian government since the beginning of January.

The documents include transcripts from meetings between high ranking officers of the Alliance Navy, including then-Grand Admiral Maribella Sattageto. The transcripts reveal major discontent within the Alliance Navy on policies of the Assembly and GAIA Prime Minister on several policies as well as plans on how to replace key officials with installed supporters. In addition, Admiral Gray claims he has in his possession several detailed plans are revealed under the title Operation Perseverance, which include schematics of sensitive government buildings and drawn plans on how to infiltrate these facilities. Admiral Gray also claims that he holds a physical list of those involved in the plot after he was approached by members of the conspiracy.

Admiral Gray gave his statement to the ambassador, who has in turn released it to this news station in a bluespace broadcast that we received just minutes before this publication. In the statement he claims that he was approached by a group of Admirals to join a discussion group on "Naval Policies". When he attended the meetings he noticed that they took on a harsh tone against the Assembly of the Alliance and the Prime Minister for policies on the navy and in the domestic sector. Admiral Gray claims that he continued to pose as a supporter of their cause, but defected to the embassy as he feared for his safety.

His claims have been fiercely denied by the Alliance Navy, with Grand Admiral Marius Goodyear and Secretary of the Navy Maribella Sattageto condemning his defection and falsehoods. Both officials claim that his documents are all forged, and reveal that Admiral Gray had been under a criminal investigation for misconduct and espionage.

Tau Ceti President Joseph Dorn has cancelled a fund-raising trip to New Gibson and has reported to have landed Shuttlecraft One back in Mendell City. Aides to the President have said he remains in "constant contact with his cabinet and the Alliance embassy."

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



"Loyalty Act" Passes Congress, President


With the growing tensions between the Unathi Izweski Hegemony, Tau Ceti has been grappling with how to handle the growing concern over its Unathi minority. Tau Ceti Republican Dorna Bakers, Congresswoman for the Northdun District on New Gibson, presented days ago the Unathi Loyalty Act.

The bill comes in response to reports that already 46 Unathi have been confirmed to have left Tau Ceti space to join the Hegemony Navy as it continues military operations in the Relative-East of the frontier. "

The growing number of emigrating Unathi and recent spike in violence within Unathi communities have been cause for great concern." Bakers told reporters, "their society is one that places absolute submission to their king. Even when they move to our system, in their very soul they are subjects to this foreign power."

All immigrants to Tau Ceti are required to attend an induction ceremony at the end of the integration process where they swear loyalty to the Republic of Biesel. This document would expand this concept into requiring all foreign-born Unathi to sign a loyalty pledge, which will be notarized and kept on file. Foreign-Unathi that want to opt out of signing the document will become ineligible to run for public office or be permitted entry into the Tau Ceti Navy. Additionally, the bill states that any Unathi that has no signed the bill after March 10th will face repeated, monthly fines of 800 credits.

The Loyalty Pledge's contents is a pledge by the signer to support the Tau Ceti Constitution above all foreign powers and leaders, placing their loyalty only to Tau Ceti. The bill is notarized by the Biesel department of the Interior.

Nanotrasen is required to abide by the bill. Unathi employees will be required to present the signed document to their overseeing Duty Officer or Human Resources Director to be filed on the NMSS Odin.

The bill has faced immense opposition from the Tau Ceti Democrats and split other minority parties, but the opposition was unable to garner the necessary votes to defeat the bill, which passed by a narrow margin. Protests have broken out outside the Congressional Hall, with hundreds of Mendell citizens picketing the capitol building.

President Dorn signed the bill into law, and it takes affect on the 28th of February, just 2 days before Tau Ceti begins its official first day of the election process. Fines will begin on March 10th for Unathi that did not sign the pledge.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Joseph Dorn Sworn In For Second Term


An elaborate inauguration ceremony was held in Mendell City's Central Plaza just outside the Capitol building today as Joseph Dorn was re-elected in Biesel's second, controversial presidential election, in which Joseph Dorn won a reported 63% of counted votes. The Second Inaugural Ceremonies was preluded by the Mendell City Public University Choir. Vice President Zhao Yingtai was sworn in early this morning at 9:45am by Honorable Court Justice José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Ordaz of the Supreme Court, which was followed by 12 minutes of musical selections by the Choir, including a rendition of the national anthem of Biesel, "For The Stars We Strive". Several protesters attempted to interrupt the proceedings and were escorted out of the plaza by security.

Joeseph Dorn was sworn in by Honorable Court Jusice Tyler Stevens, and afterwards gave his second Inaugural Address.

Please click the link to see the speech in full.


"My countrymen, the oath I have taken for this office is not mine alone, but ours together. We are one nation and one people. Our fate as a nation and our future depends not one citizen, but upon all citizens. Our history is decided by our own will and determination."

The galaxy will not be the same for our children, or even for ourselves, in a short span of years. The next man to stand here taking this office will look out on a scene different from our own, because rapid change has gripped humanity - rapid and fantastic change reveaing the secrets of nature, bringing discord to the nations, placing in dangerous hands new weapons for mastery and destruction, shaking old values, and uprooting old ways."

I do not believe that the Republic of Biesel is the ordered, changeless, and sterile battalion of ants. It is always trying to become something more. Always becoming, trying, probing, falling, resting, and trying - but always trying and always gaining."

Our economy remains robust. Our unemployment remains low, our GDP the fastest growing in human space. If we continue our strive to better ourselves and our nation we will bring for our children a better age, an age of prosperity free of want. It is with our continued support of Nanotrasen and the economic policies of my cabinet that we continue our rise towards greatness. The Free Trade Zone has been a boon to our economy, and the corporation has brought the prosperity we so seek to every level of our great society.

But we must remember the galaxy in which we live. Raiders, pirates, and jealous powers would seek to undermine our efforts and see our young Republic reduced to ruin. It is only through the bravery and our commitment to the ideals of republicanism, the free market, and continued support of Nanotrasen that we will see Tau Ceti remain the greatest place to live in human space.

Thank you, bless you, and bless this Republic."


Following his inauguration speech, renowned New Gibson-based poet Rebecca Lamb recited an original piece for the crowd, before the national anthem played and the ceremony ended.

The ceremony was attended by several high profile individuals, including Miranda Trasen, the CEO of Nanotrasen. Foreign ambassadors were given special seating on the stage, which included Hegemony ambassador Ziariuz Izweski, Adhomai ambassador Rajmi Hadii, and Jargon ambassador Lioquix Jrugl-Wliesh. A seat was noticably empty as Sol Alliance's ambassador David Mtungwazi did not attend the ceremony, which comes on the heels of the recent plummet of relations between Tau Ceti and Sol.

Police and Presidential Security were high during the affair until its conclusion, as several protesters had taken up camp on the other side of several police blockades. The President himself seemed unconcerned with the security issues and was photographed walking back to the Presidential Suite section of the Capitol building, four blocks away.

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"Employee Integrity" Executive Action Passed Despite Protest


You can also hear this article in our radio broadcast!


A controversial new bill has been passed by President Joseph Dorn just moments ago. Despite the objections of politicians from all sides, President Dorn has enacted the "Employee Integrity" act without allowing Congress time to formally deliberate its parameters.

As it stands, this legislation will prohibit current and future employees of corporate powerhouse NanoTrasen from working for any other company deemed to be a "Mega-Corporation" within the borders of the Republic of Biesel. This document initially came to Congress on the heels of the recent leaks of NanoTrasen intelligence by the so-called Syndicate.

While the identity or identities of alleged Syndicate leader Apostle are still largely open to speculation, it is believed that they received support and information from employees of multiple mega-corporations. In order to stop similar acts of industrial espionage from further damaging NanoTrasen and the Tau Ceti economy, President Dorn has opted to bypass the often arduous steps of debate and approval on the Congress floor.

Many Tau Ceti Republicans agree with the President's quick decision and see Employee Integrity as a quick method of routing out any potential corporate spies who may still operate within Tau Ceti. As of this moment, it is unclear what fines or punishments will be dealt out to any NanoTrasen employees discovered to be working for multiple mega-corporations.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



President Dorn Warns Adhomai On Nuclear Strike


Stunning revelations out of the S'rand'marr system, the home system of the Tajara, reveal that the government of Adhomai, the People's Republic of Adhomai, has used a hydrogen bomb against a major rebel military headquarters early this morning in use by the Adhomai Liberation Army. Official assessments of the damage provided by the Adhomai government estimate 11,000 - 22,000 rebel soldiers have been killed but these reports are extremely difficult to verify. The government of Adhomai has in the past been accused of falsifying reports regarding casualties, and the government has never released any official estimates on civilian casualties. The Interstellar Aid Corps has claimed that at least 12,000 civilians were present in refugee camps in and around the base, which would drastically increase the amount of casualties.

President Dorn summoned the Adhomai ambassador, Mrrazukjar Rkhkuz, to the Capitol Building after the news was received, and then provided a recorded public statement from the Presidential Office following a similar condemnation from the Izweski Hegemony.

"The Republic of Biesel strongly condemns the use of nuclear weapons in any shape or form," President Dorn said in part of his statement, "our Republic has enjoyed friendly relations with the nation of Adhomai but this development will cause us to reevaluate our friendship. We cannot allow ourselves to remain supporters of and friends to a government that would allow itself to descend into the pits of war criminals and cowards. My office has always stressed for a peaceful resolution to the crisis on Adhomai and this development has done nothing but strengthen my resolve and the resolve of this nation to see an end to the hostilities."

The Republic of Biesel has enjoyed a close relationship with Adhomai since it was founded, and several treaties reinforce the relationship, including treaties that govern free movement of trade and labor, which has provided Tau Ceti, most notably Nanotrasen, with thousands of Tajara immigrants and workers. Nanotrasen has also utilized the free trade agreement to invest heavily in Adhomai and Tau Ceti.

It's unclear what impacts these developments will have on the future of Adhomai-Biesel relations, but Secretary of State Richard Letters has hinted that the Biesel ambassador to Adhomai, Melissa Price, may be recalled.

Police are also dealing with unrest breaking out in Tajara-dominated sections of Mendell City, with many Tajara immigrants taking to the streets to protest or support the decision coming to blows.

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Officials Demand "Unfettered Access" To Vaurca New Gibson Hivenet Hub


Officials of the Department of Vaurca Integration today met with representatives of the Lesser Queens that represent the Zo'ra Vaurca in the Hiveship in orbit of Biesel, better known as Titan Prime. The meeting was called after federal officials of the Department were sent as part of a once-weekly inspection of the New Gibson biodome granted for use to Vaurca immigrants and refugees following first contact. The biodome, which currently housing over a million Vaurca, was granted as part of a greater deal called the Vaurca Integration Act.

The inspectors are sent to ensure compliance with all parts of the agreement and fair living standards for Vaurca. However investigators have recently found themselves flummoxed by attempts to gain information on a construction project being undertaken in the biodome. According to official reports, the Vaurca are constructing a version of a telecommunications center, with the information provided by Unbound Vaurca engineers. The Hivenet Hub, as it's called, will be a more powerful version of what's present in Titan Prime and other Vaurca Hiveships. The Hivenet is a form of collective consciousness that allows any Vaurca in range to communicate with one another telepathically, and in more advanced forms allows Vaurca to upload themselves into the Hivenet itself.

Officials have voiced concerns that the Hivenet Hub, which is not yet active, may be used to send FTL transmissions back to the home systems of the Vaurca, which si prohibited by the Integration Act. Inspectors claim that while the Zo'ra grant them access to tour the facility, their engineers have not been allowed to access to mechanisms or blueprints to the project.

Vaurca Integration Secretary Miles Jameson gave a statement of concern.

"While we trust the Zo'ra and have deep faith in their commitment to our partnership, we are deeply concerned over the secrecy and lack of cooperation. It is imperitive that we understand one another to better ensure full and effective integration of our two people."

The Zo'ra have not given a statement in response, but reporters in the Zo'ra Biodome on New Gibson have taken several statements from Unbound living around the complex, who are eager to be able to use it to communicate with one another. According to the statements, many Vaurca are unable to speak their traditional language, which was lost after the 2,000 years of travel from Sedantis to human space as the majority of the Vaurca spent all their time in VR or communicating telepathically.

Tau Ceti officials have not commented on whether or not the Hivenet may be forcefully cancelled if the Zo'ra do not comply.

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Jargon and Izweski Summit to be Hosted by Mendell City; Condemned by IPC Activists


The State Department has announced that Tau Ceti was chosen by the governments of the skrell and the unathi as the host for their major diplomatic summit on the 11th of May. The Emperor of the Unathi, called the Hegemon, will be attending the summit along with several high ranking elites of the unathi nobility. The State Department says it chose Mendell City as the hosting city due to its 'cultural and social accomplishments showcasing its diversity and wealth. It's a real beacon of humanity.'

Officials are already making preparations. The Mendell House of Orchestra is going to play several movements of the hit 2102 piece by Luna-based composer David Aurinsbright, The Twilight of a Moon's Embrace for the visiting delegates and heads of state.

However the excitement is not shared by many in Tau Ceti. Activists have immediately staged a protest outside the State Department demanding that the Izweski head of state be barred from entry. They cite his nation's aggressive foreign policy and war against human settlements in the Frontier along with the Unathi's treatment of synthetics. The protestors consisted of mostly humans and IPC's, though a few Tajara and Unathi were recorded.

"We need to really ask ourselves why we're hosting these people," Marcus Allegro, a protestor, told our reporter on the scene, "synthetics deserve an equal chance in life just like anyone else. We shouldn't even be allowing them inside until we can get them to stop killing people on the basis of being synthetic."

The Jargon Federation holds a strict ban on all forms of AI in their territory. Their navy has been known to destroy IPC's or synthetics trying to enter Jargon Territory, and there are unconfirmed rumors that Tup Commandos, Jargon elite forces, target synthetics and IPC's in the human frontier.

"I welcome all sides of the debate." President Dorn said in a remark on the controversy of the summit, "there are definitely interesting questions. But the best thing we can do as a nation is be a gracious host. By hosting this event we prove that we have our finger on the pulse of the galaxy and have the trust of the major players as a fair and legitimate government, thanks to the continued efforts of our Republican government."

President Dorn did not respond to questions e-mailed to him regarding his stance on the treatment of synthetics in unathi and jargon space.

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Prince of Izweski Hegemony Arrives Week Early For Jargon-Izweski Summit


An unusual scene unfolded in the Mendel City Central Shuttle-port this evening. The State Department hastily assembled a welcoming committee for

No'Zar Izweski, current oldest son of the leader of the Izweski. The Prince replaced his father as the primary Unathi delegate at the impending summit to be hosted in Tau Ceti. He arrived with two bodyguards, called Guwan Guards, and a small group of assistants. Video shows Not'zar being aided down the steps of the shuttle staircase down to the tarmac and walking with a cane. Suffering a debilitating disease as a child known as The Rot the prince continues to struggle with disability.

Prince Not'zar is 20 years old and has travelled to Tau Ceti previously on holiday several times in his early teens. This would be the fourth time he's visited the system, but the first time that he's visited in an official capacity.

When asked by a reporter why he chose to visit unusually early before the actual meeting, Not'zar responded that he "wanted to see Tau Ceti once again."

The unannounced visit comes on the heels of his brother-in-law announcing that he's taken control of the Izweski government following its leader's fall into a coma due to depression. Not'zar has not responded to pundits asking if he has come to Tau Ceti out of fear for his life, or if his brother's actions are being considered a coup. With the additional information that other members of the Izweski royal family leaving Moghes entirely, it's become a major concern for foreign analysts across the galaxy.

Not'zar is residing in the Emerald Lodge in downtown Mendell, a luxury hotel that specializing in catering to visiting dignitaries and heads of state.

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Jargon / Hegemony Summit Draws To Close


Tau Ceti's controversial hosting of a diplomatic summit between the Jargon Federation and Izweski Hegemony have drawn to a close today, after several delays and a reshuffling of attendees.

Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl of the Jargon Federation arrived with Representative Kautlois Hiluo-Q'luatop, Quax'lin Rolfpt-Lriosh (pictured), and other Representatives of the Federation. They met with Not'Zar Izweski, heir-apparent of the Izweski Hegemony, Lord Izgarius (pictured), and two other landed nobles. Originally the Hegemon, or Emperor, was scheduled to appear at the summit but was unable to arrive after falling into a coma, with his son Not'Zar coming as his replacement.

The Jargon Representatives held extensive talks and meetings with the young prince on a myriad of issues. The foreign officials also took the time to partake in Biesellian culture. The Mendell House of Orchestra played several movements of the hit 2102 piece by Luna-based composer David Aurinsbright, The Twilight of a Moon's Embrace in D minor, with famous Tau Ceti composer Richard Bornsworth personally composing for them. Not'Zar had to be helped by minders when navigating the steps of the opera house; the young prince suffering from physical disability.

The summit lasted several days and took place in the Mendell Convention Centre during official talks. The talks were not open to the public and protestors were not allowed to pass police barricades due to an increased security presence after several threats were made against the visiting Unathi prince. The visiting delegates had much to say about the progress of the talks during the final days when the media was allowed inside to interview the delegates.

Some questions focused on the status of Not'Zar Izweski himself, and his legitimacy in the eyes of the Federation.

"This Federation is glad to conduct diplomacy with the Hegemony and has nothing but respect for the Hegemon and his legitimate successors." Grand Councilor told reporters, which many believe is a statement of support for the Princes' currently contested status as heir.

A heavy focus was also placed on Unathi and Skrellian views of Synthetic intelligence, which is the issue that has sparked the majority of protests against the summit.

"Through vigilance and action, destruction at the hands of synthetic units can be avoided. By progressing forward together, we can be sure that all organic life is protected." Representative Hiluo-Q'luatop said in his statement.

Not'Zar himself had much to say about the Skrell and Synthetic life.

"The Skrell are an ancient species," Not'Zar said, "I've always been fascinated by their history. We have a lot to learn from them and I really hope I can continue our dialogue. Their experience at the hands of Glorsh is something Unathi can learn from and it really gives me a new perspective."

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True Taxonomy Announced for Vaurcae

tabtabDespite - and perhaps in spite of - the announcement made by the SolGov Central Science Committee earlier today, the Biesellian Academy of Science has released its own taxonomy for the Vaurcae species. The Biesellian Academy of Science does not possess the pedigree that the SolGov Central Science Committee holds, but they are host to some of the galaxy’s top researchers and scientists due to close proximity to NanoTrasen's finest research facilities. One scientist, Dr. Rodgers, who styles themselves the head of the “Vaurcae Committee” had this to say on their decision to declare their own taxonomy:

tabtab“While we of course believe in a unified scientific effort, we believe the SolGov’s unilateral decision to taxonomy the Vaurcae species without consulting with us is an egregious snub. Not only were the Vaurcae discovered in the territory of the Biesel Republic, there is not a single Vaurcae currently residing in Sol Space. They’re all right here in Biesel, or unregistered on their colony ships. As such, it really is only our right to spearhead any research concerning the Vaurcae.”

tabtabAs to the specific taxonomy the Biesellian Academy of Science has elected to adopt, Dr. Rodgers had this to say:

tabtab“While we appreciate the sentiment that the SolGov Central Science Committee has bestowed upon Dr. Essel, we really find that sort of self-service to be unprofessional. Scientists should be praising the universe, not individuals. As such, we really find no reason to deviate from the norm. Vaurcae, while certainly an interesting species that will titillate scientific research for years to come, aren’t any more important than any other intelligent life.”

tabtabFollowing this path of logic, the Biesellian Academy of Science has declared the formal name of the Vaurcae species to be Vaurcae sapiens.

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Negotiations Concerning New Gibson Hive Relay Draw to a Close


IndentReaders may recollect that this April 25th, something of a diplomatic crisis threatened to brew on New Gibson, the site of the largest Vaurca refugee camp; the Xerxes Biodome, with inhabitant count reaching above one million and rising. Unknown to officials of the Department of Vaurca Integration the Lesser Queen stationed at Xerxes had begun construction of a “Hivenet Relay”, which would allow FTL communications between individual Vaurca, their Queens, and their hive centers. Many, including those currently employed by the DVI, were concerned that this device may have been used to contact the Vaurca homeworld of Sedantis I, possibly attracting more Vaurca to human-space.

IndentThe Department of Vaurca Integration demanded that the Relay be deconstructed, and its materials, technology, and designs be confiscated by the Biesel government. The Lesser Queen in the Xerxes biodome, Ta’Akaix’Scay’extiih’aur Zo’ra refused this ultimatum, and continued to refuse it for several weeks as negotiations progressed and tensions grew. Many within the DVI, including Secretary Miles Jameson, who had this to say:

Indent “We can no longer sit back and let the Vaurca press us so. While at first we were tolerant of their behavior with the understanding that they ultimately would be co-operative to the designs of the Vaurca Integration Council, we are now willing to pursue more drastic measures. They need to remember they’re here solely on the good graces of the Republic of Biesel.”

IndentLast week, NanoTrasen informed the Department of Vaurca Integration that it would be joining the negotiations. Today, 2458-06-24, negotiations have ended.

IndentNanoTrasen informed the public that the Vaurca would be permitted to utilize the New Gibson Relay provided that the following criteria be met:

  • The communications sent and relayed by the Hive Relay must not originate from or be destined for any system or location not officially sanctioned by NanoTrasen and the Department of Vaurca Integration, currently only including Tau Ceti and Glorashi.
  • The number of Bound Vaurca provided by any Vaurca settlement for NanoTrasen use be doubled, or be one half of its total population, whichever count may be greater.
  • The number of Unbound Vaurca provided by any Vaurca settlement for NanoTrasen use be doubled, or be one quarter of its total population, whichever count may be greater.
  • A team of NanoTrasen engineers and a small security force are to be present at the New Gibson Relay at all times to oversee its operation and terminate its function should such be required. These NanoTrasen forces are to be unhindered by any Vaurca present within the Biodome, and all their needs are to be attended to by the Vaurca.
  • All local Sc’auyit-level communique’s are to be made immediately accessible to any NanoTrasen AI core, and only NanoTrasen AI cores in service of NanoTrasen corporate interests. [Editors Note: The data provided by the NanoTrasen report indicates this communication level is used solely by Vaurca employed by NanoTrasen. Whether there are additional levels is unknown to the public, but likely.]
  • The two million Vaurca remaining on Titan Prime, colloquially referred to previously as the Royal Retinue, are to be relocated onto either New Gibson biodome or to the Mendell, Cape City, or Phoenixport refugee camps by NanoTrasen shuttlecraft, where they will enter into the NanoTrasen recruitment lists along with all other Vaurca. A force of ten thousand Vaurca, including the two Lesser Queens stationed there already, are permitted to remain.
  • A small NanoTrasen research team, along with a NanoTrasen security division, are to be permitted onto Titan Prime where they will be allowed to conduct research on certain sections – undisclosed by NanoTrasen - of the vessel, their needs provided by the Vaurca resident there and their activities unhindered except where it would break the agreement between the two parties.


IndentThe Department of Vaurca Integration released an official statement saying that it, along with the federal government of Biesel, supported the outcomes of these negotiations.

IndentSecretary Miles Jameson declined the opportunity to comment personally concerning these developments.

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IPC Mistakingly Marked For Dismantling Murders Roboticist

The tragic death of Roboticist Rebecca Lung this evening is being investigated as a murder, according to Mendell City Police. Police Spokesman Capt. Eben Bratcher said the deceased individual was an employee of a Nanotrasen robotics lab based in District 1, just several blocks from Nanotrasen Headquarters.

Police say that Rebecca Lung was killed by strangulation, though an autopsy is still needed to be done. An arrest has been made on an IPC model that was fleeing the scene, which has been identified as a bespoke Model III Service Unit, constructed by Hephaestus Industries, though the specific identity of the IPC has not been released.

According to witnesses that spoke with Bugle journalists the Unit was summoned to the Robotics Lab to undergo decommissioning. All Model II Service Units of Hephaestus Industries were subject to a recall and decommissioning following several personality glitches that lead to 12 people being hospitalized across Tau Ceti space last year. An agreement between the mega-corporations Hephaestus Industries and Nanotrasen allows each corporation to decommission synthetic units confirmed to be in recall or needing decommissioning.

Witnesses and police say the IPC became agitated after Rebecca attempted to input control codes embedded into Model II Service Units to begin a shut-down and memory wipe. Dr. Lung attempted to summon security following the failure of the control codes but was attacked by the IPC, who strangled her to death before fleeing the building.

The IPC is currently in police custody and is expected to be transferred to Nanotrasen or Hephaestus Internal Security for termination after the investigation concludes, as the specific ownership of the IPC has not yet been released.

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IPC Killer Named: Neopolymus, Hearing Date Set

The IPC that murdered a Nanotrasen Roboticist yesterday has had its identity released by Mendell City authorities. Neopolymus is confirmed to be a Model III Hephaestus model service IPC but contrary to what was originally believed Neopolymus was not the property of Hephaestus during the time of its attempted decommissioning. The bespoke model was actually a free IPC, having purchased its freedom 5 months ago.

Given that the IPC is a free model and therefore is not property the termination of the unit has been delayed until a Mendell City criminal justice can deliver a verdict following a criminal hearing, but the Mendell City Police Department have claimed that there is "no doubt" that the dangerous IPC will be terminated. Police Spokesman Capt. Eben Bratcher said that synthetics that commit acts of murder have been terminated at a rate of 99%. Synthetic Rights activists have slammed what they call "presumption" on a criminal trial that hasn't been started yet, and have held a protest before the District 3 Jailhouse where Neopolymus is being held prior to the hearing.

"Capital punishment has been illegal in this country since it was founded," synthetic activist Michael Longhorn told reporters at the scene, "and killing a synthetic is just as much murder as killing a human being. He acted in self-defense and deserves a proper trial without fear of being killed by the state."

It's alleged that Neopolymus requested a lawyer during his questioning but was denied, though this has not yet been confirmed. The issue of whether or not free synthetics are guaranteed legal counsel during an arrest and trial has not yet been addressed on a federal level and is instead handled on a case-by-case by many police departments.

The hearing is expected to take place tomorrow at 3:00 Galactic Standard Time.

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Neopolymus Lawyer Appeals Dismantling Order: "Unconstitutional"

Earlier last evening criminal court judge Francis Longhouse ruled that the bespoke IPC Neopolymus would be memory wiped and dismantled for its murder of a Nanotrasen factory worker Rebecca Lung on the 4th. The hearing was extremely fast and the prosecution consisted of basic forensic evidence and the testimony of two witnesses and the arresting police officer. Defense lawyer Aswad Al-mari has filed an immediate appeal against the judges' decision.

"A memory wipe of my client is an execution, you can't argue your way around that. He is a free IPC with no owner except himself and his mental faculties are as advanced as the average person. He deserves all legal protection under the constitution of this republic, including our absolute ban on capital punishment."

The Tau Ceti Appeals Court have accepted the appeal but Tau Ceti Attorney General Rachael Livingsworth has said that because of the argument of constitutionality the appeal will be immediately brought before the Tau Ceti Supreme Court. The Tau Ceti Supreme Court is an assembly of seven Justices appointed by Congress and who are the highest judicial authority in the system.

The Supreme Court trial, Neopolymus vs Biesel, is expected to take place on the 8th. The trial will be addressing the status of IPCs as citizens and whether or not IPC's are under legal protection of the Tau Ceti constitution, and any decision made is expected to have broad consequences for Tau Ceti.

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