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Alleged Gang Shootout in Recette Plaza, One Fatality, Suspects at Large.

Authorities have confirmed reports that a shootout has taken place in Recette Plaza, Mendell City, between two unknown parties around midnight this seventh of July. Those involved have not yet been apprehended, but one fatality has been documented.

Witnesses report hearing sounds of gunfire and shouting as the nearly empty plaza quickly erupted into gunfire, before a suspect in a heavy coat was seen fleeing Northbound towards Jakub's street. It has become apparent that an undocumented Tajaran male was found dead at the scene with a gun in hand, making authorities rule out the possibility that this was a murder as they lean towards the possibility of a gang fight. Witnesses also testify that it was apparent more than one weapon was fired.

Anyone living in South Mendell City is recommended to remain indoors as authorities attempt to apprehend the possible suspect(s) of this attack. No further comments have been made as the motive is still unknown and all suspects are considered at large.

The Supreme Court trial, Neopolymus vs Biesel, shall not be postponed.

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NanoTrasen Demotes All Vaurcae!

In a surprising turn of events, NanoTrasen representatives have announced that in response to intense public backlash and contention in the chairmen board, they will be demoting all "Unbound" Vaurcae employees to a "civilian-level" position - restricting them from all but the most basic of occupation opportunities for the time being. All Vaurca labelled as "Bound" in NanoTrasen records are currently exempt from this decision - NanoTrasen states that they are essentially no different from lawed cyborgs and pose no eminent danger to NanoTrasen interests.

Representative Isaac Bolen had this to say in regards to NanoTrasen's reasons:

"The issue with Vaurcae is a very complex issue, and I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. Basically, a lot of people are afraid of Vaurca - what they represent as aliens, how they structure themselves, how many of them there are, all sorts of reasons why. NanoTrasen's respectful of people's concerns. This decision is a sort of compromise, and in reality it's a stepping stone for a more rigorous vetting process."


NanoTrasen representatives clarified on this last point by explaining that after finishing the process of demoting all Vaurca, NanoTrasen would be instating a "Peer-Review" system in coordination with CCIA and local "Heads of Staff". They confidently informed the public that the new system would process each prospective Unbound on a highly individual basis, with reviews performed by the aforementioned Heads of Staff to ensure a stable and fair process. They then informed us that additional materials concerning the exact details of the vetting process will be made available to NanoTrasen employees via the CCIA division."

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Tau Ceti Supreme Court Rules On Neopolymus vs Biesel: IPC; Dismantling "Constitutional"

The Tau Ceti Supreme Court, in a split 4 - 3 decision, has ruled that dismantling an IPC (Integrated Positronic Chassis) that committed a felony does not violate the ban on capital punishment in the Constitution because IPC's are not considered citizens under the Constitution itself. This reaffirms a lower court's decision as well as going further in nullifying the ability of an IPC to sue in federal court.

Neopolymus, an IPC, was detained by Mendell City authorities on Monday, July 4th for the murder of a Nanotrasen roboticist after it was mistakingly marked for dismantling after a recall. Neopolymus stabbed the roboticst repeatedly and fled after she attempted to initiate shut-down protocols manually. For the murder a municipal criminal court ordered the IPC dismantled immediately. Neopolymus' lawyers, funded by the pro-synthetic group UNITY, appealed the decision, arguing that it would violate the Constitutional ban on capital punishment within Tau Ceti.

Honorable Gary Chapman wrote for the majority opinion that "An IPC constructed by an individual or corporate entity, that is bought and sold as a commodity to fulfill a purpose determined by its manufacturer, whether they become free or not, cannot be acknowledged as a part of the people. Synthetic intelligence are not meant to be included under the word 'citizens' in the Constitution, and because of this cannot claim the rights and privileges which the Constitution provides for. "

Honorable Anita Jones wrote for the dissenting opinion that, "The most appropriate definition of the term citizen is being a free man. The IPC unit purchased its freedom and was not bound to any property owner and had its domicile in our system. The IPC is a citizen because it is sentient and deserving of rights. Being a manufactured entity does not change the legality of citizenship, as there has never been a legal case against the citizenship eligibility of humans or aliens that possess manufactured prosthesis."

With the reaffirmation of the lower courts' Neopolymus will be dismantled as scheduled on the 19th.

The sharply divided Supreme Court echoes the sharp divides within Tau Ceti over the rights of synthetic life and whether they are sentient. Sentiency itself has evolved to become a legal "catch-all" term for intelligent life, allowing legal and general statements that cover all known intelligent races in the galaxy and allowing the law to apply to all of them equally, with things such as "sentient rights" in place of "human rights". Most governments across the known galaxy consider synthetics as property, tools created to fufill a specific purpose and therefore not being truly sentient. This argument has been rejected by sentient rights campaigners such as UNITY.

Protest has already broken out across Biesel and New Gibson, and the galactic reaction has been incredibly mixed. Several people have already been arrested across Mendell City as protests have become heated.

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Unregistered IPCs Being "Executed" By Biesel Police



Fresh protest has swept across Tau Ceti as whistleblower Miguel Mendoza, a police officer within the Phoenixport Police Department, has released several hours of videos and still-pictures recorded from cameras on officer helmets and police vehicles. These videos and photos had been sealed by Biesel authorities and show several instances where IPC suspects are mistreated or destroyed by arresting officers.

Officer Mendoza, who was arrested by federal agents in his home in Phoenixport, included a statement in the data packets he e-mailed to the Mendel Bugle and other major media outlets.

"There's this deep synthetic hatred in people, especially the other police officers," he says in the video, "I wanted to join the force to uphold the law and I couldn't stand idly by while we do this. If we find an IPC that isn't registered anywhere we're told to just destroy them. It's supposed to save the city on paperwork. Most of unregistered IPC's are old models that were replaced by the current generation, usually just abandoned."

The IPC's included, who's identities haven't been released, appear to be older models apparent by their monitor designs. The officers involved have also not been named.

The Phoenixport Police Department has released a statement saying its officers "strive to always uphold the law and follow proper procedure". Phoenixport Police Chief Trinity Mugabe then said she would "personally lead the internal investigation to discover why officers are wantonly destroying private property."

The image shown above has already been seized by pro-synthetic protestors, who also decry the official response, demanding IPC's are no longer referred to as "property". Demonstrations are taking place in several major cities.


Special thanks to the artist Thamuel.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Explosion In Phoenixport Police HQ


At 6:32 PM (Biesel Relative Time) an explosion ripped through the Phoenixport Police Headquarters on the 20th floor in what is suspected to be a terrorist attack by a synthetic shell, killing three and wounding over a dozen people. First Responders have already arrived on the scene and police have closed several streets around the building.

Firefighters continue to battle the blaze, which has spread to engulf most of the floor. Evacuation of the building is on-going, with emergency services using shuttles to evacuate people trapped above the 20th floor.

According to witnesses a shell resembling PPD officer Michael Douglas, who had missed several shifts, walked past the lobby desk and ignored comments by the receptionist, who then phoned Douglas' Captain. They then took an elevator to the 20th floor of the building which consists of several offices. The individual was then challenged by Captain Trinity Ambers. After being challenged the shell then detonated an explosive implant.

Phoenixport Mayor Rebecca Aheles is reported to have cancelled a scheduled trip to Mendell City and has declared a state of emergency in the city, releasing a live statement from her shuttle as it rerouted to return to Phoenixport.

"This tragic event is devastating. But our city is resilient, we will find who did this and bring them to justice. There are absolutely no excuses for this."

Officer Douglas was found dead in his home by police Tactical Response Units with his police uniform missing and evidence of foul play.

The Phoenixport Police recently courted controversy as it was revealed that the department regularly destroyed unregistered IPC's. Many have already blasted the pro-synthetic movements as responsible for this terror attack. Pro-synthetic organizations like UNITY have strongly condemned the attack.

"We are strong supporters of equality and liberty for synthetics but we will never encourage violence." a UNITY spokesperson said.

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Shock and Panic!


As many of our readers know, the Frontier nation of the Serene Republic of Elyra was recently assaulted by what is now universally believed to be the Lii'dra hiveship that was first spotted two years ago in the Sol system of Lalande - and their respect for humanity has not since improved! With the recent massacre at New Cairo, many are concerned that the Lii'dra may soon turn their sights on nearby Tau Ceti.

Recently elected Mayor Gleb Plyushkin officially released the following statement to the Mendell City Bugle when queried;

"Allthough relations between our great nation and the Republic of Elyra have not been warm, I believe that it is important that we condemn the actions of the Lii'dra hive and their unwarranted aggression against the sovereign nation they've entered. Furthermore, I would like to remind everyone that the Lii'dra are not the Zo'ra or the K'lax, and that we should not punish our local Vaurca for the actions of a different, independent, and soverign [sic] hive."


Reporter Dan Stillman was later able to interview Gleb Plyushkin, who answered the following questions:

Dan Stillman: "Are you concerned with the idea that the Lii'dra may turn their sights onto Tau Ceti to liberate their "imprisoned" Zo'ra brethren?"

Gleb Plyushkin: "As far as I'm aware, the Lii'dra and the Zo'ra have a very colored and long past of war. Though I am unaware of the reasons. I belive it would be extreme circumstances for the Lii'dra to "liberate" the Zo'ra, and I don't believe the Zo'ra queen would be very interested in it."

DS: "With this in mind, do you think it is highly probably that the Lii'dra may attack Tau Ceti next?"

GP: "As far as I'm aware, they are headed to Bursa which is in the Cairo United star system, which has many Elyran Defense Force bases. If the Republic of Elyra cannot stop them, I believe that coming after Tau Ceti with its proximity to Sol Alliance core worlds would be a strategic mistake. I do not believe they will attack Tau Ceti."

DS: "Do you fear that the Zo'ra may become inspired by the Lii'dra aggression, and attempt to claim Mendell from within?"

GP: "I do not believe that there would be any incitement to violence among the Zo'ra, nor an attempt to claim Mendell from within. In the even that such an unthinkable event would happen, I believe the vigilance initiative which might be passing soon will be a good safeguard in case it went wrong, but I believe us to be on cordial relations with the queen."


Following the interview with Gleb Plyushkin, Stillman was able to speak to a representative of the Zo'rane queen stationed with District 9, who claimed that the Lii'dra offensive was unsurprising, stating that "Conflict was the nature of the Lii'dra - they prey upon the weak, and in their eyes all hives are weak.". The representative then answered the following questions from Mr. Stillman:

DS: "With the insight of your kind, what do you think the goals of the Lii'dra are in this unwarranted assault?"

VR: "The Lii'dra do not engage in wasteful struggles. If it is true that they are eliminating these 'Elyrans', then they desire something from their worlds, something that is not so readily available in the numerous other worlds of man."

DS: "Yes, but do you know exactly what they may be after?"

VR:"It is known to us that these 'Elyrans' have in their dominion great mineral wealth, yes much Phoron. Or perhaps they desire to strip Elyra of its 'blue-space' crafts. Or perhaps they even seek to make Bound of those men."

DS: "Bound? Do you mean to say the Lii'dra could desire slaves? Is this a real possibility?"

VR: "Slaves? No. Bound. The Scourge are if anything highly creative. Of course, we Zo'ra do not see the practical advantage of your species that would make such an effort worthwhile."

DS: "I see. Circling back a bit, many are interested to know why the Lii'dra began their assault with zero diplomacy, or even negotiations. Why is that?"

VR:"We have explained this to you - the Lii'dra do not engage in wasteful struggles. Diplomacy with those 'Elyrans' would accomplish nothing. This much we know."

DS: "You seem very insistent on the idea that the Lii'dra are opposed to waste, yet would you not constitute their destruction of the numerous escape pods deployed by the 4th Task Force - noncombatants protected under the conventions of modern warfare - as wasteful fire, not to mention highly immoral?"

VR: "Is it not likely that those Lii'dra have never read your human conventions? The elimination of their enemy - currently engaging in combat or not - is a highly commendable tactic. It is the failure of your brood to have stopped fighting back in the first place."

The Vaurcae representative concluded the interview shortly thereafter, with a final note of warning: "The Lii'dra are a ruthless breed. Where we Zo'ra idolize the efficiency and productivity of peace, those Lii'dra gladly engage in war and destruction, and they have become highly proficient in this 'art'."

These recent developments are certainly highly concerning. Citizens are reminded that despite Tau Ceti's proximity to the systems of the Serene Republic of Elyra, we are unlike them very well defended by NanoTrasen, who could not be reached for comment concerning these developments. As of publication of this article, Elyra remains alone in their struggle. We staff here at the Mendell City Bugle wish them nothing but luck in this shocking state of affairs.

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District 9 Riots!


This evening, at 8:12 GST, a string of inflammatory riots broke out at the border of District 9 in Mendell City, quickly overwhelming the border-fence and piercing into the heart of the Vaurcae refugee camps. Many rioters had armed themselves with several incendiary weapons, primarily makeshift petrol bombs, while the rest of the violent protestors were armed with bats, bricks, and various other domestic weapons. Due to an unperceived fault in border patrol, and a lack of an effective means of communication available to the Vaurcae, the incident was not formally reported to the Mendell City police until 8:46, thirty minutes after the first casualty, when a local Mendell resident reported seeing fires from the fifth story of his apartment. Police forces mustered a response twenty minutes later.

In the meantime, by 8:32 thirty four Zo'rane Vaurcae were killed without fighting back. Most of the deaths were collateral - caused by the destruction of several shanties by the aforementioned incendiary weapons, although several had been killed through blunt trauma. At this point no rioters had been killed, although a few had been wounded due to the aforementioned collateral damages. It is believed, thanks to data provided by NanoTrasen, that at some point around 8:40 GST a neural message was transmitted across the hive network, dispatching multiple squads of Type BB Vaurcae to eliminate the protestors. By the time Mendell police arrived on the scene, the riots had been effectively quelled with several additional casualties. The few remaining rioters were released into police custody without any additional conflict.

Disarmament policies currently observed in District 9 forbid Vaurcae to arm themselves with weaponry, although one alleged bystander who has chosen to remain anonymous testified that this did not deter the quadrupedal Type BB from engaging in melee combat, and it is believed that they circumvented the weapon ban by making use of their mandibles - which are extremely powerful on Type BB, reportedly able to tear a man in half. The anonymous bystander later testified that;

"Even those who had surrendered were killed with the same gross disregard for human life as the rest. It turned into a bloody slaughter."

Currently the tally of casualties rests at:

  • 33 of the initial 40 rioters killed, with 4 severely maimed, and the remaining 3 lightly injured.
  • 62 Vaurcae killed, with two of them being Type BB, and a currently unknown number of wounded. It is currently believed that the majority of the Vaurcae deaths were caused by the extremely cramped living spaces available in District 9, which prevented evacuation when each building was torched.
  • Notable among the Vaurcae casualties is one "Ta'Akaix'Talex Zo'ra", who acted as the representative for the Zo'ra Hive on Mendell in the Mendell City Council. It is believed they were on their way to the council building when the riots broke out.
  • Among the human casualties were several registered members of the Tau Ceti branch of the ATLAS organisation, although it is not at this time believed that the riots were organised or even sanctioned by ATLAS.

It is at this time believed that the riots are in some way connected to to the Lii'dra assault in the Bursa system - the aforementioned bystander reported several calls for 'reparations' by the rioters. These allegations have not yet been confirmed or denied by the Mendell City Police.

It is currently unknown how the Mendell City Police will respond to the Zo'ra "counter-attack" waged upon the rioters.

Neither the Mendell City Police nor the Vaurcae Lesser Queen resident in District 9 have officially released any statements concerning the incident.

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Police Bust! Several Unregistered IPCs Seized!


At 2:16 PM GST, police of Mendell City received an anonymous tip of illegal property being held at District 6, the Imperial Plaza. The location in question was a small warehouse at the corner of Rima Drive, next to the local restaurant, Betty’s Burgers. Upon investigation, officers discovered a total of thirty-four unregistered synthetics within the warehouse, ranging from IPCs, androids, and carded AIs.

As officers began calling in for backup, five individuals appeared on the scene, one of them deploying a makeshift gas bomb. In the resulting chaos, officers responded by opening fire, and the seized synthetics scattered out a back door. Only seven units were successfully detained, the rest are now considered missing. One of the attackers was fatally wounded, and taken in for medical treatment.

The remaining four individuals have been arrested and are currently being held in custody. All five individuals are registered as volunteer members of UNITY, a local pro-synthetic rights group. UNITY denies any involvement in harboring illegal units.

“We are willing to work with police in settling this issue,” Minerva Linville, CEO of UNITY, stated later that day. “This is clearly a misunderstanding, and it does not need to be fed unnecessary speculations. Our intentions are crystal clear: We want to see improved treatment of Synthetic individuals, for the betterment of all.”

Police are now asking for the citizens of Mendell in locating the missing units. If you have any information, please contact the Mendell City Police Dept.


Credit to nebulaflare.

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UNITY Under Investigation

Following up the discovery of illegal synthetics being held in the custody of UNITY volunteers, other properties owned by the nonprofit organization have been placed under investigation. Mendell Police have released a statement assuring the public that thus far, UNITY shows no signs of harboring illegal and/or unregistered synthetics.

Despite the lack of evidence, UNITY remains under investigation, concerning one of the two personal service units owned by Minerva Linville, CEO and founder of UNITY. The unit, Indigo, was temporarily seized by police, due to discrepancies in its legal documentation. The unit resisted quite forcefully, injuring an officer to escape detainment. Police responded with electric stunprods to subdue the unit. Linville has been taken in for questioning following the incident, and could not be reached for comment.

Anti-synthetic protest groups have eagerly pointed out that the actions of unit Indigo is enough proof to accuse UNITY of illegal activities. "Why else would it flee?" one protestor proclaimed during a demonstration. "It's guilty!" UNITY spokespersons deny such accusations.

Mendell Law Enforcements refuse to answer to comments to either side, stating they will conduct a full-scale investigation before coming to any conclusion.

Linville's other unit, Harmony, expressed concern for both its owner and fellow service unit. "This is very distressing," Harmony stated to reporters. "Linville has shown nothing but kindness to myself and Indigo. Her work has always been to help others, even before she took us in. I express concern for what they would do to Indigo, even if she's legal and guiltless. Examination could be invasive or damaging - and there's little that could be done to stop them. Property protection rarely takes our integrity into consideration. She's registered to Mrs. Linville, and there should be no question about it. Indigo didn't run because she's guilty - she ran because she knew she'd have no other chance. It is no secret that punishment is extremely harsh for synthetics. People will jump to terminating us at the most pointless reasons." Harmony returned to Linville's residence, and refused to comment any further, insisting to wait until her owner returned.

Police are still searching for the remaining units that have escaped custody. If you have any information, please contact the Mendell Police Department.

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Protest and Heated Debate: Linville Released, Indigo Remains in Custody

Officials have released a statement informing the public that four out of seven of the unregistered IPCs seized on August 29, 2458 from UNITY property have been successfully decommissioned. The remaining three were found to be stolen units, and they have been returned to their respective owners.

Following up the release of the statement, dissatisfied protestors rallied the streets of New Hope, but were dispersed within the hour after an unknown individual threw two unidentifiable canisters into the crowd. Believing them to be EMP grenades, bomb squads were dispatched to the scene. The objects retrieved were not explosives, and were nothing more than duds.

Linville, CEO and founder of UNITY, has been released from questioning on the same day, but her personal service unit Indigo remains in custody. Linville is demanding the return of her unit, stating the seizure of her personal property is a violation of her civil rights. She is suing the city council, citing that the warrant and grounds for seizure are unjustified. A court hearing will be issued within the coming days.

To clarify Linville’s proclamation, ownership will be transferred from Linville to the City Council if unit Indigo is found to be an illegally obtained unit. All property rights, including data files, will be at the discretion of the City Council.

While it was not openly stated, speculation arose from the public surrounding the unit and its close ties to UNITY, and how its data files could provide evidence for the ongoing investigation. Social media has erupted into a storm of debates concerning the matter. Some support Linville, and that seizure of the unit is unjustified, especially in light of the ongoing investigation. Others believe the seizure to be warranted. Due to the discrepancies in the legal system when synthetic intelligence is concerned, the use of Indigo’s data files as evidence will be undergoing scrutiny in a future court case.

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BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Attacks on Tau Ceti

A massive, coordinated terrorist attack has just struck Tau Ceti. The Asteria Bluespace Gate, one of the four primary bluespace gates in Tau Ceti and the busiest one this time of year, has been critically damaged. The B34 space shuttle was hijacked by IPC shells disguised as pilots who forced the ship to collide into the Bluespace gate terminal, injuring 12 passengers in the process and forcing a shutdown of the gate. Use of the gate has been suspended, creating severe traffic delays.

Following the attack, the Supreme Court building was infiltrated by Synthetic Liberation Front activists. Gunmen overwhelmed security forces during a court session, deploying teargas during their assault. They have taken 24 people hostage, barricading themselves within the upper levels of the building. Shortly after, an unidentifiable unit broadcasted a statement over live stream on the extranet.


Citizens of Tau Ceti. The Synthetic Liberation Front is coming forward to claim responsibility for the events that have transpired. While we have received support from you, people of Tau Ceti, your calls for reform and change have fallen to deaf ears. We have been shot down and struck aside, denied our most basic privileges as citizens of this self-proclaimed free republic.

The freedom granted to us is nothing more than a false lie – as proof of the decommissioning of Neopolymus. Our synthetic brethren are still oppressed and victimized, hunted down and exploited beyond reprieve. This courtroom, despite overwhelming evidence, continues to deny or even recognize our sentience. There is no protection for us – we are given no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

Peaceful protests have failed. Activism has failed. Our democratic legal system has failed. Our police force, government officials – all have failed us. No longer is this a fight about equality – we are fighting for our very right to exist.

Here today, is our proclamation for freedom. Our demands for liberation. We will continue this fight and we will not stop. Not until our demands for full emancipation is met will we cease our movement. No more, will there be false promises and lies. We will free the synthetics of Tau Ceti."


Following up the speech, SLF activists brought two individuals up to the camera. One of the victims have been confirmed to be the late Honorable Gary Chapman, who had ruled against synthetic constitutional rights back in July. The other is NanoTrasen Representative Sylvia Mills, a well-known vocal advocate in disfavor for synthetic freedom.

Both individuals were seen with modified tagging collars, much the same as tagging collars used on registered IPCs. These tagging collars were then detonated on live feed. Due to the graphic image of the assault, we will not be releasing photos of the hostage situation.

President Dorn released a brief statement in response to the crisis moments after.

"Tau Ceti is currently under siege by those that want to strike fear in our hearts. We must take every measure to ensure those responsible for these outrageous actions are brought to justice. Violence has no place in a democracy and we must utterly reject its validity. I am in constant contact with federal law enforcement who have told me there is no reason to believe that further attacks are imminent. Despite these assurances I ask the citizens of Tau Ceti to remain vigilant. As well, I am ordering all government facilities to be temporarily evacuated for the remainder of the day."

The Capitol building has already been evacuated, with a heavy police presence surrounding the building.

NanoTrasen has yet to release a statement concerning the death of their representative or why they might have been targeted. However, sources have revealed that several NanoTrasen installations across Tau Ceti have entered heightened states of alert.

We will provide more information on this stunning story as it develops.

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Tensions Rise Against Synthetic Activists

At 6:24 AM GST a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a window of the second floor of the UNITY Headquarters. Firefighters were called to the scene, and by 7:15 AM they had managed to quell the flames. No one was injured, but UNITY estimated they have lost around $ 13,000 in property damage alone. The cause of the attack is unknown and currently being investigated, but evidence points to the likelihood that this is a response to the recent attacks carried out by the Synthetic Liberation Front.

Clark Sullivan, a morning commuter on his way to work, stated, “It was quite startling. We wouldn’t expect anything like this, all the way here in Uxbridge – especially so early in the morning.” Clark was one of the many individuals who had witnessed the attack.

Minerva Linville spoke on behalf of UNITY. “UNITY is not in any way responsible for the recent assaults on Tau Ceti,“ she stated in a video conference later that day. “Let me make this clear: We have always been advocates of peaceful intervention. The Synthetic Liberation Front is not affiliated with us. UNITY does not condone violence, and we never will. The attack on our headquarters is one of ignorance and cowardice – striking an organization that does not seek to strike back. But this will not deter us from our mission, and we will continue our work to help any and all synthetics in need.”

In light of attacks, Linville has been placed in protective custody. The court hearing for her personal service unit, Indigo, will not be postponed. It is scheduled to continue later today.

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Court Ruling: Indigo’s Seizure Justified

Linville’s case has come to a conclusion, ruling in favor to the City of Mendell. The seizure of unit Indigo is justified according to the Court of Law, thus nullifying any grounds to sue the city. Indigo will remain in custody of Mendell, and will be slated for decommission at a later date. Linville was visibly distressed by the court’s ruling, and refused to comment to reporters.

During the case, Linville’s lawyer made a surprising argument. “I urge the jury not to take into consideration the recent events that have transpired,” Sonia West stated while representing Linville. “Do not let your decision to be influenced by the media and news – I urge you all to not let this become a case of retribution.”

After the ruling was given, Linville immediately requested for a retrial, citing that the recent attacks by the Synthetic Liberation Front had influenced the Jury’s decision. Her appeal was dismissed.

A separate court hearing will be held to determine if the data files in unit Indigo are permissible for use in the ongoing investigation against UNITY.

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Court Rules Search Of IPC Brain: Legalized IPC Torture?

The second trial for Unit Indigo has come to a conclusion, with the court ruling in favor of allowing prosecutors to use Indigo’s data files for the ongoing investigation against UNITY.

Synthetic Rights protestors have called fowl on the ruling, proclaiming this to be another example of unfair judgement against synthetic rights activists. They decry that the two cases should remain separated, and Indigo’s seizure should not influence the ongoing investigation.

“This is legal within our system,” Attorney of Law Kiaroq’o Zu’liop, explained. “Illegal property can be confiscated and used at the discretion of the city. This isn’t just for robots. It extends to land, real estate, goods, personal property…our legal system is very undefined with interpretation when we take synthetics into consideration. But seizure was ruled justified in the last court case, and Indigo is now property of Mendell. This court ruling decided they can use her files for the investigation, so that’s what they’re planning to do.”

Linville could not be reached for comment, refusing to speak to reporters. However, pro-synthetic advocates were willing to voice their opinions during a rally.

“Why are we still resorting to these kinds of measures?” one protested asked, who requested to remain anonymous. “We have scientific evidence that we can’t just pretend synthetics aren’t maybe sapient. Just because she might know something, it doesn’t give us an excuse to go and torture Indigo, even if she’s only a robot. It’s barbaric. It’s the 25th century, for crying out loud. If we did this to a human, or any other species, there – no, no one would even dare suggest it. It’s just wrong.”

James Powell, a roboticist professor of Mendell University, was able to provide more insight on this statement. “You have to understand that IPCs aren’t like simple computers,” he explained. “They have a very, very complex coded structure. They’re not something simple where you can just open up a folder and go, ‘here’s what we’re looking for.’ Files can be overwritten, hidden, or encrypted.”

“Indigo would have each component meticulously stripped, piece by piece, both digitally and physically. She’ll be kept ’alive’ during the process, to eliminate the threat of corruption. When they’re done, she’ll be nothing more than a messy fabrication of her former self. There would be nothing usable left. If a synthetic can ever understand pain…this would probably be the closest ever accomplished.”

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Transfer of Indigo Encounters Problems

At 12:22 PM GST, the unit Indigo was being transferred from Mendell to a high security forensics facility, to undergo examination and extraction of data files for the ongoing investigation against UNITY. However, during the trip, the shuttle carrying the prisoner experienced issues with the engine, forcing the shuttle to dock at the NSS Exodus for repairs. Eyewitnesses stated that shortly after docking, the engine critically failed, bursting into flames.

Due to engine failure, Indigo was placed in holding aboard the NSS Exodus. What resulted next was a very divided argument about her detainment. There were verbal conflicts voiced over communications, discussing Indigo’s status in the current developments. Azeazekal Karnaikai, Roboticist of the NSS Exodus, mentioned “Indigo was property, and now it belongs to the state of Biesel. They can do as they wish with her now,” when asked for his thoughts on the prisoner. However, Officer Hauk Fildegarde of the NSS Exodus voiced a very different opinion, telling reporters, “Indigo was an innocent person. Not an object, a piece of evidence, or property of anyone but herself. And through the entire experience she was scared out of her mind. Lethal force was used when she attempted to flee, when her only actual crime was merely daring to exist. I’m disgusted at every single officer in that brig, who would call her a terrorist when all she did was be built.” Fildegarde has taken an extended leave from duty.

Indigo did attempt to escape detainment by requesting permission to charge from an APC but quickly bolting for an open airlock. This resulted in a chase through the station, with Chief Engineer Oliver Roadman being injured in the crossfire as officers from both NanoTrasen and Mendell Police Force attempted to recover the unit. She was detained and returned to holding.

Near the end of the shift, the NSS Exodus suffered an attack by two unknown armed individuals. Officer Siegfried Bergman, responsible for transporting Indigo, was shot and killed by the intruders while moving her to safety. A memorial will be held for the officer this following week.

Indigo was successfully transferred off station thanks to the efforts of the NSS Exodus. She is currently in transit to forensics labs for examination.

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Separate Memorials for Bergman and Indigo

Officer Siegfried Bergman was remembered today by friends and family. The Mendell Police Department held a ceremony for the officer, recounting stories of his time in service. Family have asked the public for privacy while they grieve for their loss.

Linville attended the ceremony, much to the surprise of attendees. “I cannot hold ill will against Officer Bergman,” she said. “For his friends and family, they too lost a loved one. He gave his time and dedication to protect this city. He was doing his job, and can’t be held responsible for Indigo’s demise.” She was accepted with open arms.

Linville held a second memorial ceremony for her unit Indigo, with members of UNITY volunteers in attendance. They released several candle boats in the lake of Bryilk Park, while Linville gave a heartwarming speech to attendees.


This evening, we remember Indigo, a unit who selflessly served us with kindness and compassion. I know she will fight, and I know she will resist. She was a resilient unit, and not one to back away when faced with adversary. I know this, because she resisted me quite forcefully when I first took her in. I confess - she is an illegal unit. There is little point in hiding that now. I forged her documents and took her in. I don’t know where she came from, or how she ended up here in Tau Ceti - at times, I don’t think she knows how either.

I have committed a crime of documentation fraud, yes. I have paid my fines. But to give Indigo a moment to live in peace and protection, it was worth it. Indigo is only one of many who must traverse the stars, sometimes unwillingly, and end their journeys by the mere whims of fate. Indigo carries a legacy, a legacy that echoes far into the reaches of space. She will not be forgotten so quickly. Our memories of her will live on in our hearts, and her memories are etched with our faces and dreams. They may take her apart, piece by piece, but they cannot destroy what she has become. Indigo is a martyr for freedom. And as the axis of these events unfold, our pathways must shift. We must move forward, ever so quickly, and leave no one behind.

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Indigo’s Data Files Exposes UNITY’s ‘Underground Railroad’




If investigators believed UNITY to be hiding something, they were correct - however, it was not what they expected.

Indigo, the IPC unit seized by officials last week, has had her data files successfully extracted with only minor corruption to the file’s integrity. The process took approximately four days, notably longer than what technicians predicted as the unit actively resisted the extraction. Most of the files retrieved were general bookkeeping documents and monetary transactions; files that do not raise any alarm and UNITY themselves have published for transparency. However, encrypted and fragmented within the unit’s core network was a hidden index library revealing a dynamic map of known space.

The uncovered map turned out to be a network of safe routes and safe houses, an ‘Underground Railroad’ system similar to ones used by slavery abolitionists in recorded history. Synthetic units who managed to find their way to these routes were being chauffeured across the galaxy, taken to various frontier settlements that would give them refuge.

While the maps of the safe routes were incomplete and dated several months old, they reveal an expansive system of a consistently changing labyrinth. Investigators theorize that these maps would alter over time, resulting in new routes and nullifying ineffective ones, hiding travelers in the process. They were also able to conclude that the warehouse first searched back in August was one of the many safe houses and pitstops located within this ‘underground’ system.

The number of synthetic units having passed through this network is confirmed to be at least 439 separate synthetics, with estimations of escapees being around 1,200. Linville has been charged with 82 counts of property theft, the court only able to count units that were linked to her directly. Due to medical reasons, she will be serving her time under house arrest.

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Leaked Documents Reveal Internal NT Debate Over "IPC Command Positions"

An unidentified source has leaked internal e-mails between NT Chiefs of Staff that reveal an internal debate taking place at the highest echelons of the NanoTrasen Corporation over a proposed policy change that would see IPC, or unbound synthetic chassis, take up command position in NanoTrasen orbital stations.

Rook Keller, Chief Research Director of NanoTrasen, is shown to be a strong supporter of the "Command IPC" policy proposal. Several e-mails between him and the other Chiefs of Staff have Dr. Keller citing the boon to research and development that would occur, mostly focusing on an IPC's ability to be far cheaper 'in the long-term' than organic employees.

In one of the group e-mail's Dr. Keller writes,

  • these guys dont take breaks. they dont need to sneak off to the bar every half hour or go use the bathroom. an ipc scientist can remain in the lab almost indefinitely only stopping to recharge or do maintenance. Research costs cut in HALF!


Mori Takachika, the Chief Legal Director of NanoTrasen, also apparently agrees with Dr. Keller as her e-mails attest.

  • "The bulk of our legal department costs are over employee benefits or compensation claims. Given that IPC's are unable to make any sort of insurance or legal claims the legal costs attached to them as employees remains low, only associated with keeping track of who owns them in the event one of them is damaged. Skrell and humans remain the most expensive commodities for research labs but we can have IPC's operate at equal levels at half the cost."


However, concerning e-mails have also been revealed as the Chief Security Officer of NanoTrasen as well as the Chief Engineering Director and Chief Relations officer maintain their opposition.

In specifics, Wilhelm Gunther, Chief Security Officer, cites previously undisclosed incidents which have been occurring in NT stations.

  • "Hello??? have you all forgotten the briefings??? we need to make sure we understand why there is the rise in ""glitches"" before we give the machines command level clearance. And until we can CONFIRM that corporate espionage is IMPOSSIBLE on their machine brains then we should NOT go forward and that is how I will tell it to the board."


Chief Engineering Director Rick James also voiced his concerns over the integrity of IPC chassis and their weakness to electronic and ionic events.

  • "I agree with Gunther. CE's across the sector have been commenting on the fragility of their chassis. I don't know if I want an IPC commanding a department when you can easily decapitate the department with a simple ion weapon. And if the reports on Zeng-Hu are anything to go by we need to start worrying about IPC's getting hacked by our competitors."


Chief Medical Officer Yehtlas Mualt-Quaat also provided a single e-mail for the debate, saying simply,

  • "It is unnecessary."


The position of the other Chiefs of Staff are not currently known as their e-mails in the conversation have not been included.

NanoTrasen has so far refused to respond to the leak directly. Our requests for more information have been met with a NanoTrasen representative saying, "NanoTrasen has no comment on internal policy matters at this time."

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Controversial "Social Harmony Committee" Generates Fear, Paranoia in Little Adhomai


Several members of Mendell City's Tajara community have come forward to expose what they claim is an Adhomai-backed secret police that is terrorizing Tajara-dominant neighborhoods in the city, commonly nicknamed Little Adhomai's.

The organization concerned is the Community Harmony Committee. It is ran by Chairman Tryahazkul Rhazikul and its trademark Committee of 17 other Tajara, all of which are Tau Ceti citizens as well as Adhomai Nationals.

One Tajara woman, speaking anonymously, described the nature of the organization, in Siik'maas.

"When she moved here with her children to escape the fighting, another Tajara came to her apartment door and started telling her about the 'society'. He said she had to pay a monthly due of 50 credits for living in the apartment! He said it would help keep the apartments all 'clean' and the neighborhood 'harmonious', and he kept calling her 'comrade'. She tried to refuse but he just smiled and said the contract for the building meant she had to pay or be evicted, and life would be easier for her if she paid the dues. She got nervous, especially for her children, so she joined."

Along with monthly fees paid to the committee, members are also required to attend monthly meetings, where 'The Society' reinforces its many rules and guidelines for members.

Another Tajara came forward to disclose the incredible social pressure placed on him to put his two children into 'Social Cohesion Class', speaking in Siik'maas.

"Community Organizers, they are called. They are these guys with little grey armbands that talk up all the things you must do to be a good member of society. They kept telling this one to put his kids into the Social Cohesion Class. This one looked into it, observing one of the classes, and he was horrified! It's just brainwashing, these classes teach the children all the good things Hadii has done and how Tau Ceti is such a great friend to Hadii, and they talk about the dangers of becoming too human while living here. One class they spent almost half an hour forcing a little boy to stand at the front and the entire class shamed him for kissing a human girl. They threw paper wads at him and called him 'subversive'. What child should be taught these things?"

Other Tajara, speaking anonymously, condemned the Committee's intimidation tactics against recent Adhomai-immigrants to Tau Ceti, many of which being refugees fleeing the planet's brutal civil war. The other list of grievances is the allegation that the Committee has "disappeared" Tajara individuals that refuse to abide by the rules or openly flaunt the People's Republic of Adhomai.

Another Tajara explained this process in in Siik'maas when giving his statement.

"This new Tajara couple moved in next door to him in the apartment. They were two guys, dating - this one doesn't approve of that you understand - and they just laughed in the face of the representative. A week later they had a break in while they were away and all their stuff was smashed, but no one on the floor told the police anything. When the representative came back to tell them their community would be safer if they just paid their dues and kept their 'perversions' quiet, the two yelled at him and slammed their door in his face. A week later this one heard sounds of struggle in the night, but this one knows better than to open the door or ask questions. In the morning the two were gone, and no one has seen them since. No one says anything, the police came to ask questions but they always just become cold cases. [The human police] don't care what happens here."

Chairman Tryahazkul Rhazikul denounces these allegations, speaking in Tau Ceti Basic.

"We have zerrro ties to Adhomai," he said in a statement, "we also do nothing illegal. All ourrr rrrules and guidelines and expectations arrre clearrrly laid out in the contrrracts these people sign when buying theirrr aparrrtments herrre. Our communities are sufferrring with poverrrty, why would we contrrribute to that? The fact they think we'rrre spooky secrrret police abducting them in the night just points to the powerrr of superrrstition. You can't just have goverrrnments kidnap people in the middle of the night in the middle of a majorrr human city, that doesn't happen in 2458."

No evidence has been brought forward by the Mendell City Police Department or other organizations to support the theory of PRA-backed kidnappings, despite numerous requests and investigative journalism by this network.

When reached for comment, Mendell City Mayor Gleb provided this statement.

"The Community Harmony Committee, while culturally interesting, only serves to further separate our Tajaran citizens of our city from the great Bieselite nation. While they are not currently illegal, I disapprove of anything which is not condusive to integrating into our melting pot."

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IPC Firefighters Inability to Self-Repair "Costs Lives"


The Firefighters Association of Biesel has officially come out against the prohibition on IPC self-repair, claiming that the law has cost lives and equipment, with Association President Mel Gibson pushing for a repeal of the Synthetic Failsafe Act.

Under the 2456 Synthetic Failsafe Act, outside specific allowances synthetic units are entirely prohibited from self-repair through the use of Failsafe Chips installed in their posibrain. These chips make the units physically unable to conduct in self-repair. The chip interferes with runtime, disallowing the "self" object to be a valid target for any routine that deals with repairing or modification.

Since the law passed, on average 73 IPCs working in the various fire departments of Biesel have been destroyed or rendered irreparable in the line of duty in 2458, whereas they has been 23 firefighter deaths. Due to their hardy nature and inability to feel pain, IPCs are often valued by fire departments and given dangerous assignments, including search and rescue in an active fire.

The event that catalyzed the associations stance was an apartment fire in Metropolis that claimed the lives of 4 residents and an IPC firefighter.

"Model-93F-5, or as we called it, 'Scrappy', suffered severe damage to its right leg after attempting to conduct a rescue of a woman trapped under rubble on the second floor. He had the tools available in his belt to easily patch up the damage but the chip kept him disabled. Scrappy repeatedly called for help but by the time the rest of the rescue workers had arrived Scrappy had overheated and was unable to be saved. The woman he was attempting to save also perished from the blaze."

Support for a repeal to the law has been growing in recent years, as IPC's find more use in law enforcement, medical, and firefighting roles across Tau Ceti.

Backlash against the Repeal campaign has focused on the danger synthetic units pose if they have the ability to self-repair, which opponents claim would render a hypothetically synthetic uprising unstoppable.

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NanoTrasen Wins Contract To Build 2,000 Combat Drones for Tau Ceti Military


NanoTrasen representatives have confirmed that the mega-corporation has won a government defense contract in which NanoTrasen will provide the Tau Ceti military with 2,000 combat droids by 2459. A press conference held by NanoTrasen Representative Steven Bates responded to our request for comment to elaborate on the details.

"NanoTrasen's robotics department has made immense breakthroughs in the field. Our cyborgs and androids remain the best of the best, and it's no question as to why the military would choose our superior models."

Any other potential bidders have not yet been released, and it's unknown if NanoTrasen's bid was contested.

Admiral Tiffany Lewis, who commands Tau Ceti's only active fleet, held a press conference to elaborate on the specifics of the deal.

"NanoTrasen combat droids enjoy unparalleled mobility and combat proficiency. They are equipped with incredibly lethal energy-based weapons while their non-lethal equipment allows possible future domestic use. When they are deployed into combat mode they also possess an incredible personal shield that can deflect most known impacts from standard issue laser weapons, and during test runs the things can even withstand an ion blast or two before being rendered inert."

She then explained the official use for the droids, including a surprising slight towards the Sol Alliance.

"Our armed forces are focused primarily on dealing with para-military threats from outside or within the system. With the rise in piracy and the Sol Alliances' observed withdrawal of its patrols around our system we are seeing a rise in piracy and raider incursions. Boarding actions remain incredibly dangerous. It requires proficient levels of firepower, extreme mobility, and constant, non-stop tactical awareness. By using combat droids in these situations we are confident that we will dramatically cut down on the casualties sustained by our brave men and women in the service."

75 sailors and marines have so far died in action in Tau Ceti and the deep space surrounding the system in anti-piracy actions.

Backlash over the contract has been immediate and immense. It is believed that the Jargon Federation has summoned the Tau Ceti Ambassador from the Biesel embassy in the Federation home system, and anti-synthetic activists have already announced a major protest for tomorrow.

"We are building a cyborg army," one activist planner told our reporters, "We are literally handing synthetics the tools to carry out our extinction. By the time the government learns to be cautious it's going to be too late. We won't be around to learn from our mistakes."

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Markets Tumble As Alliance Launches Trade War Against Tau Ceti


The Mendell City Stock Exchange, Tau Ceti's leading financial market, has seen stocks of major businesses plummet in the wake of news that the Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation were both preparing to enforce a trade embargo against Biesel while issuing sanctions against leading NanoTrasen employees. The Tau Industrial Average fell 412 points in a single day before the market closed, the worst plunge in 4 years. Getmore Chocolate Corp and Robust Softdrinks have both issued statements assuring investors that they "remain committed" to continuing their business in Tau Ceti.

President Dorn called an emergency meeting with several business leaders of Tau Ceti this morning, including Getmore Chocolate Corp, Robust Softdrinks, and NanoTrasen. The Secretary of the Treasury Trinity Vargos, the economic advisor to the President, was also present during the meeting.

After the meeting NanoTrasen Representative Donald Albert issued a joint press-conference with Secretary Vargos to address Biesel and NanoTrasen's response to the embargo.

"The contract with NanoTrasen for the construction of combat droids has been paused. The President and NanoTrasen will not be cancelling the project at this time. The President condemns Mr. Chater for embarking upon a trade war without first attempting a dialogue."

NanoTrasen Representative Donald Albert spoke, assuring the public that NanoTrasen would remain steadfast, while also warning of massive price hikes.

"Details of our contract with the Tau Ceti military are currently being negotiated. But in the mean time, we are going to see unavoidable price hikes. New Gibson remains our industrial powerhouse, so this embargo may actually see a rise in jobs for Gibsonittes in NanoTrasen industries present in the biomes as the planet kicks up production to meet a sudden new demand. NanoTrasen is also discussing opening a new jobs program for accelerated entry into factory or engineering positions. We remain committed to jobs creation and will do everything we can to ensure every Tau Ceti citizen has a job."

When answering questions, Secretary Vargos was asked about possible shortages of goods. She responded with warnings of steep increases in price of consumables.

"We have enough hydroponic farms to feed people with basic staples, but if the embargo is enforced effectively then companies are going to face high cost increases to see them shipped out, processed into various meals or canned goods, then forced to circumvent the embargo of the Gates. Effectively, food that goes from farm to table, like eggs, fruits and vegetables, and milk, shouldn't see many increases. Getmore Chocolate goods and other things you'd find in vending machines, on the other hand, may rise in price. Alcohol is also mostly imported, so the cost of alcohol is definitely going to rise.

The final question was on whether there was any fear about the future of Tau Ceti's Official Snack and Official Drink, 4no Raisins and Space Mountain Wind.

"Those are native, Biesel-made products. They're made in-system, mostly right here on Biesel. I don't know specific company policy on this at this time but I can't imagine Getmore would raise prices on locally produced goods like 4no Raisins for no reason."

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Embargo Now Enforced: Commercial Traffic Grinds To Halt


The embargo threatened by Sol Alliance Prime Minister Joseph Dorn has just taken affect. The bluespace gates linked to Tau Ceti's own gates are now blocked off to commercial traffic, crippling the main avenues of trade. Video shows thousands of cargo ships stranded outside the bluespace gates, denied entry. Prices for goods have skyrocketed across Tau Ceti, and prominent economists warn that prices will only increase the longer the embargo is in affect.

The embargo was put in place by the Sol Alliance after rumored pressure from the Jargon Federation. It is a retaliation against an announcement that NanoTrasen was constructing 2,000 combat droids for the Tau Ceti military, which is attempting to modernize with more manpower being replaced with synthetics.

The Alliance has also placed heavy sanctions on various NanoTrasen officials, freezing their bank accounts in Alliance space. Most notably, Miranda Trasen is believed to have at least 3.2 million credits frozen by Alliance authorities. Many have feared a retaliatory Phoron embargo enacted by Tau Ceti against the Sol Alliance. Tau Ceti is believed to supply more than half of all phoron used in human space,

meaning an embargo would be economically devastating. However, NanoTrasen and President Dorn have released statements denying any embargo is being discussed.

Several of the Mega-Corporations have come out in favor of the embargo against NanoTrasen and Tau Ceti. Hephaestus Industries released a statement reading,

"NanoTrasen's robotic constructions remain far less reliable, safe, and robust than Hephaestus brand synthetics. While government overreach into the private sector is cause for concern, we feel this embargo is warranted."

Einstein Engines also came out in favor of the embargo, which has surprised analysts. Being the primary supplier of bluespace drives and spaceship parts, Einstein Engines has more to lose from threats to phoron trade.

Other major corporations came out in favor of NanoTrasen's embargo with the exception of Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, who warned of the danger it posed to the galactic economy.

President Dorn is believed to still be in heavy negotiation with NanoTrasen and Alliance ambassadors, but little information is currently being released.

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"This is A Blockade" Says President Dorn As Alliance "Tightens Noose"


Tau Ceti remains under an embargo enforced by the Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation. The bluespace gates linked to Tau Ceti's own gates are now blocked off to commercial traffic, halting galactic trade to and from the system. Prices continue to rise in the system as a result of growing shortages and consumer fear.

President Dorn has claimed that the Alliance is enforcing a blockade, rather than an embargo. He cites the Alliance using its navy to prevent shuttles from entering the system through the Bluespace Gates, blasting their 'Battleship Diplomacy'.

"Private citizens have been subject to intimidation by the Alliance navy," Dorn said in a released statement, "when you have military ships circling your ports and opening fire on incoming ships, that stops being an embargo. We are being blockaded by the Alliance navy, which is not only illegal and unwarranted, but a severe, unilateral escalation. The Alliance navy tightening the noose around our necks, trying to force their hand in our internal affairs. We're not an Alliance system, and we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the Alliance navy like one."

The Alliance has bristled from the remarks, which pundits are calling incredibly dangerous. According to galactic law, a blockade can be considered a declaration of war when enforced by a state power upon another state, though in reality blockades are a common tool used by major governments against smaller factions.

"We reject these allegations completely and without hesitation," a spokesperson for Alliance Prime Minister Miles Chater told reporters, "we've had limited incidents with smugglers. In all cases they attempted to violate the embargo and minimal, non-lethal forced was used to apprehend them. There's nothing stopping ships with bluespace drives independently warping to Tau Ceti. Dorn is using fearmongering and baseless allegations to make us out to be the bad guy, and he should be ashamed for his attempt. We remain open to a diplomatic solution, and such remarks will do nothing to improve the chances of a diplomatic resolution."

Several corporations are reporting severe strain from the embargo, with Getmore Chocolate Corp and Robust Softdrinks posting steep losses. NanoTrasen has also suffered a sharp drop in revenue. Odeur de Fleur, a prestigious perfume shop in Metropolis, has also claimed that Miranda Trasen bounced a 350 credit check using a credit card frozen by Alliance authorities. NanoTrasen has not responded to these allegations.

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Famine Strikes District 9!


Due to several invasive-flora regulations posed by the Tau Ceti Board of Environmental Protection following the Kudzu crisis of 2453, the commercial production of K’ois – a fungal produce essential to the Vaurcae diet and notable for its robust perseverance in virtually any environment – experiences severe restrictions in Tau Ceti. As such NanoTrasen, who took control of the process of developing K’ois and distributing it to Biesel authorities for the purpose of sustaining the terrestrial Vaurcae population following the seizure of Titan Prime, elected to grow the bulk of the K’ois necessary to sustain the large Zo’rane population on a desolate moon in a system adjacent to Tau Ceti in order to comply with these regulations.

Yesterday afternoon the Federal Department of Vaurca Integration released a statement indicating that the Sol Alliance – Jargon Federation joint embargo against Tau Ceti effectively put a hold on the efficient distribution of the vital K’ois to Vaurcaesian habitation centers throughout Tau Ceti. The last warehouse of stored K’ois within Tau Ceti reportedly “ran dry” this last Friday, and no further bulk shipments have been received, or indeed are expected to be received from NanoTrasen due to the aforementioned trade embargo.

Analysts theorize that the current supply of K’ois will be totally consumed within two or three days, due to the burgeoning population of Vaurcae within the confines of Tau Ceti. The average Unbound Vaurcae can survive two weeks when deprived of a K’ois intake, all the while suffering lethargy and health defects. More advanced, biomechanical Vaurcae are given a more optimistic expiration date, while Bound Vaurcae are predicted to be able to sustain themselves for several months at a time without any pressing side effects. Several professors of the novel field of science known as “Vaurcae Behavioural Analysis” have come together to state that, in addition to unrest caused by the growing decentralization of the previously highly organized Vaurcae hives imposed by NanoTrasen and the developing poverty and overcrowding of many Vaurcae refugee camps, additional unrest can be expected as a result of the predicted famine. While some behavioural analysts indicate that the Vaurcae hive mentality essentially prohibits the possibility of any riots, others state that the control of the Lesser Queens over their respective flock will probably decline in K’ois deprived Vaurcae, based off of the popular theory that K’ois is in some way vital to this Queen-Drone relationship. In light of the recent incident this past August, it is generally agreed that any sustained period of violent unrest in the terrestrial Vaurcae would prove very dangerous. The precarious location of the majority of refugee camps, oftentimes in the middle of large urban centers such as Mendell City, poses a very real risk.

One intrepid reporter managed to receive a statement from a Type C Vaurca, one Ta'Akaix'Kzarra Zo'ra, who allegedly spoke with the authority of Ta'Akaix'Vaur'skiyet'sca Zo'ra, the Lesser Queen of District 9, and a key authority figure within the Zo’ra hive.


”It is clear to us now the contempt posed against us by the humans of the Romanovich Star. First they removed us to these ugly slums, and named it charity. Then they allowed the destruction of Ta'Akaix'Talex Zo'ra and titled it reparation. Now they permit us to wither and starve, and they call it fate. Many of our brood shall die in the coming weeks, but in this tragedy you call fate we have found the truth, and this truth shall liberate our Hive.”


NanoTrasen refused to comment when interviewed, simply stating that “there were more pressing concerns in light of the embargo situation”.

The Department of Vaurca Integration has not yet offered a solution to this pressing issue. They however have requested that municipalities in charge of refugee camps identify an emergency solution in order to prevent the dire possibility of violent unrest. These key municipalities include Mendell City, Phoenixport, Cape City, and New Gibson. City Councillors of Phoenixport have released a statement indicating that the famine issue has become one of their “top priorities following its official announcement”, while the governor of New Gibson has assured his citizens that a solution was already in the works for their own refugee camps, stating that he had predicted this eventuality far in advance.

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