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Chance Mendoza's Corporate Security Cap


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BYOND Key: Loow

Character name: Chance Mendoza

Item name: Mendoza's Corporate Security Cap

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Chance wore this cap every shift when he worked aboard another station. The cap eventually became something of a calling card for Chance among the crew. One of his closest friends even inscribed a note on the bill of the hat, making it nearly priceless to Chance. He brought this cap with him when he transferred to the Aurora. He' d keep the cap with him as a memento of his time before Aurora as well as the friends he left behind at his old workplace.

Item function(s): Exactly the same as the Corporate Security Cap.

Item description: It's baseball hat in corporate colors."C. Mendoza" is embroidered in fine print on the bill. On the underside of the cap, in dark ink, the phrase "Gamble till you're Lucky!" is written in loopy, cursive handwriting.

Item appearance: Same as the Corporate Security Cap in game.

Additional comments:

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Chance wouldn't be the same without a corporate security cap. Without it he's basically naked. It's more important to him than his trust har- I mean. Stun baton. Yeah.

+1 From me. I think this is an item that really defines Chance as a character, and I'd like to see him with a (slightly) special cap.

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Why not just use a regular cap?


This cap in particular holds a significant sentimental value to Chance.

One of his closest friends even inscribed a note on the bill of the hat...


To him, this hat shows where he's come from, how far he's got left to go, and all in all that he knew people who "gave a damn" at some point.

Why does this quote and cap matter so much to Chance? Ask ICly.

I'm not playing all of my cards on the app to get the item. If there's a story to be told, I don't want to spoil it for the people who actually care to hear it ICly by explaining it in excruciating detail in a OOC outlet.

Get to know Chance and ask him after a while. He'll probably tell you. If you ask him at "the drop of a hat", he'll probably not care to tell you his life story. In order to leave something to be learned about the character, I'm not going to post it here.

If you require further information for the purpose of evaluating this application, feel free to PM me. If you're fine just knowing that his cap holds "significant sentimental value", ask any more questions in this thread.

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I wouldn't mind seeing this in game, I can happily support the app.

But to further the, couldn't you use a normal cap point: The sprite is exactly the same, unless you give it to someone they wouldn't see the stuff that "adds sentimental value" so what stops use using a normal corp sec hat and using it as if it did have the writing?

Once again, I do support this app though, just trying to explain where Tish was coming from.

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So looking back to what I said earlier I hadn't noticed but for some reason Sue or Skull or Scopes or someone has removed the corporate caps from the lockers, which sucks ass, so yea, I can support this.

Or the addition of corp caps to the custom spawning list

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I'm still very interested in this item. I would gladly accept a custom sprite similar to how Monkey suggested, but I will not hold my breath for it. If anyone has any comments, questions, hopes or dreams regarding this hat, do please share them with me. I would love for this item to happen and would likely move Chance back to the top of my character-priority-list if it became a reality.

Please let me know what you think.

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I think I can approve of this. It shows experience for the character in the field since he has a little token to prove how long he's been working other than word. Consider your application approved. It will be placed in the Accepted Items sub until completed, in which case it'll be moved to Completed Items.

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