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Player Complaint - actualbear/filthyfrankster

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BYOND Key: Sycmos
Game ID: N/A
Player Byond Key/Character name: Discord name actualbear, ckey filthyfrankster
Staff involved: Roostercat

Reason for complaint: 

Over the course of nearly three months, on both the Aurora Relay and Main Discords, Aurora community member actual/filthyfrankster has been routinely posting sexist and racist rhetoric and "memes" under the thin pretense of "humor" by way of a character named "Measurehead", from Disco Elysium. For those uninitiated:

"He is a Semenese supremacist who participates in "science"-anthropometry based racism, considering most races - particularly mixed individuals with a Semenese parent - to be beneath him.

To Measurehead, the people of the Occident (whom he calls "Ham Sandwiches" or Occidental Haplogroup B4) have fallen from grace after giving the world eugenics, electricity, missiles, and aerostatics, on top of other scientific advances (like race theory). He considers the end of brutal subjugation of other cultures to be a sign of weakness and of things to come."

Actualbear often makes several of these posts daily, some in rapid succession and others spread throughout the day. Dialogue screenshots from Disco Elysium promoting fascism, sexism and the utility of phrenology, a pseudoscience involving measurements of the skull that was once used to affirm European superiority over other races, are the most common behind images of Measurehead themselves (who they also use as their Discord profile picture). Remarks about the insignificance or annoyance of women on Aurora, requesting to measure players' skulls, and endorsement of racist behavior usually follow behind these screenshots. On one occasion a meme regarding the Israeli Mossad's capture of Otto Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 was posted. 

This kind of rhetoric going completely ignored by both players and moderation staff is completely unacceptable and a stain on the image of the community. Without the context of Disco Elysium, something that I would venture that most players are likely not privy to, it looks like the ramblings of a racist, sexist troll trying to bank on reactions by repeatedly making the same type of posts. With the context of Disco Elysium it is still incredibly tasteless, and an enormous show of immaturity to perpetuate this rhetoric for 'humor' for such a long period. It's offensive, unfunny and completely out of line for what we should be expecting of player conduct in our public spaces.

Below I have compiled a rather comprehensive gallery of screenshots of actualbear's remarks.


Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation:

Approximate Date/Time: 2/11/2023 6:49AM EST

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I don't believe there is much I can say in my defense to this, it was a joke that ran from funny the first couple of times to completely dead, and it seems I've beaten the dead horse long enough. I'm not sure if simply saying sorry will absolve me of everything said, but I wish that it had been brought up to me sooner if it was making someone feel uncomfortable.

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Hi. Sorry this took so long, quite simply forgot about it. 


Anyway, there really isn't a world in which any of this doesn't look terrible. I'm not really sure how we went this long without anyone seeing or doing anything about this, but that's going to change. This is going to be a discord ban until appeal, which you can do in a month. I don't think there needs to be much explanation as to why. This stuff ain't okay.


If there's nothing else, this will be closed tomorrow.

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