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Roostercat Admin Complaint

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BYOND Key: BenAflekisanOkActor
Staff BYOND Key: RoosterCat
Game ID: cqR-drbO

Let me preface this with saying I don't mind a warning because I did do something based on RP I wasn't aware canon. 

We had a round where the INDRA had a small, relatively contained, explosion. The AI makes an announcement that it was sabotaged, so I (The XO) check the cameras on the bridge and notice that it's not really the INDRA that's exploded, but rather a small breach in the containment wall of the INDRA. I comment that it was a "contained and controlled explosion", and the Captain asked me if it was for sure sabotage, to which I said "I don't see how it can't not be."

My reasoning for this was (and this is where I don't mind having a warning), I wasn't aware the past two times I've had the INDRA blow up (For non-antag related reasons).. wasn't canon. Thinking on it now... it's kinda stupid of me to think it was, but I am not a smart person some times. 

That, and the AI literally made an announcement saying it was sabotage and then gave no further details regarding it. 

I received an admin bwoink and was accused of metagaming and "ruining the antag gimmick". Neither of those are true, in the slightest. As a command member, I often times bend over backwards to make sure antag gimmicks go through. I wouldn't deviate from my well-established code for something like this, nor do I even know how the INDRA works OOCly. I was going entirely off what I knew ICly (and we've established that my actual mistake is not knowing the previous INDRA explosions weren't canon).

I suppose that could fall under accidental metagaming, but I never intentionally tried to ruin an antag gimmick, especially when part of my reasoning was based on something said during the round about sabotage. This warning note has almost nothing to do with anything I said. My sabotage comments came from another player and a simple pure misunderstanding. 

Also, the antags later said in OOC the gimmick had nothing to do with the INDRA. Command was already aware of the "visitors not on the manifest" and were already RPing it off as a glitch on the manifest and records system. We weren't connecting the two. image.thumb.png.6be3f8a0090cd9afde52c066d8eb4e13.png
Additional remarks:

Screenshot 2023-11-19 181237.png

Screenshot 2023-11-19 171233.png

Screenshot 2023-11-19 171109.png

Screenshot 2023-11-19 171115.png

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