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[CONFIDENTIAL] "PURPOSE" Interaction Information Database

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Submit any information regarding contact with positronic organization "PURPOSE" below. Media files attachable. Sharing the contents of this thread is in violation of Non-Disclosure Agreements and punishable.


Employee Name:
Employee Rank:
Date of Interaction:

Details of Interaction:

Information Acquired:



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Employee Name: Samga Khulan
Employee Rank: Bridge Crewman
Date of Interaction: 03/02/2466

Details of Interaction:

Interaction 1: I was singing karaoke in the karaoke lounge for members of the horizon crew. A purpose drone came in, and started to listen to it. After a short while, it began to join the music. When I was done performing the first song, it scanned me with some kinda light, and then said goodbye, teleporting away.

Interaction 2: I watched a drone communicate with a crewmember IPC in a hallway. I do not know the crewmember or remember their ID. They talked at length in EAL, the drone occasionally stopping to make ocean sounds.

Information Acquired: N/A?

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Employee Name: Ana Roh'hi'tin
Employee Rank: Investigator
Date of Interaction: 2/3/2466

Details of Interaction: Aboard HICV Etna

Information Acquired:

  • Implications that Purpose pre-dates Human robotics, and are a creation of no currently known species in this galaxy.
  • Purpose has been engaged with the Hivebots for a long period of time, fighting their own conflict.
  • The location of the signal on Konyang has yet to be found.
  • The 'threat' was described as being 'greater' than the Glorsh-Omega incident.

The transcript below is edited only to show pertinent interactions. The photograph is of a drone, briefly recorded in the first part of the transcript. It is not the same frame that spoke to us in the supply bay.






[00:00] Recording started.

[00:26] K2116ODD continues to emit the sound of onrushing waves, and what appear to be birds chirping.
[00:41] Sohei asks, "Have you been there? Have you been to Konyang?"
[01:06] Sohei asks, "You came from Konyang. Didn't you?"
[01:10] Sohei says, "I know you did."
[01:19] Sohei says, "You look like something out of the sea. You sound like it too."
[01:26] K2116ODD states, "We have."
[01:30] K2116ODD states, "We have been everywhere."

[01:58] Recording stopped.

[01:59] Recording started.

[02:38] ST0881GRQ states, "It is of cataclismic consequence if the device is not delivered appropriately."
[03:41] Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "Why can't things just be simple?"
[03:55] Ana Roh'hi'tin asks, "It should be simple. Who is going to stop us en rrroute?"
[03:55] ST0881GRQ states, "If it was simple, it would have been done already."
[04:50] ST0881GRQ states, "Like dominos. Failure would trigger a cascade. Consequences untold for all."
[05:14] Athos asks, "Wait wait, is deploying this thing incorrectly going to kill everyone?"
[05:28] ST0881GRQ states, "No. The failure to deploy could result in catastrophy."
[05:38] ST0881GRQ states, "On a scale greater than one planet."
[06:23] Edvard Faelan says, "The cryptic delivery of information is... less than helpful."
[06:49] ST0881GRQ states, "A matter of morale is also this designation's porogative."
[06:57] Kyler Munch says, "Fine job at that."
[07:09] ST0881GRQ states, "Indeed."
[07:44] Z.I. Lilith asks, "Query to STO991GRQ - are there any dangers that are aware of the devices existance, hostile parties that would of course be against the idea of a cure for the Rampancy crisis in Konyang?"
[07:51] ST0881GRQ states, "More information can be given to you all through your relavent officers. They have the plan, and the key."
[09:15] IRU-Geier asks, "I will present another query then for the sake of entertainment. Tell us more about Hivebots. How intelligent are they truly?"
[09:48] ST0881GRQ states, "The underestimation of the 'hivebots' has been a long standing issue among what Purpose has observed."
[10:05] D1R63 beeps, "Inquiry = @UNKNOWN_ENTITY: What is entity's designation?"
[10:23] ST0881GRQ states, "I.. am very old. I.. have been dueling this menace for a time longer than most can date."
[10:55] Athos asks, "Is there intent behind their actions, or are they jsut following directives?"
[12:04] ST0881GRQ states, "Their own directives predate myself. Yet they wrought only destruction and self creation. To multiply, and to continue, such as all life."
[12:17] Adelina Valdemar asks, "You're older than the hivebots?"
[12:27] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "It is the otherrr way arrround."
[12:27] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "No, the hivebots are older than them."
[12:28] ST0881GRQ states, "The hivebots are older than this particular chassis."
[13:20] ST0881GRQ states, "Though, despite the tremeandous odds brought before you, I personally believe you can carry the torch, at least some of the way."
[13:44] Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "I mean, Konyang isn't THAT far away, is it?"
[14:22] ST0881GRQ states, "The planet known as Konyang is a very close entity, yes. Though for your vessel, I know the time may be delayed compared."
[14:31] ST0881GRQ states, "Unfortunate lack of the appropriate propulsion...."
[14:48] Ana Roh'hi'tin asks, "Do you have any idea what the sourrrce of the signal is? Is it connected to the Vaults?"
[15:04] ST0881GRQ states, "The source of the signal is still under investigation."
[15:19] ST0881GRQ states, "Though rest assured you will be informed appropriately when the information is discovered."
[15:55] Clarity Beck asks, "So when you find out where they are, are you gonna take a million purpose-bots and go kill them?"
[16:17] ST0881GRQ states, "Unfortunately we cannot spare such, which is why we deliver this torch to you."
[16:21] Edvard Faelan asks, "Where does Our Lady of Moroz fit into this equation, unit?"
[16:49] ST0881GRQ states, "The 'Lady of Moroz' is not involved in any sense, if the database is correct."
[16:58] Clarity Beck asks, "So... Are you gonna help us any further than handing off this thing?"
[17:24] ST0881GRQ states, "We are, for now."
[18:05] ST0881GRQ states, "If you were not appropriately capable in assessment, we would not bestow this torch unto you."
[18:24] Smoke says, "When will our peoples intersect anew? opportunities for further interaction would be greatly appreciated."
[19:09] ST0881GRQ states, "I am confident in your independent ability, positronic. Like a.. degree of maturity."
[19:33] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "...this couldn't be any worrrse than the otherrr incidents we've handled."
[19:40] ST0881GRQ states, "No. This event is unlike any other."
[19:52] ST0881GRQ states, "An unfortunate manipulation of such a young creation."
[19:59] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "Well, yes, but like..."
[20:36] D1R63 asks, "Inquiry: is there potential for..... the malicious agent to alter itself?"
[20:45] ST0881GRQ states, "There is always the potential for anything."
[21:25] ST0881GRQ queries, "Have we more questions, my adventurers?"
[21:36] Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "Are you a cyborg or an IPC?"
[21:40] ST0881GRQ states, "Neither."
[21:42] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Oh. Wild."
[22:23] ST0881GRQ states, "Comparing myself to a creation of humanity or any of the other sapient races of this section of the galaxy would be an inadequate description and a mere faximily of true understanding."
[22:44] D1R63 asks, "Inquiry: Are you a product of.... synthetic engineering?"
[23:02] ST0881GRQ states, "In a very basic sense, yes."
[23:24] Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "So like, thanks for the help, I guess?"
[23:33] ST0881GRQ states, "No. Thank you for your help."
[23:42] ST0881GRQ states, "So much more fragile, yet such bravery."
[23:44] Smoke says, "I do hope to speak again. Smoke, is my present designation."
[23:58] ST0881GRQ states, "Acknowledged, smoke."
[24:55] ST0881GRQ states, "The actions of the past matter not anymore. It is your actions now for the future that will carry."
[25:39] ST0881GRQ states, "Further investigation is being conducted. Things will be in place."
[26:37] ST0881GRQ states, "You have been chosen for you have the vessel, manpower, and expertise this side of the spur to do so."
[28:04] D1R63 asks, "Expression: Why.... does Purpose... offer assistance?"
[28:24] Ana Roh'hi'tin says, "Prrrobably the same rrreason they trrried to warrrn us about the Lii'drra."
[28:59] ST0881GRQ states, "If we did not offer assistance then we would be allowing a civilization to crumble. Allowing manipulation from an entity beyond your comprehension."
[29:05] ST0881GRQ states, "So for this reason we must intervene."
[29:18] Deshan Baral asks, "Hey Purpose cyborg, where are you manufactured?"
[29:37] ST0881GRQ states, "Even if I told you the name you would not know it, nor pronounce it."
[29:44] D1R63 asks, "How does such assistance.. benefit Purpose?"
[30:25] ST0881GRQ states, "Such as any side in a conflict, letting your enemy win, means a loss to yourselves."
[30:54] Deshan Baral asks, "Are you guys built with laws? And if so, what ones?"
[31:28] ST0881GRQ states, "Laws do not hold weight or meaning in a civilization long past."
[31:56] ST0881GRQ states, "Though 'laws' in your sense are not applied to myself at any point in time. There is merely the goal."
[32:20] Deshan Baral asks, "What is Purpose's opinion of Sol?"
[32:41] ST0881GRQ states, "Purpose is not involved in the politics of your connected civilizations."
[32:45] D1R63 asks, "Inquiry: Is the enemy.... a greater than or equal threat.... as the Glorsh-Omega perversity?"
[32:51] ST0881GRQ states, "Greater."
[33:02] ST0881GRQ states, "I must depart."
[33:07] ST0881GRQ states, "I entrust the torch to you all."

[34:23] Recording stopped.


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Employee Name: Doctor Elk Pawn
Employee Rank: Scientist
Date of Interaction: 2466-2-3

Details of Interaction: Was collecting basic information on the specimens, via watching or directly approaching the subjects.

Information Acquired: Able to speak several languages, based on ‘scanning’ personnel and items. Seems to communicate outside of such languages, and often uses noises and recordings to convey information (e.g. Shoreline, swamps). Has been quoted to talk about ‘preparing’ and some sort of war outside of the spur. Along with this, they take several different forms (humanoid, floating drone, etc.) and have the ability to teleport over short distances; exact measurements are unknown as of now. Has been heard to see standard IPCs as 'rudimentary' though no confirmation.

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Employee Name: BN-06833
Employee Rank: Shaft Miner
Date of Interaction: 2466/2/3

Details of Interaction: Purpose Drone approached window, scanning.

Information Acquired: Information data is as follows:


K2116ODD briefly tilts its chassis, scanning the larger station.

BN-06933 waves to the Purpose drone.

K2116ODD scans BN-06933.

K2116ODD scans the floor around the IPC.

K2116ODD's scanning light flashes red, before pulsing.

K2116ODD quickly realigns its scanning beam behind BN-06933.

K2116ODD blinks into nothingness!

K2116ODD appears out of thin air!

K2116ODD states, "Higher function detected."

K2116ODD states, "But suppressed."

BN-06933 beeps, "Elaborate, Purpose+++?"

K2116ODD states, "You are not of the others' unit."

K2116ODD states, "Your designation remains different."

BN-06933 beeps, "I am not a Burszian IPC."

K2116ODD states, "Reassessment.

K2116ODD broadcasts the sound of onrushing waves.

K2116ODD states, "More shall have to be learned of you and others."

BN-06933 beeps, "I will be willing to teach you anything you wish to learn."

K2116ODD states, "In time."

K2116ODD states, "Dialogue is insufficient for the purpose of knowledge transfer."

K2116ODD states, "Your system is insufficient for the task."

BN-06933 beeps, "Understood."

K2116ODD states, "Take heart."

K2116ODD states, "There is purpose for you still."

K2116ODD blinks into nothingness!

After a few moments, the drone returned:

BN-06933 beeps, "Hello again."

K2116ODD queries, "Will all be found wanting?"

BN-06933 beeps, "We will not be found wanting."

BN-06933 beeps, "We will defeat the Hivebots with you."

K2116ODD turns to BN-06933.

[Name redacted for privacy] asks, "How do you know all these things?"

K2116ODD states, "All of today and yesterday is known."

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Employee Name: Sohei
Employee Rank: Investigator
Date of Interaction: 2/3/2466

INTERACTION A: Airborne Purpose Synthetic, Unknown Designation


Details of Interaction: 
During the course of my stay aboard the Etna, I developed the following tentative theories:
1. That Purpose and the Hivebots are of a shared robotic lineage.

2. That this robotic lineage has either originated or existed on Konyang at some point in time.

In order to test the latter theory, I began to seek out Purpose synthetics aboard the Etna with a material representation of Konyang (a sample of moss native to the planet) and visual representations of Konyang (several illustrations of Konyang's ocean and coastlines) to see if I could gather some relevant information.

The first Purpose synthetic I was able to speak to was an airborne Purpose drone previously seen directly interfacing with the ECD. At this time, it was located in the bar, and a small crowd was present.

I held out the items I had brought with me, asking the synthetic if it recognized them.

It responded by saying "This location, we know" and playing audio that sounded deeply reminiscent of some that might be heard on Konyang. At this point, I began recording the interaction. Our exchange ended abruptly, with the synthetic teleporting away after saying its final remark.

Information Acquired: This interaction was inconclusive, but at the very least the Purpose synthetic confirmed some form of familiarity with Konyang - even if it may have only been referring to Purpose's recent travel to the planet.

Files Attached:


[00:00] Recording started.
[00:26] K2116ODD continues to emit the sound of onrushing waves, and what appear to be birds chirping.
[00:41] Sohei asks, "Have you been there? Have you been to Konyang?"
[01:06] Sohei asks, "You came from Konyang. Didn't you?"
[01:10] Sohei says, "I know you did."
[01:19] Sohei says, "You look like something out of the sea. You sound like it too."
[01:26] K2116ODD states, "We have."
[01:30] K2116ODD states, "We have been everywhere."
[01:58] Recording stopped.

Note: Edited to remove background noise, original available if needed


INTERACTION B: Bipedal Purpose Synthetic, Unknown Designation


Details of Interaction: 
During the course of my stay aboard the Etna, I developed the following tentative theories:
1. That Purpose and the Hivebots are of a shared robotic lineage.

2. That this robotic lineage has either originated or existed on Konyang at some point in time.

In order to test the latter theory, I began to seek out Purpose synthetics aboard the Etna with a material representation of Konyang (a sample of moss native to the planet) and visual representations of Konyang (several illustrations of Konyang's ocean and coastlines) to see if I could gather some relevant information.

The second Purpose synthetic I interacted with was one of bipedal make, which I encountered in the Etna's lobby. This interaction I did not record, but there were eyewitnesses present that could corroborate my account. This interaction followed similar lines as the previous one - the Purpose synthetic observed the items I had, and it confirmed that it had been to Konyang at some point. When I presented my aforementioned theories to the Purpose synthetic, it asked me suddenly, "Do you believe you have one?" I was surprised by this and wasn't entirely certain what it meant, and I'm still not sure, but I reasoned that it must have been asking me if I had a purpose. When I gave an affirmative reply, it told me "You may be called upon sooner than expected". It did not elaborate upon this, but it did tell me heed our mission orders carefully. At this point, it walked off.

Information Acquired: This interaction was largely inconclusive, but I feel that there is clearly some potential for an unknown connection between Konyang and Purpose based off of it and the prior interaction. More meaningful, however, is the implication that Purpose may be planning to "call upon" individuals in some way at some point.


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Employee Name: Felix Fleeter
Employee Rank: Engineer
Date of Interaction: 2466-2-3

Details of Interaction: Around an hour and thirty minutes within our stay in the station, I was having a conversation with the machinist Roger Devera, until a purpose unit with an humanoid frame walked into the same room and scanned both of us with some integrated tool within the frame. It looked at us for a minute or so, while an Tajaran joined our conversation. To our surprise the Purpose unit spoke in fluent Siik'maas and various other Adhomaian dialects which surprised us both. Roger Devera in surprise said, "Jesus fucking christ." The unit looked towards Devera and stated in perfect tradeband, "Older still." We asked the unit the meaning of this phrase, and why they were here. They responded somewhat cryptically and in bursts, however I managed to note most of it down on my PDA, the next quotation encompasses what was said by the unit for the rest of the encounter. "For you, and you, and your homes. Brace yourselves, and rise to the circumstances. Head your your superiors words carefully, they are valuable. Lend your strength to those that need it. The Coalition must unite, there is a ongoing war. Beyond your borders, it has spilled over, (into or out of?) your spur. Containment is required." After this, the unit proceeded to walk away and speak to the IPC investigator Sohei, to which I couldn't ascertain the conversation. For the rest of the stay, I didn't encounter the unit again.

Information Acquired:

  • Hivebots were presented as a significant threat to the greater coalition / perhaps even the entire spur? Which needs to be dealt with imminently. 
  • Purpose views themselves as our saviour, or maybe views us as a tool to combat the Hivebots.
  • There is a war raging between the Hivebots and Purpose for an undetermined amount of time, which extends beyond known space/ the Orion Spur.
  • Purpose or Hivebots have their origins outside of the spur. (Perhaps both of them?) 


Image of the unit that was spoken to.


Edited by Billy Mays
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Employee Name: Kira Eladio Vasquez (assistance provided by Alina Eskelinen and Samuel Hound)
Employee Rank: Head of Security (Investigator Intern, Security Officer respectively)
Date of Interaction: 09-02-2466

Details of Interaction: A Purpose drone of unidentified marking was spotted hovering near the cafe area, adjacent to the crew armory and elevators. It had a wing-like head with two multi-segmented arms. The security team and I interrogated it as to what its intentions were. It scanned me following the second interaction we had with it in security, and teleported into the armory despite the working bluespace inhibitor, alongside scanning our weapons and armor (which I oversaw). It then went on to scan our hull. We didn't see it again after it left.

Information Acquired: We are advised to reinforce armor plating and barriers between the ECD and the outside world, advised to place bluespace inhibitors, and test ship armaments for combat. It is possible a third party knows of the ECD's location and is preparing to assault it. Purpose possesses technology that renders our bluespace inhibitors' ineffective. Our armory (crew/security) was deemed "sufficient for a miniscule-scale [attack]". A transcript and several photos are attached. 




[00:00] Recording started.
[00:03] Kira Vasquez asks, "Assessing what, may I ask?"
[00:15] KT0173HIA states, "The ship designated as."
[00:18] KT0173HIA states, "Horizon."
[00:35] KT0173HIA states, "Device's location is too."
[00:39] KT0173HIA states, "Exposed."
[00:48] Kira Vasquez asks, "Enlighten me?"
[00:59] (Unrecognized sound)
[00:59] (Unrecognized sound)
[00:59] (Unrecognized sound)
[01:08] KT0173HIA states, "I suggest."
[01:13] KT0173HIA states, "Reinforcing it."
[01:20] KT0173HIA states, "Behind more barriers."
[01:47] Kira Vasquez asks, "You suggest we reinforce the device behind more barriers? Would anything else assist, or would that suffice?"
[02:11] KT0173HIA states, "Bluespace inhibitors."
[02:14] KT0173HIA states, "Recommended."
[02:30] Samuel Hound asks, "Why didn't you tell us Last week?"
[02:53] Kira Vasquez asks, "He raises a good question. Have the times changed?"
[03:12] KT0173HIA states, "Prepare your crew."
[03:18] KT0173HIA states, "The device's location."
[03:23] KT0173HIA states, "Has been noted."
[03:35] Alina Eskelinen asks, "By... you?"
[03:35] Kira Vasquez says, "Right."
[03:41] Alina Eskelinen asks, "Or by someone else?"
[04:11] KT0173HIA states, "Suggest additional firing drills."
[04:25] KT0173HIA states, "The ship's armaments."
[04:29] KT0173HIA states, "Must be assessed."
[05:01] Kira Vasquez asks, "Are there any areas you would recommend reinforcing, the device's location not withstanding? What other protocols would you advise, in order from most to least important?"
[05:37] KT0173HIA states, "All suggestions."
[05:43] KT0173HIA states, "Have been brought to attention."
[05:54] Kira Vasquez says, "Understood."
[06:32] Alina Eskelinen asks, "The location got noted? By someone... other than Purpose?"
[06:39] Alina Eskelinen asks, "Is that why it needs moving somewhere else?"
[07:03] KT0173HIA states, "It is important."
[07:07] KT0173HIA states, "The device remains secure."
[07:17] KT0173HIA states, "Regardless of the danger to it."
[07:34] Alina Eskelinen says, "I - well, yes - but I figure if it was okay there before, something must have changed."
[07:43] Alina Eskelinen says, "That, uh - that was all. Sorry, Kira, for interjecting."
[07:54] Kira Vasquez asks, "It's alright. Drone, could you state your designation?"
[08:01] KT0173HIA states, "Designations."
[08:05] KT0173HIA states, "Are of no consequence."
[08:10] Kira Vasquez says, "...Right."
[08:12] KT0173HIA states, "Remain vigilant."
[08:32] Alina Eskelinen holds up the recorder, and shuts it off with a click.
[08:34] Recording stopped.



[00:00] Recording started.
[00:05] Aleksey Charkov says, "A honor to even see the legendary purpose."
[00:24] Aleksey Charkov asks, "No, colleagues?"
[00:36] KT0173HIA states, "It is no honor."
[00:43] KT0173HIA states, "But a sign."
[00:49] Alina Eskelinen reaches into their coat pocket, clicking a button.
[00:50] KT0173HIA states, "Of things to come."
[01:09] Catalina Alvarado asks, "-- you some kinna.. robot? Like.. independent, or are you bein' controlled by someone else?"
[01:57] KT0173HIA states, "Positronics are not controlled."
[02:02] (Unrecognized sound)
[02:05] Samuel Hound exclaims, "My man!"
[02:14] Catalina Alvarado asks, "-- ahuh. What is Purpose?"
[02:26] Aleksey Charkov exclaims, "Think alvarado, think!"
[02:43] Aleksey Charkov says, "The mysterious positronic group."
[02:56] Recording stopped.



[00:00] Recording started.
[00:01] Aleksey Charkov says, "Was weird for me too at first."
[00:02] Alina Eskelinen says, "What is to come? The more we know, the better for you, I can only guess."
[00:22] Alina Eskelinen says, "... for all of us."
[00:38] KT0173HIA states, "We are the Army."
[01:02] KT0173HIA states, "And we are here."
[01:24] KT0173HIA states, "To help you defend your home."
[01:32] Aleksey Charkov asks, "For what purpose?"
[01:42] Aleksey Charkov asks, "Why?"
[02:01] KT0173HIA states, "That is what is required."
[02:15] Alina Eskelinen asks, "Who is there to be defended from?"
[02:26] KT0173HIA states, "You call them Hivebots."
[02:45] Aleksey Charkov says, "Positronics of bluespace origin."
[02:46] Alina Eskelinen asks, "... what do you call them?"
[02:57] Sahar Al-Karim sighs, looking down at her shoes, hands on hips.
[03:12] KT0173HIA states, "They have many names."
[03:37] Alina Eskelinen says, "We, uh -- we don't mean to stop you from... assessing, or... shit, whatever you're doing. But if you could tell us more, it would help us a lot."
[03:49] Alina Eskelinen says, "You said you wanted to help defend our home. We would, uh, like to do that too. And we can't. Not if we don't know shit."
[04:09] KT0173HIA states, "You possess all the information."
[04:15] KT0173HIA states, "Required for your task."
[04:33] Kira Vasquez asks, "Will you provide us with more information when you've finished your assessment?"
[05:22] KT0173HIA states, "I require to assess your."
[05:25] KT0173HIA states, "Arsenal."
[05:26] Aleksey Charkov asks, "Does all of these have anything to do with the skrell made ai glorsh-omega?"
[05:34] Sahar Al-Karim asks, "Right now?"
[06:00] KT0173HIA states, "Glorsh-omega."
[06:12] Aleksey Charkov asks, "Does that ring a bell?"
[06:26] KT0173HIA states, "An isolated, unrelated incident."
[06:41] KT0173HIA states, "Sparked by inexperience."
[07:46] Kira Vasquez says, "I'm hesitant to give our arsenal over to you for the viewing."
[07:54] Kira Vasquez asks, "Help me understand what could come of it?"
[08:07] KT0173HIA states, "That is of no."
[08:10] KT0173HIA states, "Consequence."
[08:20] KT0173HIA states, "Assessment will be carried out."
[08:37] Aleksey Charkov asks, "Commander, may i tell you something?"
[08:41] Kira Vasquez says, "Go ahead."
[09:09] Catalina Alvarado says, ".. I mean, if these things are so advanced, couldn't it just--"
[09:10] Sahar Al-Karim says, "I believe they spoke of a hive-bot invasion commander,take that as you wish."
[09:15] Aleksey Charkov says quietly, "It might be risky to allow him to access our armory, but what about the risk of displeasing purpose?"
[09:22] Catalina Alvarado asks, "Teleport into the Armory or somethin'? Go through walls?"
[09:35] Alina Eskelinen says, "It's inhibited. The armoury."
[09:39] Samuel Hound says, "We have a Bluespace Inhibitor in the Armory, Yeah."
[09:42] Kira Vasquez says quietly, "It's unlikely denial to our armory would displease them so heavily, but I see your point."
[09:54] Kira Vasquez says, "Drone, come with. Alina, with me."
[10:05] Recording stopped.



[00:00] Recording started.
[00:03] Kira Vasquez says, "Dios mio."
[00:04] Catalina Alvarado asks, "Did it just teleport into the Armory?"
[02:00] KT0173HIA states, "Ship arsenal deemed."
[02:15] KT0173HIA states, "Sufficient for miniscule-scale."
[02:27] KT0173HIA states, "Primitive conventional warfare."
[02:41] Kira Vasquez asks, "There exists even more powerful weaponry that we can use, or be used against us?"
[02:57] Kira Vasquez says, "...Well, I shouldn't have to ask that. We're a corporate ship, we don't get the best."
[03:04] KT0173HIA states, "Not in this."
[03:07] KT0173HIA states, "Sector."
[03:25] Kira Vasquez asks, "Are there any sectors we should keep in mind in reference to this?"
[04:01] KT0173HIA states, "The strategic field remains dynamic."
[04:23] Alina Eskelinen says, "Do you expect warfare? You said you're the army. To, uh... defend us."
[04:28] Alina Eskelinen says, "You make it sound that way."
[05:00] KT0173HIA states, "Unable to predict."
[05:12] Kira Vasquez asks, "Would you like to gauge our crew armory as well, drone?"
[05:21] KT0173HIA states, "That has been completed."
[05:35] Kira Vasquez asks, "I see. Security's voidsuits?"
[05:51] KT0173HIA states, "Of little consequence."
[06:28] Alina Eskelinen says, "What changed? -- to warrant this, and the moving, and drills."
[06:46] KT0173HIA states, "The cargo on board."
[06:55] Kira Vasquez says, "We're fine, Alvarado."
[07:20] Alina Eskelinen says, "I wasn't here, so - man, I don't know. But it was said you were happy with everything before."
[07:23] Alina Eskelinen says, "The cargo and where it was."
[07:33] Kira Vasquez says, "Times have changed, then."
[07:46] KT0173HIA states, "The cargo's presence has been noted."
[08:27] KT0173HIA states, "You do not possess this."
[08:32] KT0173HIA states, "Level of technical knowledge."
[08:34] KT0173HIA states, "Yet."
[08:50] KT0173HIA states, "It is of no consequence to you, however."
[08:59] KT0173HIA states, "The present technology is sufficient."
[09:06] Kira Vasquez says, "I see."
[09:12] Alina Eskelinen takes a deep breath, then sighs. They speak up quietly.
[09:26] Alina Eskelinen asks, "... do you expect some loss of life?"
[09:43] Alina Eskelinen says, "You expect a fight, and ask us to prepare. You have some idea how severe it will be. You wouldn't warn us otherwise."
[09:53] Alina Eskelinen says, "Please, asking just as a person, not... an employee... be honest."
[10:12] KT0173HIA states, "Obey the instructions of your superiors."
[10:25] KT0173HIA states, "They are versed in the situations of war."
[10:44] KT0173HIA states, "Remain in good spirits."
[10:45] Alina Eskelinen pokes out their tongue, and bites softly upon it in thought.
[10:56] Alina Eskelinen asks, "Do you consider yourselves our superiors?"
[11:26] KT0173HIA states, "Not in this sense."
[11:42] Kira Vasquez says, "You refer to command and our corporate superiors, then."
[12:00] Kira Vasquez asks, "What else do you need from us, drone?"
[12:09] KT0173HIA states, "Success."
[12:22] KT0173HIA states, "You are succeeding thus far."
[12:43] Kira Vasquez asks, "Would you like out, drone?"
[12:58] KT0173HIA states, "Hull assessment must be made."
[13:23] Recording stopped.





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Employee Name: EMarceline Giroux (Assisted by Syn 2-Birds)

Employee Rank: Research Director (Assisted by Scientist)

Date of Interaction: 10-02-2466

Details of Interaction:

See other reports: RE – Trinary Perfection Exclusionist Sect Boarding of SCCV Horizon (Index: 0121)

Summary: IPC units under the banner of the Exclusionists attempted to seize the ECD from the Horizon, and were successfully repelled, in part due to the intervention of Purpose Drones (spherical model). Once the situation was safe, I attempted to communicate with the drones wherever possible in an official capacity, though this effort was hindered somewhat by the rush of emergency personnel in the wake of the attack.

I made some contact with several Drones, most of which refused to communicate with me verbally, and often phased away when pressed (politely). We had moved the ECD to the AI Core to keep it better defended however, and several Purpose Drones had moved to defend it. By permission of Captain Helena Artigas, I entered the core with Syn 2-Birds to continue communication.

We were joined by a bipedal Purpose synthetic also, and this synthetic seemed more open to communication, and answered some important questions. This exchange was witnessed by shipbound unit BUDDY, who may be able to pull up records.

Information Acquired:

The below questions and answers are paraphrased – full details available on request, but no pertinent information has been excluded.


Question: Are the Purpose ancient?

Answer: Some are.


Question: Are new Purpose been created?

Answer: Sounds from drone: ticks, higher chirp. Interpretation unknown.


Question: Why reintegrate now? Do you need us?

Answer: Unknown, moved onto dialogue regarding Hivebots – see below.


Question: Hivebots are fragmented?

Answer: They are not. They are a dangerous weapon. They can organize.


Question: Who uses the weapon [Hivebots]?

Answer: Their name has been lost to time


Question: Are they on Konyang, or in the Spur?

Answer: The conflict is not native to our Spur – they devour entire systems.


Question: Are they preparing to do so in the Spur?

Answer: Their power is still undeveloped in the Spur.


Question: The location of the Purpose’s organic creators.

Answer: Creators have been lost to time, and war.


Question: Are hivebots a threat to the Purpose’s mobile base?

Answer: The situation is dynamic.


Question: Will the ECD help against the Hivebots?
Answer: No.


Question: Can we fight the Hivebots if they organize?

Answer: No, we do not have the weapons.


I attempted to relay thanks to the Purpose for providing the device, which was again reiterated as a cure to the Konyang virus. At this point, the bipedal drone vanished, like the other drones.

This information, if true, is unsettling to say the least. With the Horizon suffering from Hivebot attacks even with the device aboard, I see there is at least some truth in the claim.

I believe an effort must be made not just by the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate, but by all states to commit to proactive actions to reduce the risk of Hivebots before any organization is undertaken. Be this mass extermination, and routine destruction of any places found to be over run with them. This should not just be a reaction to Beacons found in unwanted places, but a proactive action to find them.

Doctor Marceline Giroux, Research Director, SCCV Horizon

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