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Character Theme Songs

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So, I was listening to music, and realized sometimes I just think, this song really makes me think of [insert character] .

So I was wondering if anything's had anything similar.

Personally, Niklaus' theme song is Dark Horse, specifically the version of Christina Grimmie singing it on The Voice!


Emma Godswood's would be Skyfall, by Adele .

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So Well... mhmh

I think that I imagine Skyline movement when this song is on


And I have found randomely, but I like it too

Leonardo Mull... Well, that character were totally brought from Colonial Marines, that is why he has army service backstory. So I think this song suits to him mostly

In additional, assuming how much shit and bloodbath I goes with him as an ERT or a security officer, this music(not the song directly) Is goes for actions(because I like to listen to the rush music, even when playing, that sometimes make SS13 into First person shooter:DD)

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I always thought of Jawdats theme being Supranos, instead of Godfather. And Supranos was an AMAZING show if anyone's watched it.

As for Victor Kaipov's theme, something like Scorpions Wind of Change. Because he's that type of "We're already going further, advancing, what's the point of bringing violence into this age?"

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