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Player complaint

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BYOND Key: Callum99877

Player Byond Key: Fortport. Draculabot also involved.

Staff involved: CasperF1 gave him a warning i believe.

Reason for complaint: Cult round, Started with 2 cultists so Scopes told people to ahelp (So as to choose a third) and Fortport was chosen. I want to start by saying im very aware its his first time as a cultist but despite that he was messing around, shouting, hiding in lockers, all the while im trying to RP a conversion with the third cultist (Rorrim). Minijar was the player trying to be converted. And when i asked him to stop IC he just storms off. We were unable to do anything whatsoever. After casper was speaking to him Dracula came in as captain. And he wouldnt let the HoP (who was now willing to actually try assist the cult) leave his office, i cant help but think that OOC'ly he knows its cult, he knows what we are up to and doesnt want us too. I look forward to the few times that im an antag and lots of the time my experience is ruined by someone.... By the time there was 20 minutes to the two hour mark i just had to cryo, i was sick of it. This was a very bad experience for me because there was a couple wanting to rp into the cult and we couldnt due to one person... Stuff like this needs to stop, we are all here because its a heavy RP server, not to do whatever we can to prevent RP.

Approximate Date/Time: Around 5.15pm uk time on the 5/5/15

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I was the pAI and I saw no issues with the messing around, it didn't really hinder much apart from being a quirky personality. She may have been yelling, but it didn't stop the converting. If anything, you had two medical staff both in cult which would be enough to set up a small testing room to learn more spells, but instead you went to cryo. Not to mention you had the ability to get protohumans and also the privacy of Medbay to set up the cult. So personally I believe your ragequit screwed the cult over more than the personality quirks of Diisha.

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Ok il start from the events that caused the complaint. I brought the paramedic i was wanting to convert into the medbay patient room using RP, we were having a chat, RP'ing the conversion when the Head of Personell continued to shout, run around and hide in and out of closets (as she was doing all round). Then after i ask her IC to stop she shouts, swearing at me and then storms off. Without 3 cultists you cannot do a conversion. Her unwillingness to help the other 2 cultists made it impossible for us to do anything for the duration of the round.

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You need three to do a conversion, the running off and refusal to help left us with two. Also, i consider using protohumans while being a cultist, vampire or changeling to be powergaming.


Just tossing it in that you only need one person to convert people, and the three words for the rune(The starting words are randomized I believe, so the third person probably didn't impact this part), and you're golden.

However, not getting a third word can make discovering new ones harder. Not impossible, but certainly more difficult. So there's that.

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Without 3 cultists you cannot do a conversion. Her unwillingness to help the other 2 cultists made it impossible for us to do anything for the duration of the round.


Is that a new thing? Because all the time I played cult and converted, me being the only cultist was always enough. What you do need three cultists for, are the sacrifice runes.

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Having talked to Casper about what him and Fortport discussed, he had already discussed the matter with him and gave him a warning for his actions.

You also only need one person to covert people to the cult.

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