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Feedback thread for Map Updates

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Love the update. Having said that, here are issues:

-kitchen tables look unconnected.

-kitchen has no door leading to bar, despite it technically being possible and fairly necessary. Had to do some counter-climbing only several minutes into the round. this also makes the access to the pasture be way more complicated --fixed

-botany has no counter facing outwards

-Kitchen is accessible to all --fixed

-kitchen backroom has no lights --It's a blown bulb you saw

-this might just be a matter of personal taste but I HATE that the cupboards and fridge with the eggs, flour, etc. are in the backroom. it means you have to walk to the backroom for litteraly every thing you want to make.

-another matter of personal taste: counter space feels a bit limited. :/

overall I just think it might be best to expand the kitchen one tile in any direction and fix some of the issues it has >_>;

-NO POOL :(( I thought there was gonna be a pool setting in the holodeck at least but there isn't even that and the pool was important to me T_T

-Minor issue: the elevated wooden patio to the right of the holodeck has the stairs sprites backwards on it, it looks like you go down into it rather than up (the stairs int he maintenance area for it are int h same direciton, making a sort of double-down). I don't see what purpose it serves, maybe it's space can be used for something else? Like pool?

--Sounds note, Please do not remove the strikethroughs or comments

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In robotics, so far, we've noticed these things:

- The windows covering the surgical area are not tinted

- We can't find sulphuric acid anywhere

- Robotics is also missing the organic/synthetic flashes that it used to spawn with (Needs 2 for the start of round borg build)

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Atmospherics Distribution airlock is misnamed ("Atmospherics Distrobution"). --Fixed

EDIT: The xenobiology computer appears to be unpowered by default.

EDIT: Access to the botany fridge is blocked by a tray. --Fixed


EDIT: The 'meteor shield' around command isn't connected to the station and looks very strange. <-- THis I don't know about, it's a shield against someone doing traitor things too (not every antag carrys wirecutters)

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Robotics. Missing one large beaker, and small beaker filled with sulphuric acid at the start of the round.

And the windows to the surgery table are not tinted. That's all!

Also missing flashes of syntetics and standart two flashes at Robotics!

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Guest Menown


First, employment laptop is access-locked. Basically useless. --access granted

Second, you have to walk over chairs to get to the areas behind the desk.

Basically my only complaints/bugs.

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Another thing I've noticed with the windowgrilles in robotics. Purely a visual thing.. Some of the grilles have flooring under it, while others have regular plating under it, causing the sprites to look different [attachment=0]weirdgrillebackground.PNG[/attachment] -- Fixed

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Robotics Exosuit fabricator doesnt sync up with the server, probably due to location. But not yet confirmed since its a first round impresion. --This could be due to the servers not having proper atmos.

EDIT: Yes, they do not sync up with server due to their location. Error, no R&D server found and etc

--Changed the way it looks for the machines

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Holopads are missing at most of the new areas. Please Add them. I will edit this post if I will find more


  • Lights at the Maintenance are missing, additional is Air alarms at some maintenance should be. Air Pipes could be there to and I think you should make an emergency Air Tanks at the security maintenance that are at the arrival!
  • Starboard Emergency Storage are missing lights to --added


--Lack of lights in maint is intentional

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Needs two pill bottle boxes --added

The middle table has a regular table sticking on a reinforced table, it looks unpleasing --Reinforced


Less holopads please (there's two next to each other) --Removed one so far

No glove/face masks --Added some

Stools disappear when you throw them (look in recovery) --Replaced

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CSIs do not have access to the evidence storage --This makes no sense to me, they are the ones who are supposed to be handling and processing the evidence.

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EDIT: Ways to make it up to me for the lack of pool:

1) A holo-pool. And I don't just mean a block of water covering the entire deck. It has to have pool tile edges, at least.

--kinda planned

2) A scream noise when characters scream. The ones on other servers are fittingly disturbing. Maybe it will promote pain and fear arpee. --This isn't to do with the map

3) Speech bubbles when players are typing, like on other servers. Very useful for a multitude of reasons. --This isn't to do with the map and was pondered, but people who use the command bar to type it would not work for

4) Overeye Long hairstyle. Like on other servers. ;_; --This isn't to do with the map

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