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Sleepy Wolf, Ryfer - 07JUN2015 - Player Complaint

Guest 1138

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Preface: As a general warning, the content shown in the following complaint is considered to be Not Safe For Work. By opening the following spoiler containing the pastebin for logs pulled regarding the instances, you agree that your right to maintain your sanity and general taste are rendered void whilst you are reading the following logs. Viewer discretion is heavily advised.

BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Player Byond Key: Sleepy Wolf, Ryfer

Staff involved: Skull132 assisted in pulling logs regarding what occurred.

Reason for complaint: Borderline ERP, continuous chucklefucking, unbelievable and/or unstable character interaction/development. Outright creepiness, in general. I really have no interest in explaining any further, but I'll condense it in the spoiler alongside the link.


To sum up real fast, as shown by a thorough read-through of the logs, there was the IPC Lilac simulating and demanding for synthetic breastfeeding as they were pretending to be an infant. Later on, there is another instance of Lilac 'growing up' and 'rebelling' as a teenager. At some point, when I referred to other witnesses of the event, I was told Lilac was stripped down to nothing and then summarily spanked for their 'rebelliousness'. But uh, yep, enjoy the read.


Discussion with GMR25 on Steam, which initially sparked my interest to investigate further on the matter, and led to logs being fetched:

RC: i legit want to shoot myself after that god awful excuse of a round

OneOneThreeEight: lmao

RC: like holy shit that was frustrating

RC: worst round i've ever had in ss13

RC: worse than getting spaced in 3 minutes, or getting rekt by metacomming shits

OneOneThreeEight: What even happened on your sifde

OneOneThreeEight: Side

RC: I dedicated atleast 1-2 hours

RC: to dealing with those two annoying fucks

RC: chasing them down when they refused to give up a sec headset


RC: it's like dealing with a legit child

RC: and, like legit children, it brings out my inner homicidal rage

RC: >hos actually killed himself over the whole thing


OneOneThreeEight: Dude. I thought it was over the fucking soda machine

OneOneThreeEight: lmao

RC: it was a compound


OneOneThreeEight: Because I was dealing with legit shitcurity though

RC: no amount of metal and thoughts of murder is helping my mood either


RC: You had shitcurity, I had the dumbest fucking roleplay I've ever seen from IPCs

OneOneThreeEight: Oh, those two.

OneOneThreeEight: sigh

RC: >literally goddamn trying to breastfeed on a pg-13 server

RC: shit made me SICK

OneOneThreeEight: Phobos and Lilac. Ryfer and Sleepy Wolf.


Discussion with Loow regarding what occurred in Teamspeak chat:

<06:17:59> "Like A RC1138": Do you happen to know what happened last round with Sierra?

<06:18:17> "Like A RC1138": I heard about Sleepy Wolf, but I want witness statements before I present my case in a complaint

<06:18:30> "Loow": it was weird

<06:18:42> "Loow": but I am not sure if it's report-worthy

<06:18:44> "Loow": heads up

<06:18:44> "Like A RC1138": Details, please, even if it's disgusting.

<06:18:49> "Loow": knee deep in RP

<06:18:55> "Like A RC1138": mmk

<06:19:19> "Loow": Sleepy pretty much justy literally had lilac act like a baby

<06:19:25> "Loow": then a rebellious teenager

<06:19:36> "Loow": "I am rebelling!"

<06:19:44> "Loow": "you can't tell me what to wear!"

<06:19:46> "Like A RC1138": Yes I also heard about Sleepy roleplaying breastfeeding

<06:20:04> "Loow": i have no comment

<06:20:12> "Like A RC1138": I'd have to ask Sierra more but she went nini

<06:20:30> "Loow": Iunno

<06:20:30> "Like A RC1138": It would explain why she committed suicide last round, too, as the HoS.

<06:20:48> "Loow": sierra was done for the night and ahelped about it

<06:20:59> "Loow": it was a lot of silly/dumb stuff imo

<06:21:11> "Loow": and a lot of sec was acting up

<06:21:17> "Like A RC1138": GMR25 (Robert Carver) told me differently, is all

<06:21:26> "Loow": i dunno

<06:21:35> "Loow": I dont look too deep

<06:21:38> "Like A RC1138": Sleepy Wolf has done this dance before

<06:21:44> "Like A RC1138": And they need to stop.

<06:21:47> "Like A RC1138": It's fucking creepy.

<06:21:51> "Loow": agreed

<06:22:09> "Loow": I dont have logs and dont remember specifics

<06:22:12> "Loow": but it was odd

<06:22:16> "Loow": talk to Japak also

<06:22:25> "Loow": Japak saw a lot of it

<06:22:34> "Loow": as did jboy


A discussion with Japak121 over Byond pager:



Approximate Date/Time: Approx. 4:30AM

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Okay, right.

There was obviously a joke here.

And then, this joke was taken too far, untill it became akward and unsettling - at least from my point of view.

Sleepy, I love you man but you keep taking everything too far.

Like, why would you do that.


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Okay, this is being looked at in a way that is muuuuch more different than it was intended. In my mind(And I assume Sleepy's) it was moreso just a thing of two robots pretending to be a family. It was extreme chucklefucking, yes, though it didn't have any intention whatsoever to lean towards erp. It was fully intended just for Phobos to act like it had a child, nothing more, nothing less. Can I see how it got out of hand and can be seen that way? Of course. I asked for it to be toned back myself, along the way. It was just something silly that got way too far out of hand, that I should have put down before it did so; I didn't see anything uncomfortable with it mainly through the fact that I genuinely wasn't looking at it in the way others were seeing it.

If someone had said something to me about it genuinely making them uncomfortable, LOOC, ahelps, anything of the sort, it would have stopped immediately. I didn't think about the fact that it could make others uncomfortable due to how I was looking at it, and I apologize for those who felt that way. I did stop to think about it a few times along the way, though in my mind, it was harmless for the most part(Most, I did notice a few things.) My perspective on this was off I suppose, and I'll refrain from having this happen in the future. I messed up pretty badly with the amount of chucklefucking done, my mistake. I'm sorry.

Summary, I viewed it as a joke with a robot pretending to have a child, nothing beyond that, and let it get way too out of hand. I am entirely guilty of knowingly chucklefucking, though(I was also very tired). My bad. Let me stress: I looked at this entirely different at the time, but entirely understand where everyone is coming from. I am sorry for making anyone uncomfortable by having it get as bad as it did, I fucked up.

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Guest Menown

Kylan died the way he lived. A fucking catbeast.

But seriously, this wasn't /that/ bad. The only issue I had with it, was that this seems to happen /every/ round with Lilac. She's got the personality of a 3 year old, by design, which isn't exactly something I'd understand being hired on a highly-secure research station, given the fact that /every/ antag round I've seen, she's involved in some way, and acting like a complete child with her stuffed toy, tantrums, ect.

I was mining this round, and I overheard this all over the comms line. If Kiservi wasn't stark naked in the ripley, I would have gotten out and chucked my headset out to space, because it was downright fucking annoying hearing it over the radio for about two hours.

Edit - Clarifying that the borderline ERP doesn't happen every round, just Lilac's personality that allowed it.

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So, I was in the middle of this round as IAM:

Yes, Sleepy and Ryfer were kind of chucklefucking.

No, it wasn't really sexual, at least not deliberately so.

I guess it could probably have some sexual undertones but it was played for absurdity, like some kind of Loony Toons short. It was also dead hour extended nonsense, which I would strongly advise to take into account. ICly, this was only such a headache because people decided that the silliness warranted repeated arrests, brig time, and demotions.

Strictly speaking, what would the round have been without this silliness? It would've mostly been the Chef putting blood in space cleaner and freaking people out a little. I think there may be some content in this whole thing that should be avoided in the future, but I don't think Ryfer and Sleepy were really that... big a deal?

I thought it was funny as hell, but I also wasn't really one of the people trying to put a stop to it. In all, I think the entire situation was taken more seriously than it needs to be.

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Gents. Jokes have their limits when it comes to decency. While I initially dismissed it (mostly because I was told to look up only emotes, so I didn't get everything until providing the full logs of says/emotes), it can be argued that this specific instance outran those limits. So, yeah.

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i don't really know what to make of this as a bystander, but i'm getting the impression this was just an overreaction. there were some parts that got out of hand a bit, but it's certainly not the worst thing i've seen.

possibly the strangest part was the whole diaper thing at the start. Past that it's a bunch of robots clanking eachother. I don't think either of those two were doing "Borderline ERP". doesn't that imply that the intention was arousal? it looks more like just chucklefucking. Maybe it's just that i'm personally disensitiezed, but i chuckled at parts while reading the logs, i can see plain as day why some parts would, to some, be seen as disturbing, it's just that punishment over this feels wrong to me, especially due to the fact no one raised an objection at the time of it.

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Oh my fucking god.

Did robot diaper fetish ERP just happen on Aurora? Please no. This is filth. :(


No, no no no no. No. People are looking at in a sexual way, which is really not what it was in the slightest. It was a joke about a robot having a robot child, because the 'child' was a three foot tall IPC that had the personality of one. That's it, it wasn't meant in any other way. I can see how it can be taken another way, but dear lord please no. Please don't. I didn't see the chucklefucking being taken serious, but when it was, dear lord it was taken in the worst possible way people could have done so. Most people with the full context of the situation seem to be saying it wasn't that much of a bad thing(Aside from security, but we were mostly just annoying them.) A lot of things in the initial post are removed from context, such as within messages to others. Please. Please try to look at it in the way it was intended. It does not make it any less chucklefucky, but it certainly isn't what you said.


Gents. Jokes have their limits when it comes to decency. While I initially dismissed it (mostly because I was told to look up only emotes, so I didn't get everything until providing the full logs of says/emotes), it can be argued that this specific instance outran those limits. So, yeah.


It did get out of hand with a large handful of things said, along with many of the actions(Which warranted arrest, though it was mostly just misuse of comms and yelling silly things). It was a silly situation that I just thought was innocent really, and didn't think much otherwise due to nobody saying a word on it putting them off ease. There wasn't a time that I saw it becoming a legitimate problem to people however, because again, nothing sexual at all was intended through this. It got carried away and I shouldn't have let it happen. Went past the limits of a tasteful joke and any form of the word realistic, so it should have just been put down much earlier on.

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Did you ever take into consideration that some people on this server do not report things that are very clearly over the line because it makes them feel uncomfortable, or feel like they're a snitch?

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Did you ever take into consideration that some people on this server do not report things that are very clearly over the line because it makes them feel uncomfortable, or feel like they're a snitch?


Not sure if this is just in reply to sleepy, but let me go back over something. I didn't realize that people were being made uncomfortable. I realized I was acting stupid and it was chucklefuckery, but not that people were viewing it in a way that put them off ease, so it wasn't clear in this situation. That was pretty much the sum of what my posts have been premised on. I saw it as a really stupid joke, while others kind of saw it as bizarre, borderline erp for a few reasons(Which is something it /really/ wasn't, I'd like to stress again.)

If something makes people uncomfortable, they aren't a snitch for just straight up telling the person it makes them uncomfortable. If they just simply say it, instead of just sticking around us silently throughout the entire round to be involved, we would know. Let me say that I didn't seek anyone out during the actual parts of this. When it started, Locklear was seeked out(Though this was before it took a turn for the very stupid) and then after it was all done, I believe Carver. Those who said it made them uncomfortable, for the most part, kept coming to find us. It's hard to pick up on discomfort that way, especially when you don't see what you're doing as something that can even cause it.

If it makes you uncomfortable, why stick around and encourage the behavior? It's something I don't understand about the whole thing. I'm not saying this makes it right by any means whatsoever, it just makes things more difficult to figure out. It made me think they were sticking around to participate in the stupid joke we had going, and nothing more. Communication is important in this sort of thing.

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Right. As it stands, it was a bad joke blown way out of proportion. This is not the first time I have seen people make sexual jokes on the server which could be considered questionable, an example being that the other day there was talk of building a brothel and hiring escorts that was starting to become a bit silly.

However, I will speak to Sleepywolf regarding matters.

I will leave this topic open for a bit before locking and archiving.

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