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Guest Menown

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Guest Menown

People are really angry at each other. Nobody seems to be getting along, other than the two centralized parties we have. We have one side that wants things done this way, then the other side that wants things done this way. Then we have the people in between that look between both parties and want them done this way.

Outsiders see our community and think we're a joke based on how we're running things. Which, I have to agree with them. This isn't working. What we really need to do is wait this out until the next election, then maybe we'll be able to get a real leader in and see about handling our-- Country. It's country I'm thinking of. Not community. SORRY EVERYBODY! RAND PAUL 2016!

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Guest Menown

God no, Tish. I'd rather suffer through another Clinton than suffer through another Clinton.

Both Pauls are my true waifus. I only hope that my Meow/Ron/Rand Erotic Fanfics take off so I can really make some money off this.

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