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Bring back Poly, minus antag hunting.

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See title. Poly, once upon a time, was the Chief Engineer's lovable pet parrot and engineering mascot. And part-time domestic terrorist.

During his reign of absolute terror, Poly was able to snatch emags out of the hands of traitors and claw the shit out of antagonists while screeching "BRAVO 304 FUCK NT" triumphantly. Yes, Poly used to actually kill people.

While I do think the Chief Engineer deserves their valiant pet back, it's within my belief that the mechanics of old Poly would prove too overwhelming for antagonists here and a psychopathic bird would not have any place on a roleplaying server.

My suggestion, in addition to adding that bird back to our 2d spaceman lives, is to tone down Poly's validhunting and powergaming tendencies to acceptable levels to stop him from outrobusting all of the antags, and play it off as though he became tamer.


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Actually, I have an idea. What if we gave the Chief Engineer a bat? Perhaps it would represent how the Chief Engineer skulks around in maintenance and run down areas. Or, it would represent how the Chief Engineer how many diseases he/she/it have.



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