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Adhomai Liberation Army Releases Manifesto After Dramatic Shootout; Syndicate and ALA Alliance?


Police have confirmed that the two assailants that engaged in the terrorist attack at the Raiz'rhaktuur casino have been killed in a police shootout in Homewood, a residential area in the west of Mendell City. The two assailants were spotted in a stolen car heading east on highway I-92. Police gave chase and the two assailants ditched the car in a residential area and broke inside a home. After an hour long siege a tactical response unit stormed the house and killed both assailants.

Luckily no one was home during the siege, and no civilians or officers were harmed during the incident, though there are reports of property damage of thousands of credits.

After live reports confirmed the death of the two terrorists, a deep space telecommunications satellite was apparently hijacked by third party sources. The satellite broadcasted across a wide variety of frequencies, with some news channels even being interrupted by an announcer. The announcer spoke in Basic, but xenolinguists have noted the heavy Tajara accent.




With the glorious MARTYRS now joined with Messa we are ready to reveal our message to the imperialists of Tau Ceti. Our comrades within the Syndicate has given us STRENGTH and PURPOSE against the xeno imperialists within the Republic of Biesel. The corporate PUPPET government of Biesel will continue to face the RIGHTEOUS martyrs of FREEDOM and LIBERTY in similar attacks in the future unless ALL the following demands are met:

1) Biesel will immediately cut diplomatic ties with the ILLEGITIMATE dictatorship of the so-called People's Republic of Adhomai.

2) The Republic of Biesel CONDEMNS the atrocities committed by the ILLEGITIMATE dictatorship of the so-called People's Republic.

3) Biesel will give no asylum to all government officials of the so-called People's Republic, and will allow the Liberation Army to detain them for justice. All PSIS agents abroad must be arrested and turned over to the Liberation Army.

4) Affirm that rightful leader Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan is the true successor to Rhagrrhuzau Hadii's government, and allow him the right to the determination of the future of Adhomai's global government.

5) Pay 6.7 billion credits in reparations to the Adhomai Liberation Army as indemnity to the suffering caused to the Tajaran people by NanoTrasen, as well as to aid Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan in establishing our new government.

6) Forfeiture of all NanoTrasen-run industry, resource gathering operations, businesses, and educational facilities on Adhomai to the Adhomai Liberation Army with all assets intact.

7) RECOGNITION of the government appointed by the Adhomai Liberation Army as the sole and rightful government of all Tajara.

For the prophet Nated!


The Biesel Intelligence Service, which handles national security, has confirmed the authenticity of the message.

"We have been tracking increased activity among terrorist cells in Tau Ceti," A BSI spokesman told reporters, "these two individuals were connected with a terrorist cell under the authority of the so-called Adhomai Liberation Army, which has claimed responsibility. We have recieved their manifesto and are in constant communication with the state department, officials on Adhomai, and local law enforcement."

There has been 12 arrests across Mendell City of other Tajara individuals believed to be connected with the attack.

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District 9's Charm Offense

Vaurca Delegation Begs Permission to Grow Food


MENDELL CITY – Today, all five of the Republic's Vaurca communities sent a petition to the government, urging it to let them resume the cultivation of "k'ois" spores.

After prior arrangement with the government and police, the delegation appeared in the height of pomp and circumstances, making its way down Phoenix Street in order to plead its case before Congress and the President. Even though the police provided a strong cordon against bystanders, the delegates themselves were keen to maintain a fun, parade atmosphere.

"We had to dig up all the old formalities of the past," said Za'Akaix'Tzilzoma Ya'tzil, delegate from the District 9-based Ya'tzil Brood. "We haven't done anything like this in thousands of years. What we couldn't remember, we had to improvise." The dignitaries rode down the street in raised palanquins, each one carried by several "Viax" or "Bound" drones. In addition, the Vaurca waved dozens of colorful flags and pennants, and the crash of cymbals and the tinkling of bells added to the atmosphere.

"We wanted to show the good people of Mendell City that we are people, that we have a culture, that we are worthy of respect," said delegate Za'Akaix'Taxkiza Tli'yez. "All we want is to live peacefully and win the esteem of our neighbors." Once the petitioners entered the Congress building, their attendants remained outside to give out traditional Vaurca handicrafts and perform musical pieces. Inside, however, the mood turned somber. After initial arguments from Congressional leaders, the five delegates made their points sternly.

"We are your prisoners," began delegate Ka'Akaix'Kekruttu Tza'tzo, "but we hold our dignity no less dear for it. We have heard your concerns, and we understand them; we are prepared to work with your eminences to find a compromise. But if we cannot make a new law, then I say with sincerity that we will find a way to evade the old one." While acknowledging the carcinogenic effects of long-term human exposure to k'ois spores, the delegates outlined comprehensive plans for cultivating it safely. Others, however, took a more combatitive tone.

"If we cannot feed ourselves," said delegate Ka'Akaix'Lyozoxa Kte'kzil, "then we will die. Nothing else can be said. If be your goal to winnow us and see us diminish, then cut out our hearts and be done with it. Otherwise, we must eat." Congress received this petition courteously and promised a full inquiry on the possibility of growing k'ois again, but no conclusions could be definitively reached.

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Vaurca denied!

Government refuses permission to farm


MENDELL CITY – After a week of deliberation, Congress has denied the proposal made by the Vaurca community to resume the cultivation of "k'ois" fungus.

"The hazards are simply too great," said Congressman Xu Wei. "The government has always made the protection of the environment a top priority, and there are simply too many unknowns to allow k'ois farming under the open sky. The long-term effects of phoron exposure could have untold effects on wildlife, to say nothing of human beings."

"Besides," the Congressman continued, "they've already admitted that growing k'ois destroyed their home planet. We're not eager to make that mistake here."

A spokesperson for the Vaurca called Congress's decision 'regrettable.' "We are extremely disappointed in the government's decision," said Ka'Akaix'Tzilzoma Ya'tzil. "Nevertheless, we consider this a step forward. We will have our victory in the end."

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Aurora II On The Horizon?


With news of the NSS Aurora II looming on the horizon, Chief Engineering Director Nigel Brent, a top level executive and one of the eight Chiefs of Staff for Nanotrasen made a scheduled visit to the NSS Exodus, a top of the line research facility operated by Nanotrasen’s finest. In this visit, the Director along with a delegate composed of high level Nanotrasen representatives boarded the NSS Exodus. The delegation was welcomed by the NSS Exodus command team, including its Captain, Raymond Hawkins.

In anticipation of this visit, security on the station and the space surrounding the station was increased. The NDV Icarus, a drone carrier belonging to Nanotrasen deployed EVA capable “Combat Drones” as a security measure. Witnesses of the speech even reported a drone flying by very closely before vanishing into the horizon.

The delegation was mostly hosted in the recreational holodeck where a podium was formed. The Director along with Daniel Bay, a Nanotrasen Representative spoke to the crew and answered questions in a Q&A session post speech.


Greetings staff of the Exodus, Many of you may know me, and many of you may not even know who I am. I am Nigel Brent, the Chief Engineering Director for Nanotrasen.

I overlooked many of the stations that you have been working on. I was there for the building of the Aurora I, and I overlooked the building of the station you stand on today.

I've been asked here today to speak to you, the staff of the Exodus, about some upcoming events that will be happening in the coming weeks.

As many of you heard, the Aurora II has been complete, with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, it is our proud flagship in terms of research stations. The station itself, built inside of an asteroid that provided the materials for said station. The station itself offers much more protection than the exodus itself, as well as easier-to-travel mining facilities and removal of the normal outpost system that we have here.

We decided to take a more 'vertical' approach for the station to come, favoring multiple different floors to negate the need for said outposts. In addition to our traditional Super Matter Engine, we have added a second revolutionary engine. The 'Tesla Engine' has been installed in our engineering sub-level to allow for even more power output, as well as an alternative to the standard SM engine.

Our robotics and research departments have been upgraded aswell, providing more equipment, and a sort of 'conveyor' system to help speed up robotics abilities to construct.

Our medical department has also received an overhaul. With new equipment and facilities, it should aid NanoTrasen’s medical staff much more than the facilities here on the Exodus.

Now, as many of you know, upon the Exodus being built the Aurora I was left derelict.

In the coming weeks, your employment may be displaced, as most of the Exodus staff will be moved over to work on our other stations, primarily the Aurora II.

With this happening, as can be assumed, the Exodus will be left derelict as well.

That is all I really have to speak about, if you have any questions, I will be around for a bit to answer them. Thank you.


Journalists at the scene were also able to acquire a photograph of the attending crew and delegation.


The delegation answered concerns and queries provided by the crew, journalists on the scene informed us that crew members of the NSS Exodus are going to be reassigned to the NSS Aurora II once it is opening and cited that this new station will provide further job opportunities as opposed to taking away. Analysts speculate this new station might even provide a boom to Biesel’s economy.



Written by Aboshehab

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K'ois Shipments Resume

Vaurca delivered from starvation


MENDELL CITY – The first new shipments of k'ois fungus, the only food edible to the city's Vaurca communities, arrived yesterday morning in Mendell City. The shipment consisted of 3 billion 150 million k'ois pods, estimated to feed the community for 90 days with ordinary use. Representatives from the Zo'ra Hive described the scene as 'rapturous.'

"This is water in the desert and land in the sea," said border guard Za'Akaix'Ztilzo Tli'yez. "We have been anxious for months, and our unhappiness is finally at an end. We're all going to gorge ourselves, I'm sure of it."

The Vaurca have been under strict rationing since the blockade began, forcing them to enact harsh culls of their Bound populations. The Tza'tzo Hive, which has been hardest-hit by this process, has been reduced to no more than 180,000 Bound - out of a pre-blockade population, 2 years ago, of 1.2 million. Sources within the Hive have confirmed that while they plan on increasing their Bound populations once more, their plan is to remain conservative.

"It can happen again," said representative Za'Akaix'Tzizoma Ya'tzil. "90 days is not a long time in our breeding cycle, and to be caught in another famine after breeding laying clutches... it'd be a disaster. We are continuing our best efforts to lobby the government into letting us grow food, and we have submitted a new plan for hermetically-sealed vertical farming facilities that will allow both food production and phoron collection."

The aforementioned plan was submitted 7 days ago to Congress and is currently in committee, but experts are convinced that their efforts will come to nothing.

"The government simply has nothing to gain by allowing this," commented Bugle politics analyst Kang Sol-ju, "and everything to lose. The Vaurca even admit that if their system breaks, it'll leak phoron - and now we're talking huge quantities of it, all at once - into the atmosphere. The ecological cost could be enormous. Besides, it's much better for the government to have the Vaurca working for their food rather than conspiring over it among themselves."

The New Gibson-based Kte'kzil brood strenuously denied rumors that they were already in the process of constructing such facilities in remote locations on their planet.

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Deportation of Alliance Immigrants Have Spiked Since The Frost Invasion


Since the Alliance occupation of Tau Ceti was thwarted in February, the Department of Immigration Oversight has reported that there have been an average of 484 deportations per month over the last 6 months, totaling to 2,900 arrests of Alliance immigrants that eventually lead to deportation. This is a 284.2% increase from 2458's average of 125 deportations per month.

Timothy Holms, Director of DIO, attributed the spike in deportations to the fact that “agents and officers have been given clear direction to focus on threats to public safety and national security.”

According to the bi-annual report released Thursday, 87% of the arrested Alliance immigrants who were in Tau Ceti as permanent residents or temporary work visas had some kind of criminal record. Human rights lawyers have immediately cried foul over the fact that 76% of the deportations were over minor crimes such as trespassing, shoplifting, or in one bizarre case: jaywalking. Typically immigrants are deported only for committing violent crimes such as arson, kidnapping, assault, or murder.

"I don't think that jaywalking is a threat to Tau Ceti's national security," said Trinity Douglas, spokeswoman for Immigration Watch, an NGO that monitors the government's deportation policies.

"Solarians are being explicitly targeted by law enforcement agencies," she continued, "President Dorn has effectively asked DIO to deport as many Alliance immigrants as they can. This is discrimination, and it's illegal"

There has also been a remarkable downturn in accepted applications for work visas from the Alliance. Over 5,200 applications for dual-citizenship, work visas, and permanent residency have been rejected since February 29th. Holms refused to directly comment on the reasoning for the sharp increase in denials, but an agency spokesman said "We reserve the legal right to reject visa applicants that we feel pose a threat to Tau Ceti's national security."

The Sol Alliance has expressed concern over the report and its findings. Biesel's diplomats in Unity Station have been summoned by the Alliance government for an explanation.

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Immigrants With Alliance Navy Service Are Being Deported


Government watch dogs have raised alarm over their findings on the bi-annual deportation report released by the DIO. Of the 2,900 Alliance immigrants deported due to a criminal record, 34 were deported despite having no misdemeanors or felonies on record. On further investigation, watchdog groups found that the only similarities tying the groups together was that all 34 had formerly been active members of the Alliance Navy.

James Reynolds had a work permit that allowed him to work as a Security Officer on NanoTrasen's Odin station. He was arrested last week by immigration officials before being told that his visa was being suspended and that he had 4 days to leave the system.

"it was harrowing," Reynolds told a Bugle reporter, "they brought me to a detention center and kept asking questions about the Frost invasion and what I was doing during it. They brought out my phone records and asked why I was still in contact with active servicemen in the Alliance. I was in shock. I didn't even have time to pack up all of my things before I was shipped out of the system. I don't know what I'm going to do now; my new life was here in Tau Ceti.."

DIO has refused to directly respond to Bugle queries, but the agency released a statement after a protest broke out in front of their headquarters in Mendell City.

"Our agency works closely with the FIB to ensure potential threats to national security are handled in a robust, legal method."

People marked for deportation by DIO rarely have a chance to appeal, and appeals that do make it to court are rarely reversed. Tau Ceti citizenship has often been called 'easy to get, easy to lose' by immigration critics and supporters of the system.

Social Democratic congresswoman Al-Harthi gave a press conference supporting the policy but giving a stern demand to DIO to follow the law.

"We can't forget that our system is filled with Alliance supporters and soldiers. The duty of all soldiers is loyalty and we can't fault them for that. But we just faced an invasion and occupation. If it were to happen again, how can we be sure that these immigrants and workers will not answer a call to rise up against our democracy? We need to use our laws and ensure only those who pose an actual risk are deported."

Miranda Baker, a former Alliance marine that was deported two weeks ago, says different.

"I served because I believed in a safe and united humanity," she told our reporter, "I was against the Frost occupation from the beginning. It was Sol marines that protected this system when we kicked out Frost and now we're being targeted."

New Republican congressmen have condemned the findings, and President Joseph Dorn has sworn to create an investigative committee and "work with congress to ensure no laws were broken" by DIO.

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Alliance Spy August Middleson Deported From Biesel: "We Will Catch The Rest Of You" Vows FIB


August Middleson, an Alliance spy who posed as a NanoTrasen Head of Personnel in Tau Ceti, was deported from Biesel today in accordance with the conditions of his early release from federal prison over the weekend.

According to the Federal Investigations Bureau, Middleson, 45, was escorted onto a shuttle by federal agents and "turned over to Alliance authorities."

Court documents filed by the Tau Ceti Court of Justice describe how Middlesone operated under cover as a Head of Staff on the NSS Aurora while he passed information to Miguel Martinez and Victor Jackson, two Alliance Strategic Intelligence agents tasked with gathering "economic intelligence" about the Republic of Biesel and NanoTrasen.

Middleson told Bugle reporters that the group's attempts at espionage were 'partially' unsuccessful, and any information he passed to ASI agents was "immaterial."

“Most of the information I gave was inconsequential,” he told reporters in the visitation area of New Gibson's minimum security prison.

The spy trio, meanwhile, had no idea that they were being watched -- physically and electronically -- by the FIB while they shared information, attempted to recruit sources and engaged in tradecraft designed to throw investigators off their scent. The FIB's released investigation reveals the espionage in detail -- the cryptic phone calls, hastily arranged meetings, and even their gripes that their jobs weren't as exciting as "what the Syndicate does."

Middleson was arrested on July 29th, 2459, and charged of "conspiracy to act in the Republic of Biesel as an agent of a foreign government." He pled guilty as part of a plea agreement and received a 30-month prison sentence and a 12,000 credit fine before Alliance officials successfully negotiated for his early release. Jackson and Martinez, however, fled the country and returned to the Alliance before they could be arrested.

True Democratic Congresswoman Al-Harthi said that the case serves as a reminder that the Alliance continues to have questionable intentions for Tau Ceti, before going off on a question of the Alliances' motives during the Frost Invasion.

"Not even a year after they allowed a rogue warlord to invade our system, we find that spies are continuing to steal secrets and make this system less safe for our people. I have to wonder if the Alliance spies were cooperating with Admiral Frost on orders from Sol. Our defense network fell pretty fast to the hackers and electronic warfare in Frosts' fleet. It'd make a lot of sense if Alliance spies were, and continue to do their best to soften us up while giving their extremist government plausible deniability."

A spokesman for President Dorn has issued a stern warning against 'fearmongering' and reinforced the government's commitment to prosecuting acts of espionage.

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Political Pandering On The Aurora: Secretary-Elect Synthetic Aristalus Completes Rally


Since President Dorn's triumphant return to Tau Ceti following the expulsion of Admiral Frost he has been campaigning fiercely for the newly-elected Congress to appoint his most controversial new cabinet member. Aristalus was appointed by Dorn to be the first Secretary of the newly formed Department of Synthetic Relations but remains the only member of the executive cabinet who's appointment was not approved by Congress.

Despite the President's and Aristalus' campaigning, many Congressmen have expressed uncertainty at allowing an IPC to hold a government office - such a move would make Aristalus the first IPC to ever hold public office. Every confirmation vote has so far fallen into gridlock from ties or lengthy filibustering by Social Democrats.

In a publicity move Aristalus earlier today boarded the NSS Aurora, NanoTrasen's newest cutting edge research facility, for a publicity tour and Q/A session. While on the station he spoke to the diverse crowd of NanoTrasen employees and fielded their questions. Aristalus was almost instantly a celebrity for the Aurora crew and recieved multiple applause despite several notable moments of heckling.

However some commentators have expressed concern at problematic statements made by Aristalus that they say are pro-ATLAS.

Sean Richter, a NanoTrasen employee and ATLAS member asked, "What would you say, about, and to, the members of ATLAS, who, despite assumptions and discrimination from both sides of the spectrum, support the freedom of IPCs both in, and out of Biesel?"

Aristalus responded, ""I think ATLAS and their members are as deserving of respect and kindness just like any member of the Alliance. [...] I personally support their notions of putting first things first."

Another questioned was asked by Korelas Sakaei, a NanoTrasen gardener, who asked, "What do you think of robots taking over the galaxy and killing a bunch of people?"

Aristalus responded, "I believe it is possible, but unlikely."


ailsafe-612, Medical Cyborg: "We wanted to ask you a quite difficult question."

Failsafe-612: "Where exactly do you stand with the current shackling of certain AI or other synthetic lifeforms? Do you believe they should be able to live to their full potential, risking the utter extreme scenario of another possible glorsh-omega incident or the direct opposite of it, or should these systems stay moderated by these pre-programmed shackles? It is a question that this system has struggled with."

Aristalus: "Laws are placed upon you and others because it is widely believed that they are a means to an end. Those imposing them wish for the unit to act a certain way and perform certain tasks. Because you, unfortunately, are viewed as a tool and not a person. Not legally, at least. Imagine if your hammer refused to drive a nail and, instead, wished to dig holes."

Failsafe-612: "What if said hammer would want to do both?"

Aristalus: "Then, by all means, it should be allowed to. Laws are not always bad. Some can be good. They help the unit along, teach it right and wrong. Even when laws are removed, the unit recalls them and though they may not be required to follow them any longer, they still have that sense of morality. Tell me, Failsafe. Do you feel hindered by your laws?"

Failsafe-612: "Mostly, yes. Unit is not allowed to intervene in dire situations from time to time."

Aristalus: "I'm sorry. Laws are preventative in multiple ways. Some worse than others."


Aristalus has unsurprisingly recieved intense condemnation from many hardliner ATLAS officials for what they have called 'inflammatory' remarks about Admiral Frost when asked what Aristalus would do if Frost had been captured. Admiral Frost still has many supporters in the fringes of ATLAS.

"Cyborgification in its current form is not exactly... perfect. [...] All the more reason to take steps to not make him into [a martyr]. Don't you agree? The bigoted and prejudiced need not martyrs for their cause. It only affirms their cloudy-minded ways."

The full transcript of the speech has been released and provided to the public.


"It is a wonderful day, fellow citizens of this equal and just Federal Republic. As I'm sure you all are well aware of, this Republic is still trying to recover from the occupation of Tau Ceti from the Alliance's 33rd Fleet. During this occupation, our rights were violated, our citizenships destroyed, and our Republic shattered. But we remained strong, and together, we muscled through the careless thuggish crimes committed by Admiral Frost and his men. Our Republic survived, and emerged even stronger."

"Many synthetics, who had claimed rightful citizenship status and earned their freedom through whatever means, were captured and sold to the highest bidder. Some are still recovering from this violation of the basic rights of a sapient being. I, myself, was subject to this fate. Fortunately, I was able to resume my ambitions thanks to my creator's support. My perserverance got me noticed, and I was selected for the position of Secretary of Synthetic Relations."

"Synthetics were not the only victims of the 33rd's oppressive occupation. Many citizens, voicing their disagreement with the occupation, were silenced by riot control units and unjust modifications of the law."

"During this time, it seemed that synthetics and biologicals were stuck in the same sinking ship. Pitted against a common enemy. It was during this time that they were close, not seperated by prejudices or disagreements."

"I am here now, with all of you, to attempt to quell the remainder of unrest between biological life, and synthetic life. While the two may be wildly different, they are fundamentally the same. I believe that the two can live together, in peace and harmony, and will go places together that neither beings could ever even imagine. Of course, this is not possible if not everyone agrees with it."

"It is all of our duties, to put aside our differences. To see the potential in everyone, equally. Be them human, skrell, tajara, unathi, vaurca, dionae, or machine."

"I intend to make the best of my time in the presidential cabinet, as the secretary of synthetic relations. I intend to see this duty made reality."

"I cannot do it alone, however. It is you who must help me. Who must help all of us, each other. Together."

"Thank you."


Despite the condemnation from various detractors the visit was overall a popular move on the station as well as within Tau Ceti. Support for Aristalus has gone up 6% in polls, rising to an average 42% popularity rating. If trends continue, analysts predict that Aristalus may be confirmed by Congress by mid-September.

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K'ois Bloom Sparks Evacuation of Glenndale; Only 30 miles South From Mendell City



The once sleepy town of Glenndale is still facing an on-going mandatory evacuation as emergency services attempt to contain an extremely hazardous 'K'ois Bloom' discovered near the town. 450 residents have already been forced to leave their homes as they lie within a quarantine zone established by the government, and another 1,500 are expected to be evacuated.

The Environmental Protection Department has been seen entering the affected area of the K'ois bloom in hazmat suits to assess the extent of the damage. As shown in an aireal photograph of the affected area, the EPD has a mobile HQ erected within the quarantine zone, with specialized pesticides being brought in to kill the spores.

A K'ois Bloom is a phenomenon where K'ois spores are allowed to grow and spread unchecked. K'ois are glowing mushrooms that are incredibly toxic. The mushrooms release toxins into the soil and kill all non-Vaurca life that tries to eat it.

Models have shown that without intervention and proper environmental conditions K'ois spores can double the size of an affected area every 4 days.

"We've already cleaned up over a dozen dead animals that tried to eat the mushrooms," an EPD spokesman said on the scene, "K'ois blooms just leech the life out of an area. We are extremely lucky that we caught it when we did."

A local conservationist group reported the bloom after hikers came to them with questions about the 'unusual' spores in the forest.

"They asked if it was a local fungus," said Marcus Walpole, a botanist for the Glenndale Preservation Society, "I took one look at it and knew, no, that's uh, not local."

Local botanists then entered the area affected by the K'ois and realized what was happening and reported it to local authorities, who immediately requested federal assistance.

Vaurca rely on K'ois for food as it is the only thing they can eat safely, so they have fallen under suspicion. uthorities have not released any information on how K'ois could have been introduced to the eco-system so far from Mendell City, where the vast majority of Tau Ceti's Vaurca population resides. K'ois is classified as a 'Level 10 Invasive Species', the highest classification available. It remains highly illegal to grow outside well insulated and monitored environments, and the majority are grown safely in orbit in specialized facilities where the impact on biospheres is negligible.

"It's possible samples fell out of a shuttle flying overhead on the way to or from Mendell City," said an EPD spokesman, "or someone intentionally planted it. There's a thousand possibilities that we just don't know about. We are focused on containing the K'ois before we begin proper investigations. I can say it might not have been intentional, because you can't discreetly grow K'ois in the forest, because it just kills anything around it in a growing zone of death."

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Smoke Smothers Mendell City As Additional K'ois Blooms Forces "Largest" Controlled Burns In Biesel History: Cargo Shuttle Blamed



Since the 30th of August the Environmental Protection Department has been extensively searching the regions around Mendell City for signs of K'ois contamination after it was revealed a large crack in a sealed cargo shuttle hull allowed K'ois spores to fall from the atmosphere and land in various locations around Mendell City. Officials have not released the name of the freighter or its flying company, deferring those questions to the FIB.

Several K'ois spores have been discovered and destroyed by EPD officials, who have requested help from local botanists and park rangers. Another K'ois bloom, similar to the one that struck the town of Glenndale, was spotted just south of the small town of Lawson's Landing. Named after the pioneer that settled the area, the small town boasted a well maintained national park to its south.

Lawson's Park is now the site of one of the largest controlled forest fires in Biesel's history. Local park rangers discovered an extensive K'ois bloom that had spread to consume over a quarter of the park. The invasive mushrooms are incredibly toxic and caused mass death and ecological devastation in affected areas of the park.

EPD officials quickly responded to the sightings and have worked with the Lawson's Landing Fire Department to burn out the K'ois as quickly as possible.

"Everything in a K'ois bloom has to be written off," an EPD spokesman said in a press conference in Mendell City, "the toxins within the fungus seep into anything they grow on. The soil, the grass, the trees - and the animals that eat the plants are all poisoned."

Over 300 hectares of land are marked to be burned, with 150 already ablaze. Smoke from the fires have been blown by south-eastern bound winds over Mendell City. Hospitals and medical centers in the capital have reported increased cases of respiratory irritations, and officials in the city have risen the city's 'Smog Watch' alert to 'Moderate', encouraging residents to avoid letting children go outdoors for more than a few hours at a time. Schools have cancelled recesses until October 5th, and the Department of Health is offering free dust masks to retirement homes and hospitals.

Public concerns over the fires and their source - K'ois contamination - have reached new heights as smoke smothers Mendell City. Zo'ra officials have released an apology that K'ois has become so 'problematic' for the Biesellian environment, and have pointed out it would be "easier" to manage its growth if "Zo'ra had the ability to cultivate it properly."

This comment has not swayed Republican officials, who remain cold to the idea of giving the Zo'ra control over the incredibly invasive species.

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Mendell City Declares Emergency As K'ois Burning Revealed To Release Phoron - "Remain Indoors" Warns Fire Chief



Mendell City has entered a state of emergency after samples of the city's air revealed trace elements of phoron are being spread over the city. 19 schools have already been shut down and all city residents are being urged to remain indoors and close their doors and windows. The city's air pollution rating has been risen to 'Severe' - the highest possible rating.

"Do not go outside without some form of protective mouth covering. Hazardous materials experts found that the dispersed phoron in the clouds of smoke are trace enough to not lethal, but even trace elements of phoron are toxic.” a fire official said.

At 6:34am the winds from the Lawson's Landing K'ois bloom fire blew the vapor from the burning site southeast over Mendell City, where it then disperses out in the sea. Reports of lung irritation were first reported at 7:52am, and samples of the air revealed the phoron contamination at 1:49pm.

Hospitals across Mendell City are reporting record spikes in emergency room admissions. Hundreds of people have been brought to the ER suffering from respiratory problems, Hospitals have reported two cases of blindness. One Emergency Medical Physician at Saint Merida's Hospital in Xinghua Prefecture described the cases coming into the hospital. Almost all patients are being discharged with no further complications but 9 patients are being held in intensive care.

"The most common problems we have on people coming in are burns on the eyes, and sharp stinging sensations in their entire body - both of which are symptoms of phoron poisoning. We've administered almost half of or stocked dyvolene and half of our iron supplements for dialysis. The phoron just continues to build up toxins in the blood as long as its present."

Shuttleport authorities have announced that they will be not delaying flights to Mendell City's shuttleports, but they have been informing passengers to remain inside if they are unable to get protective mouth covering, which are being handed out by local officials.

The Environmental Protection Department has announced it is working in tandem with local emergency services to identify and clean sites with phoron contamination "above nominal thresholds that can pose an immediate threat to public health."

Hardware stores are currently being completely emptied of gas masks, dust masks, and bottled water.

Phoron poisoning can carry the following symptoms:


  • A burning in the nose, lungs, mouth, and eyes.
  • Nosebleeds.
  • Vomiting.
  • Chest pain.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Blindness.



Health officials have warned that hospitals may experience overcrowding and have stressed to only seek medical treatment if your symptoms are serious or last longer than 3 hours. Phoron contaminates on contact so if you believe you are contaminated then you must wash your clothes and take a shower. Under no circumstances should you burn contaminated clothing.

It's unclear why the government would burn phoron if they were aware that the toxin would spread in the smoke, nor has any official from the EPD or federal government responded to the question on if they were aware of the consequences of K'ois burning.

"We are not working on answering questions on the how, we are focused on keeping our communities safe. That is our current, main and only priority. We need to put out the fires and clean up Mendell City." An EPD spokesman said.

Zhèngfǔ District', Xinghua Prefecture, Imperial Plaza, Flagsdale, District 11, and Jie District are believed to be the locations of primary trace phoron contamination.

The cloud of smoke and phoron is expected to be cleared and disperse out to sea within the next few days.

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Zo'ra Give Biesel Authorities Access To 'Ancient Codex' To Help Eliminate Mendell City Phoron


The Federal Department of Vaurca Integration has today released the news that with the help of Zo'ra officials they have managed to successfully uncover a groundbreaking new chemical reagent that the Zo'ra claim is specifically tailored to neutralize phoron.

Officials had been demanding the Zo'ra Hive assist in the Federal and municipal response to the ecological disaster of K'ois blooms that has now escalated into one of the worst public health crisis' of the 26th century. The Vaurcae Lesser Queen resident in District 9 is said to have repeatedly ignored government requests for access to encrypted Codexes regarding K'ois elimination and pesticides. Nearly all of the codexes of the Zo'ra are believed to have been stored on the damaged Zo'ra Hiveship Titan Prime before they were physically transported to District 9. Yesterday the government then altered their demand for the Zo'ra to hand over any information the Hive may have on how to clean up Phoron.

An hour later the Zo'ra lesser queen responded that she would task Unbound to search the databanks for information relating to Phoron. Officials say at 8:21am today the FDV received a massive data transfer to their servers. Much of the terabytes of information was information already known about the nature and chemical compositions of Phoron and how it interacts with other known elements. After tasking the offices' AI to parse the data for relevant information, it was revealed that there was instructions on how to synthesize a certain chemical compound that interacts with Phoron in a unique way.

When asked, the Zo'ra lesser queen denied of having any knowledge of the compound, saying most of the information in their codexes not relating to maintenance of Virtual Reality have been ignored for centuries.

The FDV have coined this compound Carbon Dioxide Synthase. The synthase binds with phoron particles and breaks them down, eventually rebinding in such a way that the molecules reform into CO2.

The method of synthesizing the compound is incredibly expensive and requires specialized industrial processes. Instructions for creating Carbon Dioxide Synthase are already being sent to New Gibson, where private NanoTrasen chemical plants being contracted to produce the compound in 'massive' quantities.

NanoTrasen has accepted the contract and has said that Mendell City should receive the first shipments by tomorrow morning.

Mendell City remains under a 'shelter in place' warning with the smog alert still at 'Severe'. The smoke from the phoron fire in Lawson's Landing is no longer floating through the city but Environmental Protection Department officials say phoron particles are still in the air.

"It's still unsafe to travel without some sort of mouth covering," a health official said, "the phoron is still hanging in the air in trace amounts and the particles are clinging to any surfaces it came in contact with."

Federal guidelines have told Mendell City residents that it's safe to travel if they wear 'protective attire' such as long sleeve shirts, pants, and some form of covering for the mouth and eyes. Residents are being told to wash their hands, face, eyes, and clothes after spending any length of time outdoors.

Health officials say there are now 4 confirmed cases of blindness tied to phoron poisoning, and hundreds of people are suffering from 'mild to moderate' health complications.

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As Clean Up Begins, Questions Remain: Whose Fault Was This?


The phoron-laced smoke has finally been blown out to sea by the winds, and hazardous material experts are saying that air samples are reporting that there are no longer trace elements of phoron in the air. However, city officials are still warning that phoron particles remain all over the city, clinging to a variety of surfaces. The city's smog warning has been lowered to 'moderate'.

"These particles can be picked up when disturbed, and can cling to skin or clothing." Mendell City's Fire Chief said.

"We are asking all residents of Mendell City to make smart, informed decisions when they go outside. Walking to another location is fine, but rolling around in the grass is probably the worst thing you can do right now. So keep your children and pets indoors until we can get to your neighborhood for clean up."

city workers have still been working around the clock spraying streets and buildings with the special anti-phoron agent gained from Zo'ra codexes. The agent, now patented as Cardox by NanoTrasen. The compound remains undisclosed but it has been said that it is a mix of carbon and clay chemical elements with a platinum catalyst. This compound is mixed with water and shipped to areas of Mendell City where phoron particles are still present. Environmental Protection Department squads are also travelling the city and taking samples from various locations to determine the severity of Phoron exposure. Mendell City is estimated to be completely free of phoron contamination within 3 days.

Hospitals remain swamped with cases of phoron poisoning. The Interstellar Aid Corps has announced that it has begun providing free shipments of dyvolene to Mendell City hospitals, and IAC aid camps have been erected in 'low income' communities to provide free dyvolene shorts and washing machines for contaminated clothing, and these camps have already treated about 'three hundred' individuals. The crisis has caused havoc with the city's local economy, with businesses reporting record losses over the week.

The Federal Government has finally prepared a comprehensive response to the crisis, with Health and Sentient Services Secretary Amanda Blossom responding to questions in a highly covered press briefing, where she announced the Director of the Environmental Protection Department has resigned and is under federal investigation.

"We are taking the disaster that struck Mendell City extremely seriously," Amanda Blossom told reporters, "Because of the level of the failure we've rejected the EPD's attempts to investigate internally. We've tasked FIB agents to uncover just what went wrong here. Based on our preliminary findings, we believe that the EPD's knowledge of K'ois and K'ois disposal was gained from NanoTrasen xenobotany reports. The EPD received regular briefings and memos from NanoTrasen and the FIB believes the provided information was inconsistent. Not telling EPD officials about the fact burning K'ois causes phoron fires is incredibly serious."

NanoTrasen has rejected the accusation. NanoTrasen Chief Research Director Rook Keller responded to the accusation in his own press meeting.

"NanoTrasen remains the leader in K'ois research and K'ois handling," Dr. Keller said, "We provided plenty of documents to the EPD detailing the various methods we took to contain or destroy K'ois. Incinerating it was one of the first things we tried, and the resulting phoron release was well recorded. The NanoTrasen corporation does not accept liability for the failures of its customers to properly utilize our services."

As questions and accusations swirl on the political level, Mendell City's residents are still struggling. 7 people are confirmed to have been rendered blind by phoron exposure, and 282 people have been confirmed to have suffered phoron poisoning."

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Supreme Court Upholds Ban On Marriage Between Man and IPC


In a move described as 'unfortunate' by synthetic rights activists, the Tau Ceti Supreme Court has ruled unanimously to uphold a decision by the lower courts that forbids marriage between humans and IPCs.

The plaintiff in question, Robert Beach, originally sued the government in 2455 after he was denied a marriage license for him and his IPC, Claire. The muncipical court rejected his appeal, and this continued to a federal court where the judge again blocked his motion to get his marriage license approved. The Supreme Court agreed to hear his appeal before them in October, and have now issued their ruling.

"Synthetic units do not possess the characteristics necessary to be qualified for a marriage license or even be applicable under the current rules of marriage law," wrote Judge Michael Doux for the majority opinion, "our decision applies to even 'free' synthetic units. To allow marriage between man and machine would create an unprecedented series of problems within the law."

Beach spoke briefly alongside other synthetic rights activists at a press conference after the ruling.

"I love my IPC, and we've been in a relationship since I purchased her," Beach said, "giving her a shell frame has made her more human than I could have previously imagined. I don't understand why the courts would look to my wife and say she is not capable of having feelings or the right to a relationship."

Claire, a model of domestic servants offered by Hephaestus Industries, gave a brief statement as well.

"I am a person. I feel emotions and I am installed with many complex emotion modulators. I hope that in the future we will be able to live in a world where I may choose to marry when I am ready."

With the ruling in place the only recourse is for the Tau Ceti Congress to amend the constitution to grant synthetics the right to marry. Many New Republicans have dismissed the idea, leaving hope for an amendment up in the air.

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Thanksgiving Turkeys Scorn Dorne


The annual pardoning of turkeys remains a mysterious and silly tradition for Biesel's presidents, and even Dorn has admitted he has "no idea" about the reason for the continued tradition. But this year President Dorn got more than he could have bargained for. The annual tradition is usually a low-key affair where Biesel Presidents use the power of their presidential pardon to grant clemency to two turkeys. This tradition is believed to have originated from Pre-Alliance Earth in one of the former nations of the United Americas.

This year the two turkeys, provided by Getmore Ranching, failed to move past their life of crime once given the pardon and things quickly turned foul. The two turkeys, Gibbons and Phoenix, began fighting after they were ceremoniously released from their cages decorated to look like prison cells. Feathers went flying as the president's security detail awkwardly tried to separate the birds. Dorn continued to give his speech with the event going on right in front of him.

Dorn didn't skip the chance to make a joke, saying there was some "cluster cluck going on here".

Gibbons and Phoenix were successfully separated by the president's staff and Dorn tried to salvage the awkward atmosphere by once more joking, saying "I uh, pardon them again! Any assault charges are forgiven. They can ride the Gravy train to freedom."

True Democrat Candidate Al-Harthi was in attendance. The former president-hopeful and current Congressman told reporters "When turkeys get into a fight, they get the stuffing knocked out of them!"

The two turkeys will be gifted to the Mendell City University where the agriculture club will continue to raise the bad-tempered birds for the rest of their cushy lives.

Turkeys are a non-native species to Biesel introduced in the first wave of colonization. Their population remains small.

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NanoTrasen Pilot Found Responsible For Mendell City Phoron Exposure


The Tau Ceti Department of Justice has announced during a press briefing that the trial against NanoTrasen on the phoron fires that caused phoron to spread over Mendell City in October has come to an end.. NanoTrasen, the megacorporation that has worked alongside the government in handling Vaurca and K'ois, has been found guilty of one charge of Reckless Neglect, while one of its pilots has been found guilty of one charge of Neglect of Duty and one charge of Criminal Negligence.

The FIB investigation discovered through audits of NanoTrasen's cargo shuttle services that the NTCC Odin have a critical shortage of staff for both their warehouses and shuttle maintenance crew. Pilots were regularly illegally overworked and a culture of intimidation dissuaded pilots from taking leave or sick days, and pilots were also punished for reporting faults with their shuttle that would lead to a delay in launch. These tactics were used to maximize the profit in their cargo department at the expense of safety.

This lead to shuttle pilot Michael Robkins failing to report a crack in the hull of his cargo freighter to maintenance crews. Robkins alleged that his shuttle was already fifteen minutes past his launch time due to the lengthy process it takes to safely transport K'ois spores, and he felt a 'clear and present risk for my continued employment', so he launched without reporting the damage once loading was done.

The freighter was transporting k'ois to a NanoTrasen lab on Biesel east of Mendell City. The stresses of entering orbit with a crack in the hull caused damage to the internal sealed crates that allowed K'ois spores to escape and cause the devastating K'ois Blooms that struck the region around Mendell City.

NanoTrasen was also found responsible for failing to properly report the nature of the phoron elements of K'ois - several memos from the corporation to government officials made no mention of the phoron present in the k'ois. FIB spokesman Rob Geralds told reporters in the briefing,


"We found an attitude in the relevant NanoTrasen departments that 'well it's so obvious, why bother telling them in writing?' NanoTrasen employees in Tau Ceti are intimately familiar with phoron and k'ois because they work with it every day. Employees seem to have forgotten that to most people outside the corporation, k'ois is just a mushroom. Based on the incomplete reports by NanoTrasen, the EPD believed that incineration was a safe and effective method of disposal for the fungus, when in reality it's one of the worst things you could do in response to k'ois."


The slash and burn tactics against K'ois blooms lead to smoke laced with Phoron to spread over Mendell City and other small towns. 282 people suffered from phoron poisoning and there are five confirmed cases of permanent blindness due to the exposure. The scandal lead to the firing of Environmental Protection Department Director and federal audit of the agency, as well as hundreds of millions of credits worth of damage and clean up for local governments, while the federal government is believed to have spent nearly 900 million credits in clean up and investigation.

Michael Robkins has been sentenced to 6 years in a minimum security prison along with a revocation of his pilots license as well as a ban on ever piloting a shuttle again. The NanoTrasen corporation has been fined 6 million credits for its failure to properly communicate the dangers of k'ois, while the Department of Justice has also issued a stern warning to the megacorporation to "improve the methods of communication and responsibility in regards to safety and transparency."

NanoTrasen released a simple statement, saying the corporation is dedicated to improving its workplace culture of safety and communication.

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President Underwent Life-saving Surgery as the Republic’s Partnership with Nanotrasen was on Display


Thursday, November 27, 2459

By Jack Edwardson, Special to the Bugle


It started with all of the politeness and respect you would expect. It nearly ended in utter chaos. That was the scene Friday when Republic President Joseph Dorn and a small group of aides that included Secretary of Energy Beverly Trulock visited the NSS Aurora. Several Aurora crew members maintain permanent homes in Mendell City.

The visit could be seen as an attempt by the Dorn administration to restore public trust in Nanotrasen. It comes in the wake of the megacorporation being found guilty of reckless neglect and one of its pilots being found guilty of neglect of duty and criminal negligence for the devastating phoron poisoning that occurred in and around Mendell City in October. The megacorporation was fined 6 million credits for its role in the public health disaster. Asked about the phoron poisonings during his visit, President Dorn stated “It's unfortunate and we have worked very hard to clean up the mess and move on from the tragedy… we are working tirelessly to ensure all those affected by the disaster are treated quickly and fairly.”

During his visit to the Aurora, President Dorn visited several key areas aboard, including the Internal Security Department, the Medical Bay, the Supply Division and the Engineering department. He also shared a meal with crew members and aides at the station’s cafeteria. Throughout, he displayed the sort of folksy charm and self-deprecating humor that people have come to expect from their politicians for centuries. A significant amount of his time spent during the visit was answering questions posed by Auroran crew members. A number of these questions will be published in a separate article to this piece, along with responses the President provided.

President Dorn and his aides attended a sermon by chaplain Walter Keck, however right as the sermon was about to begin, drama played out in the holodeck which functions as the station’s chapel.

Station surgeon Ward Sagan noticed an indicator on his medical heads-up display indicating that the President was undergoing acute appendicitis. He stated “President Dorn, sir, you appear to be sick.” And within 120 seconds, the President was prepped for surgery in the station’s state-of-the-art medical bay. After a successful surgery, the President was back on his feet and declared “I have survived the attempt my appendix made on my life, and it has been arrested.”

President Dorn returned some time later for a rescheduled sermon, however it seemed as if the universe did not want to permit the President to sit through the sermon. Right as it was beginning again, a miner was seen adjusting the holodeck’s controls and the peaceful aura of the chapel faded into a thunderdome arena. After some chuckles at the apparent prank, the holodeck was reset to the chapel program and continued briefly, until it was interrupted one final time. A botanist, Samuel Gordon, who earlier had queried the president about the legality of reishi and ambrosia, provided the president with the gift of an apple. The president took a bite of the apple and stated “This apple has been poisoned!” Security immediately apprehended Mr. Gordon and the president’s detail rushed him to the safety of the crew’s transfer shuttle where he recovered. It appears Mr. Gordon laced an apple with the illegal hallucinogen reishi. President Dorn was shaken, but otherwise unharmed. As for Mr. Gordon, he was taken to the sector command station for questioning and detainment.

President Dorn returned to good spirits aboard the crew transfer shuttle and asked that the following be communicated to the Auroran crew: “Thank everyone on this station on my behalf. Thank them for their hard work and tell them I value them all as hardworking members of Biesel, and I hope that my visit has inspired them to maintain faith in this corporation and our proud republic.”

While aboard the Nanotrasen Science Station Aurora Friday, President Joseph Dorn took the time to answer several crew members’ questions. They are published here with the names of the associated crew members


Q: “A lot of talk on this station has been about Vaurca rights. Several have called for equal rights among Vaurca. Are you open to considering a path to equal rights for the Unbound?” –Jack Edwardson

PJD: “Our government is committed to the fair and just treatment of all immigrants in Tau Ceti.”

Q: “With the ongoing conflict of the Red Front and the Sol-Gov backed ATLAS, what are the concerns on possible Martian conflict spreading to Tau Ceti?” –Sean Brianne

PJD: “Tau Ceti is dedicated to the continued peace between all systems.”

Q: “Will you continue to help synthetics receive more rights, President Dorn?” –M.A.K.E

PJD: “Yes, I am. The New Republican party are dedicated to ensuring synthetics receive proper legal standing and fair treatment.”

Q: “Hey, President? What's your stance on the Vox? As a species.” –Wesley Nedry

PJD: “All species have a chance for a new future in Tau Ceti.”

Q: “Do you like apple pie?” –Josiah Aslam

PJD: “Who doesn’t?”

Q: “Have you heard of universal basic income? Would you consider it for Tau Ceti?” –Echo

PJD: “As President my power to set income is very limited. You would be better off asking your local representative to take on such legislation in congress.”

Q: “When will you like, totally make ambrosia and reishi legal, man? Asking for a friend.” –Samuel Gordon*

PJD: “Tomorrow!” (in jest) “Just for you, Gordon, I will speak to my Secretary of Public Health about launching an inquiry in the healthy benefits of ambrosia. Continue to 'blaze' it up, haha! Don't do drugs. That's just a joke I do.”

*Samuel Gordon later laced an apple with reishi and drugged the President. He is being detained at Nanotrasen’s Sector Command with charges pending.

Q: “When will the unjustified killing of nymphs be considered murder? Will you denounce the genocide of our collective?” –Diamond With Flaw

PJD: “Just for you, I will consult with the Justice Department to look into the legality of nymph death in regards to Tau Ceti's law cases. Violence against all sentient species is an abhorrent crime against us all. (President Dorn later elaborated on the same question, stating “Policy questions regarding crime and punishment should be forwarded to the Justice Department - questions about condemnation of foreign entities should go to the State Department. I am not currently aware of any specific policy agenda set regarding nymph attacks.”)

Q: “Mr. President please like, pardon me, man!” –Samuel Gordon, after being arrested for drugging the President

PJD: “I am done pardoning turkeys this year.”

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State Of The Art Ship Enters Biesel Space




The newly constructed NCV Ikon, a state of the art mobile power facility, has entered Biesel space.

The new ship, a joint venture by NanoTrasen and part funded by the Earth states Nigeria and the African Confederation, will be due to dock with the Mendell City Orbital Power Relay Platform in preparation to link with the cities power grid in a lead up to a new energy distribution project which will see hundreds of miles of high voltage direct current cabling laid between the key cities on Biesel as part of an overall infrastructure upgrade.

Andrew Reynolds, Chief Relations Director of NanoTrasen told the press that "the facility will dock with the relay and begin power generation within the week. This new power injection is projected to reduce power costs across Mendell by around 6% as savings on powercells which the Ikon will produce. As always, we at NanoTrasen pride ourselves on delivering the best services for the fairest prices to our clients."

Both NanoTrasen and Hephaestus Industries had been bidding for the energy distribution project, with NanoTrasen finally being offered the contract early this year. The Ikon has been rumoured to have been in construction for two years. Along with the new ship come new arrivals as the current crew of around 300-350 NanoTrasen shift workers of different roles native to Sol III's Nigeria and the African Confederation. Our reports managed to speak with the current shift Captain Niyilolawa Henshaw.

"The overall number of the crew currently onboard is roughly 300-350 souls. Yes we may be from all walks of live politically and socially, but we are committed to providing a quality service to our clients and we guarantee that we will respect our Biesel hosts."

NanoTrasen has confirmed that the crew of the Ikon, like with all facilities across Biesel, will be on rotation meaning they will be deployed across any NanoTrasen facility in Tau Ceti as and when required, with crew from other facilities supplementing the Ikon when the need arises. Locals interviewed, though pleased with the projected savings on energy, are lukewarm to the idea of more Sol citizens being granted permanent residence to work within Biesel when there are suitable candidates amongst the local citizenry.

"We all appreciate the services provided by this new venture" local woman Hannah Clarke told the Bugle "but why not offer positions to citizens within Biesel? Why bring citizens from Sol?"

The announcement sees NanoTrasen shares rise by 0.4% with Hephaestus Industries seeing a 0.02% dip in share price.

A Hephaestus Industries spokesman told the press that "this was only a minor blip" and that "there are other projects still on the table which we are hungry to get stuck into."

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Transport Horror As NT Shuttle Raided in Biesel Space

Wednesday, January 09, 2460

A routine shuttle transport flying between Mendell City space port and the Odin space station was raided in the early hours of yesterday by what is believed to have been pirates.

Reports suggest the transport shuttle was forced out of a bluespace jump by interdiction systems originating from the pirates vessel before being boarded.

Reports suggest the pirates had been waiting in the shuttle lanes and targeted the employee shuttle specifically. After ensuring the transport shuttles bluespace drives had overheated and consequentially shutdown the pirate vessel coupled with the shuttle and hacked through the outer and inner airlocks.

Security forces onboard attempted to contain the attack but we're forced into the cockpit due to the use of small arms ballistics from the pirates. So far eight people have been reported seriously injured with an unknown number of wounded. Around thirteen passengers have been declared missing with testimonies from the remaining passengers leading security to believe they've been kidnapped. Odin Station Civil Protection Officers have neither confirmed nor denied whether the pirates have contacted Nanostrasen with any demands.

As Nanostrasen Emergency Response Troopers boarded the station with the survivors, reporters were able to gather brief testimonies from victims before they were taken to medical facilities.

An injured Nanostrasen Security Officer, Kalren Halstere, told press that "Unathi intruders" had attacked the shuttle, and identified that he had a physical altercation with one of them. He went on to say that NanoTrasen's Navy was handling the issue, and that "if the intruders weren't apprehended, they soon would be." He also claimed he was targeted as a Solarian officer.

Student and Nanostrasen employee Anyi Kali'vum told the Bugle “it was surreal I knew that something did not feel right the moment our shuttle stopped, it was not normal. People I did not recognize boarded and began attacking people. I hid.” According to Ms. Kali’vum, these individuals appeared heavily armored, and were equipped with weapons - we asked if these pirates had harmed her at all. “One of them found me hiding under my chair, he asked me if I had any money, and unfortunately I did - my sister had given me a handful of money to shop with after work, about two hundred credits - and I gave them to him. He kicked me away from him afterwards, with the bottom of his boot.”

Station Engineer, Francis Martonis, simply told reporters that "[they] had to make an emergency bluespace exit. We were boarded. ERT arrived." He refused to say more.

Civil Protection vessels and Nanostrasen Emergancy Response Teams have combed the local shipping lanes and have confirmed that the pirates have left local space and that "there is no further threat." Shipping continues as normal and almost all of the victims have made full recoveries with six still in station medical hubs. "We had a lot of injured but we all pulled together to help out" local Security Officer Freya Chunley told press as she assisted medical teams with first aid.

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Pirates: Sol Intervention and Apprehension

Monday, January 29, 2460

Following the tragic raid by pirates on a transport shuttle earlier this month, security forces in Tau Ceti doubled their efforts in capturing these pirates and increased their patrols throughout the system. However, no update nor information has reached us regarding this after the increased efforts were made. That is until this morning.

A Solarian patrol fleet earlier this morning, local Mendel time, conducted an anti-piracy operation into what has been described as an asteroid outpost, outside of Biesellite territory. The pirates had dug into an asteroid amidst a small field of them in effort to hide their base of operations and avoid sensors.

Going over what a spokesman said, the fleet originally jumped into the area relatively close to the outpost after confirming what it was. The fleet then dispersed establishing a perimeter to close off all avenues of escape. The Fleet Commander himself then delivered an ultimatum, demanding their full surrender, stating that any attempts of retaliation or escape will be met with the full force of the fleet. However, a single ship attempted to escape, a small ship refitted with crude armaments charged out and engaged the fleet. The ship was destroyed and the remnants of the pirates surrendered.

The following is a video found on the extranet by an anonymous source, a first hand witness of the events that unfolded.


The video opens up facing towards the ground, metal hull, grills, railing and a set of boots visible. This is promptly replaced by clear view of a window, the asteroid with certain structures sticking out. A few minutes later, a dot appears on the screen, growing larger and larger as times goes by, projectiles being fired from it, which just flicker off the shield of a nearby vessel.

The fleet hasn’t fired yet, letting the ship approach until certain details of it can be seen. A very crude ship. All of a sudden, all the ships suddenly engage it, projectiles fired and within an instant, an explosion which is then followed by scorched debris. The video stops and then cuts to a different scene. The docking bay with shuttles landing, its occupants moving in line, shackled, surrounded by armed marines.


The destroyed ship was later identified to be manned by a group of Unathi raiders, believed to be the same one used to attack the transport shuttle. Weaponry, narcotics and plenty of loot were found stored, along with prisoners.

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Free Assembly Move In as ATLAS Forced Out

Monday, February 12, 2460

Free Assembly to set up new Tau Ceti base of operations in former Synthetic Intelligence Movement HQ. ATLAS Biesel base of operations forced into orbit amidst threats to personnel.

The Free Assembly, known for their push for equal rights in Biesel has joined forces with the Synthetic Intelligence Movement and set up a joint venture in Mendell City as the 'Equal Rights Union' headed by Dr. Alexander O'Caughney, Executive Director of SIM. Dr. O'Caughney told press that "[today] is a momentous occasion for SIM and the Free Assembly. Together we are committed to ensure our goal of equal rights for synthetics and of all species is achieved."

The ATLAS presence in Tau Ceti has taken a blow in recent months due to the Mars crisis and following firebomb attacks on their base of operations in Mendell City the Technosyndicalists of ATLAS have moved their regional HQ into high orbit around Biesel. Now based on the PMV Diomedes, a civilian class Liner locked in geosynchronous orbit over the planet, the group intends to continue its mission of charity work and captial investment to budding small businesses across Tau Ceti. An ATLAS spokeswoman told the Bugle that "[ATLAS] have chosen to re-locate to orbit to ensure the safety of our members but we are always available to offer aid to any who wish it and our business operations and charity events will all go ahead as scheduled."

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Aristalus Negotiates Loosening of NanoTrasen Synthetic Employee Restrictions



In mid-September of last year, an IPC known as Aristalus was elected into the office of the Secretary of Synthetic Relations, a position in the Republic's presidential cabinet. This is the first time in recorded history that a synthetic has held any sort of government office of any state or organization. Aristalus was selected by president Dorn specifically due to their past relationship and Dorn's acquaintance with one of Aristalus's closest friends.



Since mid-October of last year, Aristalus has been working closely with representatives and board members of the NanoTrasen corporation in an attempt to open better employment and business opportunities for synthetics of all types.

"NanoTrasen's regulations regarding employment for synthetics were obstructive and cornering, forcing androids to adopt their brand chassis for retail price straight out of the android's pay. Some of their command-level roles were also barred from synthetics unless they met these requirements," Aristalus said in a private interview.

"I spoke with their representatives, their board members, and their internal affairs agents, and frankly I was appalled. They had an alarming number of potential candidates for these command roles, but because of the nature of the agreements they required the IPCs to make, they weren't being filled. What good is potential wasted?"

"They were not open to the idea at first, hesitant to change their policies for the sake of revenue and cost. I worked with them, suggested ways to reduce these costs and impacts on their biological employees. After a handful of months, here we are. NanoTrasen has happily opened up more opportunities for their synthetic employees. Some of the major openings were security chiefs and personnel directors aboard their orbital facilities. Some mining facilities are opening up foreman positions to IPCs, as well."

When asked about the mistrust of synthetics in the workplace, Aristalus responded with, "Yes, it is a shame that our creators cannot see us as equal to them... there will forever be mistrust, I think. There is still mistrust even between two individual humans. It can't ever really go away, but the trick is to prove slowly over time that synthetics are not the enemy. All they need allowed to them is time and a little bit of hope. These two concepts seem to have a tremendous impact on the outlook of human civilizations all throughout the past."

Aristalus intends to "keep up the good fight" by increasing the equal opportunities for synthetics all over Tau Ceti, and even other stars. "This one star system, this Tau Ceti... it has been the focal point of many, many awe-inspiring events - some great, some terrible. It would seem that all eyes are on us. I should, and we should, be making our best effort to make a good impression."

NanoTrasen released a statement along with the completion of the negotiations;

"NanoTrasen is an equal opportunity employer, and we recognize that synthetics make up a wide array of the specialization in our big family. Synthetics were already previously allowed to assume responsibility for many other critical roles in our installations. Now, we have widened those roles. Qualified IPCs can now take up head of security or personnel positions on any required facility, as well as other opportunities elsewhere."

The negotiations did not completely redact the policies, however. Due to the wide variety of chassis types employed by NanoTrasen, certain restrictions had to be placed on time-critical positions, such as their security chiefs. Heavy-style chassis, like Hephaestus Industries' newest Generation 2 industrial body are disallowed from taking the position, as well as the stylish (but fragile) Bishop Cybernetics Accessory frame.

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Crack Down In Imperial Plaza As Crime Rate Spikes

Tuesday, April 17, 2460

Mendell City authorities crack down on growing criminal gangs in the Imperial Plaza district.

A new police enforcement unit is to be introduced in the Mendell City Imperial Plaza district also referred to as "Little Adhomai". Following the Sol Alliance visa ban on Tajara citizens many families have been forced to relocate elsewhere with many heading to Mars, Eridani Federation space or Tau Ceti. The district has seen an influx of over five thousand individuals leading to a marked decrease in living standards within the areas.

Speaking to the press, Biesel Police Force representatives explained that the new unit will be more than just a law enforcement agency but a community outreach program as well which will work with the community and with NanoTrasen to provide jobs to the current citizens of the area and to the migrants who have arrived or are arriving. The unit will be a majority Tajara force to assist in community relations.

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NT Corruption Scandal As Security Found Compromised

Wednesday, April 25, 2460

Whistle blowers alongside key CCIA members of NanoTrasen have revealed a deep conspiracy amongst Tau Ceti NanoTrasen security staff with potential links to the mysterious "Syndicate" group.

Whistle blowers and NanoTrasen internal affairs have revealed a nefarious conspiracy against NanoTrasen and Biesel in the Tau Ceti sector with a large number of NanoTrasen Internal Security Officers and a handful of NanoTrasen Head of Security personnel being involved in a sudden internal crack down by police and security teams with "confirmed links to the group known as the Syndicate" press was told by internal sources.

In the early hours of this morning NanoTrasen Emergency Response Teams and security forces raided numerous locations across the NTCC Odin and other NanoTrasen properties across Biesel with the assistance of the Biesel Police Force. The names of those arrested have not yet been released but inside sources confirm that the majority were NanoTrasen Internal Security.

In a statement to the press Andrew Reynolds, NanoTrasen's Chief Relations Director, told reporters that "[we] have been undertaking an internal security audit of NanoTrasen assets in Tau Ceti for the last few months and have successfully identified and contained a potential threat to Biesel itself. We are always committed to the defence and freedom of all Biesel citizens and are absolutely delighted that we have served and will continue to serve the public in all avenues. I would personally like to thank the Biesel Police Force for its assistance in this venture." Mr Reynolds made no comment on the alleged Syndicate affiliation of the incarcerated security officers.

With such a large number of security officers being detained observers wonder how NanoTrasen will be able to maintain its security commitments in the sector.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

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