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Unathi and Skrell Naming

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I don't know how to explain Unathi naming conventions, mostly because I never made any. How are Yinzr, Sirasairot, Uaekis, Izweski etc etc, all connected?

I mean, as long as the name isn't "Greg", it's really up to you to decide if it sounds right. Skrell names tend to be warbly or focus a lot on connected vowels, from what I've seen. Unathi have more complicated 'strings' for their name, or focus more on consonants, broken up with apostrophes. To be honest I tend to just slap sounds together and determine what sounds best.

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If I recall correctly, Skrellian names are difficult to pronounce in Common/Basic, and they often take more 'human' names for the sake of clarity. They still retain what alien part is left of them, sometimes, when they dub themselves via their interstellar common name variant. Remember that the humans made first contact with the Skrell and all that, and were lucky enough to be able to communicate with each other in some manner.

At least, that was my impression of the Skrell before the thing was handed off to Tool again. I don't know if that's changed.

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With Skrell names they're alien they don't make sense to humans so it's fair to assume you can make it whatever you want as long as it's not ''Steve'' they use lots of p's and Sh's as well as whatever else you prefer.

If you want to name yourself Bpuksh Shteru then go for it. It doesn't have to sound human at all and it doesn't matter whether humans can pronounce it.

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As the current loremaster of the Skrell I was told I must specify my previous post is no longer endorseable and that I cannot let people name their Skrells through wild keyboard smashing. :(

I would say to look at Skrell names from other servers or characters if you are not sure how to name your Skrell, or refer to the post mrimatool made above.

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