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Give the head of security a chick.

Guest 1138

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No, I'm not joking, I am 100% serious and passionate about this right now, and I think security needs this as their mascot. Of justice.

A bird in its infantile stage is the epitome and defining attribution to morality, purity, righteousness, and robustness.

Would you say no to this?




Prove me wrong. Give me one good reason why we don't need this.

Protip: You cannot.

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I'm not going to fill the station with pets.

Obviously. That's why only the heads of staff get pets, and not just everyone. It's a small plus, like the flag of Sweden.

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I can't look at chicks the same since that video.

Heads of Staff don't need pets. The only one that had any purpose was Poly, for reminding Engineers to check Singulo and for 'parroting' things that are said around the engine and maybe catching someone saying something stupid/traitorous. But I still beat it to death most rounds for stealing my breath mask.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Houssam Jawdat already seizes any baby chicks born in botany and keeps it as a pet. Why don't you take the initiative and kidnap animal infants for your forced slavery?

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