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Combining Civilian and Supply

Guest XanderDox

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So, seeing Furry's suggestion, I have a counter suggestion that is similar.

Combine Civilian and Supply into a singular 'Service' department.

Remove the Quartermaster and replace them with a position titled 'Steward' , this new role will have authority over;

Cargo Technicians, Shaft Miners, Chef, Botanist and Bartender.

Alter the supply channels code to refer to it as Service channel, provide the previously mentioned roles with the headsets.

The Head of Personnel will remain the overseeing Head of Department, with the Steward acting in a coordinator capacity.

The Steward's Office would take up the table space to the left of the Bartender, since there is a significant amount of space both in the messhall and by the holodeck now.

We could also add a Mining Foreman role to further oversee mining, but this wouldn't be necessary and could just clog the chain of command.

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Supply has a separate radio channel so that the QM, cargo staff and mining can communicate with each other. Mining used to be very treacherous once upon a time.

I'd support this suggestion, however. I do like the idea of service staff being able to communicate with each other more efficiently.

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It's not a replacement and more of a rename and being given more responsibility.

I got the idea from the definition of Steward.

Steward, a person employed to manage the supply and distribution of food and look after the needs of passengers (as on an airplane or ship).

Primarily the words manage, supply and distribution of food made me think.

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In this sense you are thinking of what we call "Flight Attendants" in the modern day. I can understand the appeal, but a steward in that sense is literally there to keep a consumer happy. In my opinion, it downgrades the rank of quartermaster to an extent as a steward is the lowest paid air crew member on a commercial flight.

I think the cook, bartender, and hydroponics personnel should be capable of managing themselves under the HoP. I'm still all for a department channel for them so the HoP can talk to supply/hospitality on their own and not really bug the side that has zero involvement in any of this. People will say "use your PDA" for that, but hydroponics can have several members. The comms are also just a simplified way of getting those words out to a larger audience at once.

Not to derail this thread with it either, I might see about making a thread for it on it's own later, but the term Civilian just feels wrong for those departments. Any non-military, non-police, person is a civilian. Essentially Security are the only non-civilians aboard. Hospitality sounds like a better departmental title to me.

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A Steward on a flight is the lowest yes... But a Steward on a ship, or vessel that is for extended periods of time at sea, is a management level staff member in charge of services such as kitchen, supplies and such. For example, our lore for military NT vessels mentions stewards and their rank.

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why do you need to replace the QM?

quartermaster by definition servers the exact same purpose you want the 'steward' to serve.

It WOULD be useful for bartender/ chef/ botany to have a direct line to the QM or HOP, but then you will be polluting mining and cargo talk with food stuff and vice versa and it can be confusing and unimportant. A better alternative would be to add another encryption key to cover services, pop it into chef/ botanist/ QM/ HOP/ Captain headsets

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The reason I am suggesting a merge, is it is much more difficult to create an entirely NEW channel for comms, then it is to just rename one and dole out headsets.

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I'd actually argue putting the QM in charge of more people (giving the HoP less responsibilities by extension) and giving chefs and botanists access to the supply channel is a much bigger change than simply creating a new channel for the chef/bartender/botanist.

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