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[Processing] A dagger for ceremonies AND a book for shadows.


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BYOND Key: Tainavaa

Character name: Tina Kaekel

Item name: Book of Shadows, (Tina's/Kaekel's)? Consecrated Athame

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Tina is a form of space pagan, and her mother is as well. She believes in the type of magic that many pagan religions practice, such as Asatru or Wicca. In carrying her personal athame to work, she is comforted by its presence as at home in her personal rituals, she uses it to channel her personal energy and hopes that with it flowing through the dagger she can project her own energy on others.

Book: The book of shadows is dominant in Wiccan culture and I decided Tina would model herself in a witch's perspective considering its open-ended nature when NOT a cultist, though not necessarily Wiccan to maintain a vagueness. Maybe she wouldn't bring it aboard normally but to have it available as a replacement for the Arcane Tome would be immersion-making for me. If not, just having it would be great.



Item function(s):

Athame: Nothing/Casting Circles/Interact with Arcane Tome(or Book of Shadows)

Book of Shadows: Just a religious text (or Arcane Tome replacement)

Item description:

Athame: An athame used in occult rituals. The double-bladed dagger is dull. The handle is black with a pink/white occult design strewn about it, and "Tina" (OR "Kaekel") is inscribed into it in decorated letters.

Book of Shadows: This is a book of shadows. Written in it are the beliefs of a coven or solitary practitioner of an occult craft.

(something along those lines)

Item appearance:

Athame: A double-bladed dagger, not very big. The handle is black. Would prefer some pink or white offcolor to represent an occult design on the handle.

Book of Shadows: Uses the same sprite as an arcane tome.



Additional comments:

FIRSTLY - While the athame IS a dagger, as far as I know, ceremonial daggers are NOT sharpened. That would mean it would NOT cut people, but hurt people as any normal object would in the vein of like a small dense stick or something of that nature. And hopefully with that classification, it's not counted as a weapon.

Secondly, I got the idea from the wizard staff I kept trying to get every round. While I thought it DID fit, an athame would fit PERFECTLY for her considering I have her a type of space pagan. She's interested in other peoples' religions, she respects and even admires them though disagrees with them. All of my Tina Kaekels are occult in nature, whether malicious or benevolent (mostly malicious) and never really has the chance to talk about it. She isn't dogmatic, she's accepting and open. I feel that with the athame it gives people a hint and even if they don't ask about it the thought of occultism or paganism will pop into their head at some point.

While the athame gives me a lot less chance to center my emotes entirely around it like the staff does, it is - somewhat begrudgingly - a much more fitting item I think. My only regret is that not every single thing my character can be centered around the athame.

Update: For the book of shadows, I've TRIED to make it seem vague enough to have some cult plausibility if one were to read it. Since Tina was created with a cult in mind, I wanted her book to blend in with a cultist's. Which might also make for some interesting situations in Secret. I dunno, just a passing thought. To me, what's written in the book could be loosely interpreted as her own light hearted way of viewing Nar'sie. As a cultist, she's interpreted her teachings of Nar'sie in her own vision. As a normal character, it's just her personal beliefs. As I stated earlier, I tried to keep the wording questionable in case one were to read it; as a normal character OR as an antagonist.

As of right now, the contents of the book of shadows are a work in progress; I don't know how to finish it or what else I should put in there or if I should put in italics on a separate page describing what's in the rest of the book or whatever. I do however, have a screenshot of what I have so far; conveyed by my masterfully edited MS paint comic-style art.



Yes I realize this is not the actual image, if I embed it the picture gets cropped.


EDIT: Ritual hype.

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Well I like the idea, I doubt they would let a knife of any kind no matter how dull be brought onto the station; it would most likely be taken off you by security whenever they search you as a form of contraband. Maybe some kind of pendant would be better suited or even a type of wand. I like Tina and think this type of item would add to her character and be less of pain in the ass than to order the wizard staff every round.

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From my experience Tina is a fun character to interact with and she messed with the staff quite often, so I think this could work wonderfully for rp with her character. I enjoyed every time I actually got to speak and rp with Tina a bit so she's left a pretty positive impression after all of it; despite most of the meetings being brief because I got hurt for being a doofus and she had to fix it up. Anyhow, I support it, sounds like a very interesting item overall for a good character played by a decent rper. +1.

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Here it is. I can see it being done, as what Frances said did occur. I'd recommend adding something to your security records stating that you're allowed it on board as well.

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